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Questions for Couples: Divorce Part II

Some more questions to think about when there has been a divorce.

Do you have any kids from a previous relationship? Do you have kids from multiple relationships? How many kids have you had? If you have kids who has custody of them? What are your custody arrangements? How often are there visitations? How do you arrange visitations? Do you have to meet in a neutral location?

Do you have any monetary obligations to former spouses or children? If so, How much do you pay and how often do you pay it? 
Was infidelity a factor in your divorce? Did your partner do things that you felt were unfaithful? Did you do things that your partner considered unfaithful?  What types of infidelity occurred? How often did it occur?

If you did things that your partner considered unfaithful did you talk to your partner about them? If so how did those conversations go? Who would start the conversations? And what have you done to help you be a better companion in the future? What have you learned from your relationship about being faithful?

What is your current relationship with your previous spouse? How do you treat each other? Do either of you still hold thoughts of getting back together? Since your break up have you had any physical relations of any type with your prior spouse? How do you feel about hugs or kisses from (or to) your ex? Could you see your physical relationship with your ex changing in the future? What would you say your ideal relationship with your ex would be for you moving forward?

Have you ever had a restraining order requested against you? Have you ever requested a restraining order for your former spouse? (or for anybody else)?

How is your relationship with your former in-laws? How was your relationship with them when you were married?   If you have kids with your former spouse, they probably have a parent (or parents) and other relatives on the other side of their family, how do you help your kids to have healthy relationships with both sides of their relatives? Do your kids spend time with their grandparents? Do you still see your in-laws? Do you ever attend family functions with that side of the family? Are you expected to attend certain functions?

What are the most important lessons that you have learned from your previous relationships?
What kinds of things are you willing to work on to help you to have a better relationship in the future? 

Questions for couples: Charity

Do you prefer to donate directly to people or to trusted organizations? Would you rather give to people you know, or to people that you don't know? When helping out friends or family, what do you think is the best approach?  Do you give money to family members? would you prefer to lend money to someone in need or to give it to them? How much would you give/lend to a friend or family member?

Do you ever give money to strangers? How do you feel about panhandlers? Do you ever offer someone a job if their sign says will work for food? Would you ever offer them food? Do you prefer to get to know someone you are helping or to just give them what they need? Do you prefer to give people what they ask for or what you think they need?  Are there certain types of people you are more likely to help? Are there types of people you are less likely to help?  Do you feel badly if you try to help someone, but then see them making choices that you don't agree with?

Do you prefer to give people something that they ask for or would you offer something you thought they could use? Would you give them something they hadn't asked for, without waiting for them to agree? Are you more likely to try to help your friends and family members with money or something else? Would you give gift cards to Friends? Family members? Strangers? Would you give time? Would you give someone a job? Would you do work for someone in need at a reduced price? For free? Would you give someone in need gifts? Would you be more likely to give someone something new, or something that you already had, or were replacing? Appliances? How do you feel about gifting trees or secret santas?

If you had a million dollars that you had to spend on other people how would you spend it?
If you could set up a charitable foundation to do anything what would your mission be?
If you were leaving your fortune to a charity or a group of charities, which ones would you pick and why?

Questions for Couples: Sushi

Have you ever tried sushi? Do you like sushi? Can you tell the difference between cheap sushi and expensive sushi? Do you think cheap sushi is ever better than the expensive stuff? What do you like or dislike about sushi?

Do you know the difference between sushi and sashimi? Do you prefer sushi with raw fish or cooked fish? How do you feel about sushi that doesn't have any fish in it?

Do you like the taste of Seaweed? would you eat seaweed in things besides sushi? How do you feel about sushi that doesn't have any seaweed in it? Do you have favorite sushi ingredients? Do you have least favorite sushi ingredients?

Do you think deep fried sushi is better or worse than traditional sushi? Have you ever had sushi with fruit on it? What do you think of dessert sushi? Have you ever had a sushi burrito? Is this better or worse than traditional sushi?

Do you have a favorite place to get sushi? Do you have a least favorite place to get sushi? How do you feel about gas station sushi? What about sushi from a grocery store? Does it make a difference if the sushi is made fresh on site? What if the sushi isn't made by someone Asian?
Do you have a favorite time to buy sushi? Do you have a favorite method of buying sushi? 

Do you like to go back to the same place for sushi or to try something new? Do you have a favorite sushi shop? Do you prefer places that also serve hibachi? 
Do you like to sit at the hibachi tables?  How do you about sitting at the bar? Do you think sitting on the floor gives you a more authentic experience? Do you like that kind of authentic experience? 

Questions for Couples: Seafood

How do you feel about seafood? Do you prefer Fish or Shellfish? Do you have a favorite type of fish?
or a least favorite kind of fish? Do you eat fish for your health... or because you like it?

Where do you like to buy your seafood? Do you have a favorite fishmonger? Are you more likely to buy fresh or frozen seafood? Do you prefer sustainable seafood? Do you use the Seafood Watch app? 

Do you like to cook fish yourself? Are you good at cooking fish? Could you prove it, if I needed a sample? Do you have a favorite method of cooking fish? Are you in favor of or opposed to cooking fish in the house? Do you have a favorite topping or accompaniment?  

Do you like to clean your own fish? How do you feel about some of the more adventurous parts of the fish? Would you cook with, or eat fish heads? fish eyes? Fish eggs? other parts of a fish?

How do you feel about shrimp? Do you have a favorite kind of shrimp? Do you prefer shrimp by itself or as an ingredient in something else? Do you have secret family recipes that include shrimp?
Do you like your shrimp with cocktail sauce? What makes a good cocktail sauce for you? 

How do you feel about lobster? What about lobster bisque? Lobster mac and cheese? How do you feel about crab? Have you ever set a record for the number of crab legs eaten? Do you have a favorite kind of crab? How often would you splurge for the good stuff? 

Do you like crawfish? Do you like Oysters? Mussels? Clams? Clam Chowder? 

How do you feel about scallops? Do you know how to cook them properly? Are you a fan of octopus? Calamari (Squid)? How do you feel about things made with squid ink?  

Questions for Couples: Pets VII

Have you ever had a pet throw up in your house? In a hard to find location? Was it your shoes? How would you clean up throw up from a pet? would you make someone else clean it up? What are your thoughts on hairballs? Ever had one?

Does it bother you when you find pet hair on your clothes? in your food? on furniture? would you rather have furniture that hides pet hair, or that shows it (so you know where to not sit)?  What do you think is the best way to get pet hair off of things?

Do you think pets should get gifts? for their birthday? for your birthday? for major holidays? for columbus day? Should pets get gifts when it's not a holiday? would you wrap their gifts? would you expect your pet to open the wrapping? Do you ever give gifts from your pets? to yourself? To friends? to family members? to other peoples pets?  Do you give gifts to other peoples pets?

Would you ever throw a party for a pet? Do you get emotionally attached to your pets? Would you have a funeral? would you be disappointed if other people didn't attend? how many people would you want there?

Do you prefer animals that are noisy or quiet? Do you like dogs that bark? Do you prefer a good loud and deep bark or a yappy little bark? Would it bother you if your pet barked at night? what if someone else's pet made a lot of noise, would it matter what time of day it was when the animals were making their noise? How do you feel about roosters? Would your feelings change over time? how much time?

Questions for Couples: Halloween III

Do you have special Halloween traditions? Do you throw a Halloween party? Do you go to Halloween parties? Do you decorate for Halloween? Is it kind of absurd how much you decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any special Halloween foods that you like? Chili/ Soup in Bread-bowls? Donuts?

Do you ever attend a church service for All Hallow's eve? Do you light candles? Do you visit the graves of loved ones who have passed on? Do you have any special foods that you eat for Halloween? Do you avoid meat for this holiday?

How do you feel about bobbing for apples? Are you good at it? What is your favorite pumpkin flavored food? Do you decorate pumpkins for Halloween? Do you prefer to carve a pumpkin or add stuff to it, like markers or paint? Do you prefer traditional Jack-o'-lanterns, or would you rather carve a fancy design or scene into one? Do you light your pumpkin with a candle or a light bulb? Do you think it is best to put the candle in through the top or the bottom of the pumpkin? Do you know what a pumpkin walk is? Have you ever been to a pumpkin walk that was so awesome you wanted to do it again every single year?

How do you feel about haunted houses? Do you prefer the kind that are really scary? Do you like the ones where you have to touch crazy things? What about the ones where people touch you? Do you have a Holiday tradition of visiting a corn maze? Do you prefer haunted corn mazes or regular ones? Are you good at corn mazes?

How do you react to surprises? Are you super clingy when you're frightened? Would you rather be the leader or the follower?

Do you like to tell scary stories? Are you any good at it? Do you like to hear scary stories? Do you like horror films? Do you prefer slashers, or psychological thrillers? Abbot and Costello? Scooby Doo?

How do you feel about Halloween pranks? How do you feel about pranks in general? What was the last prank you played on someone? Have you ever been in a prank war? Does anyone ever win a prank war, or does everybody kind of lose?

Questions for Couples: Divorce

Have you ever been through an annulment or divorce? Have you been married before? How many times? Are you currently married? If you have been married, how long has it been since your divorce or annulment was legally finalized?

What attracted you to your spouse? What did your spouse like most about you? How did you meet your former spouse? How long did you date them? how long were you engaged?  How long were you married?

Were there any warning signs that things might not work out before you got married? How did your spouse outweigh or overcome those warning signs? Did any of your friends or family express concerns before you got married? Was there anything that anybody could have said that would have changed your mind?

Did you ask for the divorce or did they? Was there a separation before the divorce? Who did you counsel with or consult with before you got divorced? Did you got through couples counseling? Did you seek individual counselling?

Do you ever regret getting divorced? Do you regret getting married? What positive things have you learn from your former relationships? What are the most useful things you have learned? What would you do differently with your next relationship?

Questions for Couples: Pets VI

Do you think pet owners should be responsible for cleaning up their pets poop? or are you more of the finders-keepers mentality? Would you train a pet to use poop in certain places? at certain times? What would you do if a pet pooped in your house? do you expect pets poop in your house? I mean they are only animals, we're the sophisticated ones, we can clean it up, right? Would you allow pets to use a sandbox as a restroom? would you then allow kids to use that sandbox? Do you think it is best to clean up your animals waste as soon as it happens? or is it better to give it a chance to solidify?  Would you let your yard, or a portion of your yard be used for your pets to put their waste? How much waste would you let accumulate before you removed it? would you clean up excess animal poo before a party? If friends were coming over? if family was coming? kids?

Should pet owners clean up their pets poop if they are walking them? What would you do if your pet pooped in someone else's yard? would it matter how you felt about that person? Do you carry things with you to pick up your pets waste? What if your pet went to the bathroom in someones yard but you didn't have anything with you to clean it up? After you pick up your pets waste, what do you do with it? Are there places where you would clean up your pets messes, and other places where you wouldn't?

Have you ever had an animal pee in your house? What if you knew an animal had peed in your house, but couldn't tell exactly where? Would you put in hardwood floors or tile so it wouldn't matter as much if your animals went to the bathroom on it? Do you think cat pee is one of the worst smells on earth? Have you ever walked into a house and said "whoa, pets live here don't they?"

Questions for Couples: Icebreakers

If you could play any sport with any person who would you pick to play with? Would you rather play against them or on the same team? Would you rather play a sport they were frequently associated with or something that was not their specialty?

What are three words that you would use to describe yourself? What words do other people use to describe you? If other people describe you differently than you describe yourself, why do you think there is a difference there? If I was to ask all the people you know to tell me about you, who do you think would give you the strongest recommendation? What would they say?

If you could win any prize in the world what would you pick? Do you have your speech already written? What would you wear to the awards ceremony?

What is one of the most interesting things that you have done in the last year? What is one of the most interesting things you have done in the last ten years? What is one thing you would try if you knew it would not fail? Is there anything that you would do, even if you knew you would fail?
If you could have complete assurance that you would succeed in one thing what would you pick?

What was your favorite thing to do as a child? as a teenager? in college? What is your favorite thing to do now?

Who was your favorite person to spend time with as a child? as a teenager? in college? now? Why did you enjoy spending time with them? If you could pick one famous person to have as a friend or a pen-pal who would you pick? and why?

Questions for Couples: Pets V

Would you give your pets free reign of the house? Would you give them their own room? Maybe partial custody of a room like the laundry room or a bathroom? Would you let your dog sleep in your bed? Even if this prevented you from getting a good nights rest? Would you get up in the middle of the night to let your pet out of the house to go potty? Would you put your pets in their own structures outside the house? Would you build them a mansion? with working power? and a tv?
Do you think dog houses should have windows in them? With glass windows that open and close?

Would you ever send your dog to a kennel? If you were going out of town would you be more likely to put your dog in a place where they could play a lot? with individual attention? or would you look for a place specifically to feed them? would you take your own food to the caretakers? or would you rather find an all inclusive style lodging? What do you think about pet resorts? what about day-spas for pets? Would you look for lodging that would bathe your pet?

How often do you think pets should be washed? Is this in indoor or an outdoor activity? Have you ever been injured trying to clean an animal? Why do you think cats hate water so much? Do you think pets should be washed with soap, or is water enough? Would you brush your pets teeth? Would you get them a dentist? Do you think it is best to wash all your pets at once or do you need a break and time to recover after one or two?

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks IV

Do you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from riding any type of rides at an amusement park or carnival? have you ever passed out on a ride? Would you tell people you were with if you had a medical condition that limited the rides you could ride? what if the condition was self-diagnosed? Would you ever fake a medical condition to get out of riding a ride? Would you try to convince someone to go on a ride that they didn't want to? What might be good reasons to persuade someone to ride something they didn't want to?

Do you like to play the games on the midway? Do you think these games are more luck or skill? Have you ever won anything from one of these games? would you keep playing a game to win bigger and better prizes? Do you know the secret to any of these games? If an amusement park also had a miniature golf course would you take time out of your trip to play it? what if there was a basketball court? volleyball? Would you be more or less likely to play these games if they cost more money?

How do you feel about museums in amusement parks? Do you like to visit the historic village part of a theme park? How much time would you spend in this part of a park? what if that was the main attraction, would you be interested? Do you have any traditions from visiting these kinds of places? Do you like to get dressed up in 1800s clothes and take an old time photo? Do you like to buy a sepia colored photo whenever you visit these parks? Would you pay for a photo on other rides, like the log flume? Do you think it is fun to do funny things when you know your photo is about to be taken? Do you like to visit those photo booths? Are you good at coming up with a series of poses for a photo booth?

Would you buy other souvenirs from a trip to an amusement park? Are you more likely to buy souvenirs to remind you of your trip or would you buy souvenirs as gifts for people who couldn't be there with you? Do you have a favorite souvenir that you like to buy?  How much would you be willing to spend on a souvenir from a theme park?

Would you ever pack you own lunch with you to an amusement park? Would you store it somewhere or take it with you? in a backpack? Would you leave your lunch in a cooler in your car? would you eat your lunch in the parking lot? Do you like amusement park food? Do you prefer amusement parks that have their own restaurants or ones that have locations for a few national chains? Do you think it is outrageous how much they charge for food at amusement parks? Do you have any food traditions when you visit an amusement park? Does your tradition involve pineapple? or chocolate covered bananas?

Questions for Couples: As seen on TV

There are a lot of shows on TV where couples can hash out their issues, How do you feel about these kinds of shows?

Some of these questions are about some of these shows, some of the questions are inspired by them.

Would you ever go on a tv show to compete against a friend or family member? Would you ever go on tv as a family or couple to compete against others? Would you go on a tv show with somebody who wasn't a family member? What types of tv shows do you think you would be most likely to try out for? How would you deal with things on a tv show that may not be in perfect harmony with your personal beliefs?  Pick three tv shows, and your own team: How well do you think your team would do on those shows?

Is it more important to know who is right or that you are right? How important is it for you to win the argument? Would you ever go on TV to solve an argument? Would you go if they offered some incentive? Would it matter how big the incentive was? Would you plan to participate in a television show about your relationship without telling your significant other?

Do you believe in a "soul mate?" Would you consider having a pet preserved after death? Would you then display your stuffed pet in a public place? If you did have a pet preserved would you want them to look like they were asleep, or awake?

Would you ever keep a memento from a former spouse or significant other? Would your answer be the same if that person had passed away? would you keep their artificial leg? what about their ashes?

How would you deal with conflicts that might arise during the production of a show? What about moral issues? If you had a commitment to be a part of something, would you ever break it? If you were the guest on a show, would you stay the whole time no matter what? What would it take to make you leave? What would it take for you to quit a show that you were significant part of? What if the show was specifically about you? Would it be a problem for you if you wanted to leave a show, but you had friends or family that still wanted to participate? What if you wanted to participate, but your friends or family members wanted to bail?

Would you ever "invite" a friend to moderate an argument for you? Would you accept and abide by their decision? even if they said you were wrong?

Questions for Couples: Pets IV

Would you buy your pets the cheapest food you could? What about fancy pet food? Organic pet food? Would you buy your pets better food than you eat yourself? Dry aged prime beef? Do you prefer Dry pet food? Canned pet food? Refrigerated pet food?  Do you think pet food smells bad? Would you ever eat pet food? On a dare? Or if you were really hungry? Have you ever eaten pet food? Was it any good? Would you feed your pets the same things that you eat? If your pet started eating from your cereal bowl would you finish your meal? Would you share a spoon with a pet?

Do you know what foods are not good for your pets? Would you ever feed a dog chocolate? Would you give your pet Cheese? Peanut Butter? Ice Cream? Do you think it is good or bad for a pet to drink from a toilet?

How many pets would you like to own? If one pet died would you instantly replace it? How many pets would you own at the same time? If your pet had babies how long would you keep them? would you keep them all? Would you sell baby animals? would you give them away? would you take them into the countryside and "set them free?"

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks III

Would kids make your amusement park experience better or worse? Do you like rides built specifically for kids? What would you do if a kid in your group wasn't tall enough to ride some of the rides? Do you like "terror rides?" Do you think they were scarier when you were a kid?

Have you ever finished a ride and then reentered the line for that same ride? Do you like to ride the same ride over and over again? is it better to go through the whole park and then come back to some of your favorite rides or to re-ride some of the good rides while you are there?

What are some of your favorite rides at amusement parks? What are some of your least favorite? Are there rides that are better than you expected them to be? Are there rides that you didn't like as much as you thought you would? Do you think some rides get hyped too much? Have you created a ride-value to line length matrix to determine which rides give the best bang for the buck?

How long of a line are you willing to wait in? What do you think about express lines? Do you know how to get express passes? Do you think people with small children should get better lines? what about large groups? What about veterans? Handicapped people? Have you ever tried to "Beat the system?" Have you ever waited in the wrong line? Would you leave the line if you got to the front, but found out that it was for the wrong ride? Does the length of the line help you determine which rides to ride? or when you ride them? Would you ride a water ride early in the morning or late at night if it had a short line? even if that meant you might be cold for a while afterward?

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks II

How often do you like to go to amusement parks? Do you prefer to visit the same park often or to visit multiple parks? Would you buy season passes to multiple amusement parks during the same season?

Do you like to have a plan when you go to an amusement park? How much time would you spend planning your visit to an amusement park? Is it better to ride as many different rides as possible or to ride the best rides early and often? Do you think it is better to work your way through a park section by section? or is it better to bounce around the park to get to the best rides faster?

Who would you go to an amusement park with? Would you rather go with a few select friends or with a large group? what if some people in the group wanted to do different things? Would you wait for others if they wanted to ride something that you didn't want to? Would you split up? How would you reconnect with people if you got separated? How much time would you feel like you need to spend with the people that you went with?

What makes a good ride for you? The most scary rides? Do you like rides that give you a rush? Have you ever gotten sick from a ride? what ride was it? do you like fast rides? High rides? Ferris wheels? Do you like rides that spin?  Do you like rides where you can control the spin? How do you feel about spinning vertically? Horizontally? Do you like rides where you might get wet? Do you like watching other people get wet? would you pay money to soaked your friends on a ride? Would you pay to soad a family member? Do you like rides that are slow? Does it matter to you if the ride gets over quickly? or lasts a really long time?

Questions for Couples: Thanksgiving

How do you feel about the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you celebrate canadian Thanksgiving? Do you prefer to have a home cooked meal for thanksgiving, or would you rather go to a restaurant? Would you order a traditional Turkey dinner at the restaurant or something else? Would you rather eat Turkey, Ham, or Prime rib for dinner? Turducken?

What time do you eat your big Thanksgiving meal? Do you eat breakfast that morning? How far in advance do you start preparing? Is the proper term stuffing or dressing? And do you actually stuff the bird with it? Cornbread, Classic, or Sausage Stuffing? Have you ever done a rice based stuffing? Do you like your turkey fried, smoked, baked, or a combination of the 3? White or dark meat? Do you even like turkey? Would you ever serve an alternate form of food say pizza? What are you feelings on Cranberries? Canned? If canned whole berry or jelly? Fresh?

Is the cooking a joint job? Watching football while someone else cooks? Watching football while everyone cooks? Playing football after eating? Or Frisbee? Are store bought rolls okay or do they have to be homemade? What about rhodes rolls? What is the one must have Thanksgiving dinner item? What is one you could do without? If you eat early do you eat leftovers later in the day? How do you feel about Turkey, cranberry, cream cheese sandwiches?

Would you ever order a dinner cooked by someone else? Like a catering company? or a grocery store? Would you pretend that you had done the cooking yourself?

Do you set up/go get your Christmas tree after you eat or wait until later?

Questions for Couples: Pets III

Do you prefer free animals or ones that you pay for? How much do you think a "free" animal actually costs you? How much would you pay for an animal? How much of your budget would you devote to having animals? Would you pay for animals that you weren't actually yours? Like neighborhood strays? Do you think different types of animals are worth more money? Would you pay to get your animals vaccines? Would you pay for other medical treatment? How much money would you be willing to spend on helping an animal "get well?" Would you pay for an animal surgery?

Do you think it is good or bad to dock the tails of animals? Would you trim an animal's ears? Do you think it is fun to shave funny patterns in the fur of your pets? Would you shave them completely? Would you declaw your animals?

Would you enter your dog in a dogshow?  Would you enter a cat in a catshow? would you enter a cat in a dogshow? Would you style your pets for a show? Would you put funny clothes on your pets?

Would you teach your pet tricks? what kind of tricks would you teach a pet? Do you think obedience school is a good thing for an animal? what methods do you think are best to make sure your pet behaves? do you like dog whistles? what about training with water spray? Do like training pets with food? Do you think Cheetos would be as effective with animals?

Questions for Couples: Money III

Do you donate to any charitable organizations?
Do you donate regularly?
How do you decide what charities or organizations to donate to?
Do you give money to every group that calls you? To anybody that calls?

Do you prefer to donate over the phone? By mail? In person? Through the Internet?
Do you buy girl scout cookies? What kind?
Would you buy other things to support a good cause?
How much would you spend?
Would you donate to a thrift store?
Would you buy things from a thrift store?

Do you plan to save money for your children's college funds?
Do you think they should save for college themselves?
How do you feel about your children borrowing for college?
Do you think your kids should find part time jobs while in school? What about full time jobs?

How do you pay for a vacation?
Do you save for your vacations? for how long would you save?
How would you pay for a car?
Would you pay cash for a car? Would you lease?
Do you prefer to buy New? Gently used? very very used(i.e., barely running, but cheap)? Not running but fixable?

Questions for Couples: Halloween II

Do you buy candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy good candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy some lame candy... and a secret stash of the good stuff? Do you let people pick their own candy or do you distribute it? What do you think about leaving out a bowl that says "please take one."?

Would you take your kids to Trick or Treat?  Would you trick or treat without any kids? Do you think parents should dress up when they take their kids to trick or treat?  Do you like the idea of a trunk or treat more or less than traditional trick or treating? Do you ever choose the trick? Have you ever thought of Halloween candy as the juvenile equivalent of protection money? At what age do you think it is safe for kids to go trick or treating without an adult? Do you think parents should get candy when they trick or treat? Do you think there should be some sort of candy tax that entitles a parent to some of the bounty? Even if they don't go? Does the parent get first choice?

How do you feel about redistributing the candy more evenly when kids return home? Do you think there should be a quota on how much candy is consumed? and when? Do you think it is best for kids to just eat the candy as quickly as possible to get it out of their systems fast? Do you ever give out toothbrushes for halloween? How about diabetes pamphlets? Healthy snacks?

How do you feel about homemade goods for trick or treaters? do you trust them? What about fruits? Vegetables? Bread?

Do you know which houses to go to get the best stuff? Do you know which areas have the best candy? Have you ever done a quantitative analysis of the types of candy found in certain areas, as well as the best times to visit such places? Have you ever been that lucky kid that someone just gives all the rest of their candy to; so they can go to bed?

Questions for Couples: Halloween

What is your favorite part of Halloween? what is your least favorite part? Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you celebrate All Saints' Day? Do you think of Halloween as a religious holiday?

Do you think witches and wizards are evil? Have you ever tried to burn someone at the stake? Do you think it is ok for kids to dress up as monsters, and magical beings? Do you dress up for Halloween? what is your favorite costume that you've worn? Do you wear the same costume every year? Do you wear multiple costumes in the same year... like maybe one for each party you go to?  How do you feel about "adult" costumes, or costumes that may be a bit racy? How do you feel about costumes that are not inherently bad, but may have an "adult" connotation?

Do you like it when costumes follow a theme? Do you think grown ups should wear costumes? even if they are not going anywhere fancy?  Do you like costumes with masks? Do you think people act differently when they are wearing masks? Do you think masks are dangerous? How do you feel about face paint? Would you ever paint more than your face? Would you wear a costume that represented different values than you normally embrace? Do you think wearing a costume is like an endorsement for the thing you are wearing? Do you think costumes are a mockery of something? Can a costume be an endorsement, and a mockery at the same time? Do you think different rules apply to someone when they are in costume? Would you get a piercing or a tattoo to make a costume seem more real?  How much money would you spend on a costume? How much time would you spend on a costume? When do you start to plan what you will wear for Halloween? Do you like homemade costumes? Would you re-use a costume? Would you trade costumes? Sell costumes? make costumes for other people? What were the three best costumes you saw last year?

Questions for Couples: Romantic Gestures

How do you define romance? Are you a romantic? A hopeless romantic? What does that mean to you? Are you a recovering romantic?

What is the most romantic thing that someone has ever done for you? Have you ever heard of the five languages of love? Do you think that people can express and feel love in different ways? Do you show love in the same way that you want to be loved? Do you know your "love language?"

The following are the "5 Love Languages:" 
Words of Affirmation,  Acts of Service,  Receiving Gifts,  Quality Time  and  Physical Touch.
Which Love Language helps you feel loved the most? Which love language are you most likely to use to show love to someone?  Do you think they are all important?

How often do you think a person should tell their partner that they love them? How often should a person compliment their partner? What's the nicest thing anybody ever said to you?

What's the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for you? Do you think service means more if it is random, or if it is something that you have mentioned you would like? Do you appreciate the thought behind someones service, even if the actions don't turn out to be very helpful? Do you closer to someone when they serve other people?

Do you buy a lot of gifts for people? Does the cost of a gift matter to you? Do you prefer expensive gifts or cheap ones? Do you like receiving flowers? Would flowers mean less if you got them more often? every week? What if you knew that flowers were super cheap, would that change your perception? or expectation? What if they were super expensive? 

Do you think flowers are a nice gesture even when they can't be enjoyed very long? like when you are traveling? 

For more information about the 5 love languages visit:

Questions for Couples (Advanced): Anger II

These questions are advanced. They are questions that could be very valuable as a relationship progresses, but may be good to save until there is a relationship.

When you were growing up did it seem like a lot of people were angry? were you angry as a child? Who was the person in your life most likely to get angry while you were growing up? What happened when your mom got angry when you were younger? How angry did she get? What kind of things made her angry? How often was she angry? What happened when your dad got angry growing up? How angry did he get? How often was he angry? What kind of things made him angry? Did any of your siblings get very angry? Do you ever notice yourself getting angry about the same kinds of things that your family got angry about? Do you react in similar ways when you are angry as others in your family act?  How do people in your family deal with their anger? How do you react when other people get angry? Has seeing anger in others or yourself ever caused you to change how you think about things, or how you deal with unpleasant situations? What kind of changes have you made with regards to anger in your life?

What do you do when you get angry? Have you ever broken anything when you were angry? Do you throw things when you're angry? Do you yell? Do you swear? If you swear do you direct your swearing specifically at the person you are angry at? Do you ever use weapons when you are angry?
What do you do to cope with your anger? how long does it usually take you to calm down?

Have you ever been to see a professional because of your anger? Was it court ordered? Have you ever been angry enough that your actions caused someone else to seek medical help? Have you ever had a restraining order? Have you ever been to an anger management support group? Voluntarily? Do you find it useful? What is the one thing that helps you avoid anger the most?

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks

How do you feel about amusement parks?
Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer a park with a theme? or would you rather just have a bunch of fun rides? what if there is a cool theme, but there are only a few cool rides?

How do you feel about Disneyland? DisneyWorld? Tokyo Disney? Have you ever been to a Disney park? Do you want to go back? often? Would you ever buy a season pass to a Disney park? How often would you like to go to one of these theme parks? Would you go multiple times in the same year? Would you pull your kids out of school to go? How long would you like to stay when you go to a theme park? is one day enough?

What if there are two parks right next to each other? would you want to see them both? Would you buy a park hopper pass? Would you do them in the same day? one day for each? would you split each day you were there between parks? What would you eat while you were there? how much would you be willing to spend on your food? How often would you be found at the dippin' dots counter? When visiting a theme park would you stay in the affiliated hotels? if not, where would you stay?
Would you buy season passes to multiple parks, or amusement centers for the same year?

If a theme park had a water park attached would you want to spend some of your time there? would you want to spend all of your time there? Do you think it is appropriate to walk around the rest of the park in your swimwear? Do you think it is appropriate to laugh at those who clearly forgot to bring their sunscreen? What if they brought their sunscreen but missed a spot? What if they had "Cool" sunglass lines?

Questions for Couples: Chivalry

In general, do you think Chivalry is a good thing or a bad thing?
In general do you think knights are a good thing? and how do you feel about knights in shining armour? When you picture such a knight does he come with a horse? Describe the horse.

Do you think a man should open doors for a woman? what about other men? what about other women? Do you think a woman should wait for a man to get the door? is there a reasonable waiting period? Does this include all doors? What if there is a second set of doors? What about the doors to a woman's car... should a man get those ones? How about her house? If a man should open a car door for a woman should he get it when she is getting into and out of the car?

Do you think a man should stand when a woman enters the room? What if a dignitary enters the room? Should a man pull out chairs for a lady he is dating? what if they are acquaintances... does that change things?
Should a man do all the ordering in a restaurant? If so what is the proper way to go about this?
Should a man walk in front a woman? what about behind her?

Should men help women get their coats on? or off? would this kind of interaction make you uncomfortable? Would you feel different about this if the man was an acquaintance with the woman? a good friend? courting her? married to her?

Should men put their coats on top of puddles for women? Would you put a coat on a puddle (men)? or walk on it if he did (women)? Afterwards... what would be the appropriate handling of said coat?
Should a man give his coat to a woman? What about his seat, perhaps on the bus? What should a man do if a woman doesn't want his seat? what if she does want the seat, but won't admit it?

Where do your ideas on Chivalry come from? 

Questions for Couples: Popular Proverbs

Do you believe that "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise?"
"You can't judge a book by its cover." or can you?
How do you feel about the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"
Do you believe in the golden rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" How often do you follow it?
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? what if you had five apples?
Is silence truly golden? or perhaps is it a little lonely?
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." Do you think that's true? Even with Chihuahuas?
And if so, should you always "Let sleeping dogs lie?"
How do you you feel about the phrase: "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool?" Does that remind you of an interesting story?
Is love really blind?
What does it mean to you when you hear the phrase "People in glass houses should not throw stones?" Do you throw stones? Is it ok if they are just little stones... you know, the kind that float?

Do you believe that "What goes around comes around?"
Is there a silver lining behind every dark cloud?
Is it true that "whenever you assume, you assume too much?" Is it actually possible to not assume anything?
Cheaters never prosper... do they? 
Do you think all's well that ends well?
Is it true that "haste makes waste?"
Ben Franklin counseled: "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be." how do you feel about his advice? If you had to pick one which one would you prefer to be? 

Is a dog really man's best friend? why or why not?
Do you think "A change is like a vacation?"
"A fool and his money are soon parted?" How accurate do you think that is? Soooo... got any money?
Does absence makes the heart grow fonder? or does absence cause the heart to wander?
Which of the following do you think is more accurate? 
  • Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer
  • There are no stupid questions?
How often do you think the customer is actually right?
Does the early bird always get the worm? And if so, Do you really want to get the worm?

Questions for Couples: Sports

What do you think about your kids playing sports? How many would you let them play?
Is it better to be great at one sport, or good at a lot of them? What would be good reasons for your kids to play sports? What might be good reasons why you wouldn't want your kids to play sports?

Who would make the decision to play a sport? you or them?  What if your kid wanted to stop a sport after a year would you let them? What if they wanted to stop after just a few weeks? a few days?

What lessons would you want your kids to learn from sporting activities? Would money be a significant factor in how many sports your kids could participate in? How would you work your kids sports in to your schedule? would you take them to practices? would you watch their practices? Would you go to their games/ events? how far would you be willing to travel to watch you kids in a sport? How often would you make that journey?

Would you want to coach your kids in sports? Would you coach your kids even if your weren't officially the coach? Do you think everyone should get a trophy? Would your tell your kid they were a great athlete even if they weren't? Would you tell them they were great even if you knew they could do better? Are you more likely to praise your child for athletic activity, or give them substantial "constructive criticism?" At a sporting event are you more likely to yell at the coach, the ref, the opposing players, players on your team, or your own kid?

Is badminton a sport?

Questions for Couples: Looks/ Surgery

These questions are probably on an intermediate level.
How do you feel about plastic surgery? What if the reasons are purely cosmetic? What if the motivation is not purely cosmetic? Do you think it is ok (or even good) for a person to fix physical defects like cleft palette? How significant would a "defect" have to be for you to want to fix it?

Have you ever had braces on your teeth? Do you think braces are important? How bad would someones teeth have to be for you to encourage them to get braces? If you had braces and the orthodontist told you to wear a retainer every night, would you?

How do you feel about breast implants? what about breast reduction?
Would you ever get a nose job? what if you were in an accident? or a bar fight? what if you had a church ball incident? would temporary bruising/ black eyes be worth the long-term solution?

How do you feel about hair removal? what about hair addition... like implants? what if the hair implants are not on the head? Do you think a person should tweeze their eyebrows? what are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Unibrows? Hairy ears? or noses?

Do you want plastic surgery for yourself? How often would you like to have surgery? Would you ever encourage your spouse to have plastic surgery? what about your children? How old do you think a child should be before they could consider plastic surgery? How much would you be willing to spend on surgeries for yourself? for a child? If your child wanted plastic surgery would you make them pay for it themselves?  Do you ever call in and donate when they play that commercial on TV with the sad music and the pictures of all the kids in other parts of the world that have facial deformities? Would you be more likely to donate food, surgery or money to a person in need?

Questions for Couples: Pets II

Would you ever consider a pet adoption? How do you define a pet adoption? Would you ever get an animal from the pound? Would you take in a stray? what if the stray just kept coming around... would you feed it?

Have you ever thought of renting a puppy? Did you even know that was possible? How often would you rent a pet? Would you ever consider a rent-to-own animal? Do you think it would be hard to give back an animal that you had rented?

Do you think strays should be spayed or neutered? Do you think all animals should be spayed or neutered? Do you know what it means to spay or neuter an animal? Does it make you hurt just a little bit to even think about it? If you don't think an animal should be spayed or neutered how do you think their population or propagation should be controlled... or influenced? Does all this talk about spaying and neutering make you want to watch the price is right? or maybe even create your own Plinko board?

Would you ever take a pet with you on vacation? would you take all your pets with you? If you didn't take your pets with you what would you do with them? Do you think you would ever skip a vacation, or not plan a vacation because you couldn't find suitable arrangements for your pets? Would you ever cancel a vacation if you couldn't find a pet-sitter? What if you had non-refundable tickets or expenses already paid?
Would you be more likely to have someone stay at your house to take care of your pets, or to have your pets stay with somebody? How often would you feel the need to check in with the pet-sitter? Would you leave a detailed list of instructions, or just kinda hope they could wing it? Are your pets high maintenance? Would you warn sitters if they were?

Questions for Couples: Sports Fanaticism

Do you consider yourself a sports fanatic? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Do you wear your game-day colors for every game? most games? Does this change if you are going to be (or not going to be) at the actual game?

How many teams do you consistently root for? How did you pick your teams? How do you feel about rivalry games? Are there teams that you hate? Does this make you more likely or less likely to attend? to watch on TV?

Do you get emotionally involved in sports? Does it matter who is playing? What kind of things in sports make you angry? What kinds of things make you happy? Have you ever watched a game and had it put you in a bad mood? How long does that mood last? more than an hour? does it ruin your day? often?  Do you let the outcome of sporting events affect your life? Do you ever take out your frustrations from a game, on somebody else? in traffic? Do you feel like your family member suffer in any way because of your involvement with sports? Do they agree with you on this?

Have you ever painted your chest for a game?  face? would you? If you painted your chest (or a t-shirt or face with a message, what would you say? Would it be easy or hard to find people to be part of your message? what would you do if somebody had to go get a hot dog? What if they had to leave the game for an emergency? Does the stadium running out of milk duds constitute an emergency?

Questions for Couples: Politics and Government

How do you feel about politics? Do you have some favorite politicians? Would you ever think of being a politician? How would you feel about your spouse or significant other being a politician? Would you ever consider running against your spouse for a political office? would it bother you if your spouse wanted to run against you?

Do you listen to political commentary? do you listen to it religiously? Do you follow your favorite commentators more closely than you follow your religion? Do you ever get the two confused?

What do you think qualifies a person for political office? What do you think should disqualify a person for office? Have you read the constitution? have you memorized it? How do you decided if a political point of view or commentator is actually right, or if it is just really eloquent and hard to disbelieve? Have you ever noticed people from different points of view using the same source to provide a foundation for their beliefs?

Where would you say the majority of your political beliefs come from? Do you read political books? How often do you disagree with the things you read or hear politically? How often do you disagree with a political thought from someone that you follow or generally agree with? Would it surprise you if you learned that somebody you had great respect for believed (or voted) differently than you would expect? would it change your mind about how you feel or vote? Would it change your mind about how you feel about them?

Would it bother you if a friend or family member felt (and maybe even voted) differently about politics than you do? what if it was your spouse? Do you think politics should be discussed in the home? How often do you think people need to agree politically to have a good relationship?

Do you have any favorite political quotes? do any of them involve pigs? or other types of animals?

Questions for Couples: Auctions

What do you think about art auctions? Have you ever been to one? would you like to go to one in the future? Have you ever purchased anything at an art auction? What kind of art would you buy at one? Would you try to find something collectible? what about a print from a famous person? Thomas Kinkade? Would you rather have a print from a famous person or an original from someone you've never heard of? How do you feel about prints that are signed and numbered? What if they aren't?

How do you feel about silent Auctions? Blind auctions? Do you have a funny habit of scratching your nose at just the wrong time? Are you the type of person that would set a budget for yourself before attending an auction? Could you stick to your budget? 
Would you attend a charity Auction? Would you rather get a great deal at a charitable auction, or make a generous contribution? Would you be more likely to attend if it was highly publicized, or if it was by invitation only? Would you be more likely to buy something at a big public auction, or something more intimate... like a cub scout cake auction? Have you been to one of those... they get crazy. How much would you be willing to pay for a cake? Would you by the cake that is so fancy you're sure it was the model for one of those cooking magazines, or the one that gave it a good effort, but was clearly made by a cub scout? Would you look for certain cake flavors? or toppings? or lack thereof?

Have you ever purchased a car at an automobile auction? Do you think this is a good way to find a car? Do you know how to find out where and when these things happen? Would you buy a used car that was puke green, but cheap? Would you buy an alternative fuel source vehicle at auction?

Have you ever been to a livestock auction? can you talk like an auctioneer? was that a yes... could you please demonstrate? Would you buy something at a livestock auction? would you sell there?

What is your favorite thing about auctions? least favorite thing? Would you buy something at an auction and then try to sell it for a profit? on TV? are you good at that kind of thing? Do you have a special auction ritual? If you had a special auction ritual would it involve not changing your socks? or going to a certain restaurant?

Questions for Couples: Pets

Did you grow up with any pets? Did you have a favorite pet? Did you ever treat a little brother or sister like a pet? Did you have a pet rock? Was his name Rockenstein?

Do you prefer outside pets or pets that mostly stay in the house with you? What type of pet would you be most likely to own? What kind of pet would you be least likely to own? Is there a pet that you have always dreamed of owning, but would probably never actually follow through with?
Are you more likely to own a pet for yourself or for the kids? Really? If your kids asked enough would you finally decide to get them a pet? Would you ever consider owning a snake? a fish? gerbils? Birds? Would you rather have a bird that talks or one that does not talk? If you had a pet that could talk, what kind of words would you teach it?

Do you think pets should be kept on leashes? Do you think having a fence is important if you have an outside pet? Would it bother you if you had to constantly repair your pets "escape routes?" How do you feel about electric fences? Are invisible fences better? Do you think a pet should have their own fenced in area, even if your yard already has a fence? Would you put a tracking chip on your pets collar? would you add one to a pet by surgery or other means?

Questions for Couples: Germs II

Do you go to work even if you're sick? Are you more likely to stay home so you don't get other people sick... or just because you might want a day off? How sick do you have to be to take a sick day? Will you visit friends when you're sick? Do you visit friends when they are sick? Do you make your decision based on the type of illness? Do you ever tell people to stay away when you're  sick? What about when they are sick?

Do you cover your mouth when you sneeze? Do you sneeze into your  elbow? Do you ever sneeze into your shirt? Do you make funny noises when you sneeze? Do you think it might be bad for you to try to suppress a sneeze?

Do you ever carry tissues with you? Do you always carry tissues? Is it ever ok to reuse a tissue? What about handkerchiefs, can they be reused? How do you feel about sharing a handkerchief?

Do you think kissing is an unsanitary practice? Do you believe the reports that say kissing can actually boost your immune system? Or do you think those were probably just made up by somebody looking for some action? Do you think kissing someones hand is more hygienic or less so than a traditional kiss? Would you ever kiss someones feet? Would it gross you out if somebody kissed your feet? Would you ever kiss some one when you were sick? What about if they were sick? Is a sick person fair game as long as you are sick as well... or vice versa? Have you ever had mono...?

Questions for Couples: Perks of Work

If you had to go on a trip for work would you take your spouse? What if you took a lot of trips for work would you want to take your spouse? Would you feel it was fair to take work trips without your spouse? What if your trips had a recreational element to them? What if you got a nice trip as a bonus or reward and you could take a second person if you paid for them but you didn't have a lot of money? Would you be jealous if your spouse was taking trips without you? what if your spouse got to eat at fancy restaurants on their trips?

Do you ever have to do something really hard for work... like go golfing? If your work requires or allows you to do something that you enjoy is it really work? If you were the sole breadwinner in the family would you want your spouse to be able to participate in an equal amount of enjoyable activities? Even if your activities were for work?

Do you ever go out to eat when you are working? Do you work at Google and have gourmet restaurants on your campus? If you get to eat out for work is it fair for your spouse to eat at home all the time? What if it's not convenient for you to eat at home? Are you willing to brown bag it sometimes?

If you get a bonus at work is that bonus money for the whole family, or is that money to be used at your discretion? What about a year end or christmas bonus would that be the same? What if your company had a big Christmas party every year, and at that party they had a really nice selection of Presents (or year end prizes or awards) like big-screen tvs, and iPads and blenders (not one of those cheapo blenders but a lean mean Ice-crushing machine) who would have the most say in which year end bonus... or present you got?

How would you feel if your work required you to buy certain outfits or uniforms? what if they provided them for you? Would you feel like your spouse was entitled to a new outfit for each outfit you got? how would you new clothes needed for work with other new clothes? Do you think new clothes are fun? even if they are for work? What if your work required really fancy clothes like tuxedos and ball gowns, would that be fun for you or would you find that annoying? If you had to wear a tuxedo for work would you perhaps fancy yourself as 007? and if people listened closely do you think they would hear you humming the James bond theme song?

Questions for Couples: Sleep III

Do you like to sleep on a certain side of bed? Do you have to sleep on that side? How do you feel about sleeping next to a wall? Can you sleep on a small bed? How large does your bed need to be for you to be comfortable?

Can you sleep in a chair ? what about on the floor? What if the carpet is really soft? Can you sleep on a  mattress on the floor? How do you feel about mattresses that are high off the ground? What if the mattress is high because it is on a two year supply of food?

Do you have to sleep in your own bed? can you sleep anywhere?
Do you like to have a headboard on your bed? How do you feel about footboards?
What about side rails?... you know... so you don't fall out. 

Do you like to sleep with a fan? Does a fan keep you awake? How do you feel about sleeping with a humidifier? Can you sleep when it's not perfectly quite? Do you prefer to have some sound to help you go to sleep? Do you go to sleep to the sound of the ocean? can you sleep if you can hear the traffic outside your window? What if you can hear a train? what if the train comes after you are asleep... would it wake you? Do you ever sleep with earplugs to block out sounds? Like the sound of a crying baby (trust me it's genius... I mean someone's got to attend to the bawling, but sometimes perhaps it's your turn for the earplugs).

Questions for Couples: Etiquette

When is it ok to pick out the lint from your belly button? What should you do with it? (and how did it get there?)
When is it ok to pick your teeth? when is it not ok? If it is ok to pick your teeth in public what is an acceptable implement of such picking? toothpick? finger? paper? cardboard? Plastic? Is it ok to floss in public?
What about brushing your teeth in public? Can you brush your teeth around other people? While walking? While on the phone?
Is it ok to shave in public? What about shaving your legs? What about guys shaving their legs in public?
What in your opinion the proper way to handle the passing of gas? Does it embarrass you?
Do you use an anti-perspirant? Do you use deodorant? Often? Daily? Do you prefer a deodorant with a strong smell? Is it ok to apply your deodorant in public? On a date?
How often do you shower? How often do you wash your hair?
Do you use mouthwash? Breathmints? A tongue scraper? Binaca?
What is your favorite type (or brand) of bad breath remedy?

Questions for Couples: Germs

How do you feel about sharing your food? How do you feel about sharing someone else food?
What if they licked it?  If your food falls on the floor will you still eat it? What if it was really expensive? What if it was the last Twinkie on Earth?

Do you believe in the 10 second rule? what if someone else breaks the 10 second rule? What if your food  falls but doesn't reach the floor, because it is saved by a chair? what if something falls on the table? Have you been known to slurp up a drink if you spill it?

Do you ever worry about the germs you might be exposed to at a supermarket? On a shopping cart? Public restrooms? Do you worry about germs at restaurants? on the menus? Restaurant chairs?

Do you carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere? Do you use it? a lot?
Do you always wash your hands after you use the restroom? with soap? Do you think it is important to dry your hands after you wash them? with a towel? should it be disposable?

Do you wash your hands before you eat?  What if it's just a snack? How do you know when your hands are clean? Do you sing a song to know if you have washed enough? Is it "Happy birthday to you?"

How do you feel about reusing towels? what if somebody else used a towel? If a person has cleaned themselves before using a towel, is it then fine for another person to use that towel? Does it bother you if your guest use your nice towels to dry their hands? What should they do instead if it does?  How many times can you reuse a towel? Is it better to put out fresh towels for your guests, or to wait until after you have guests... because surely the towels will just get dirty with guests in the house? Do you take you own towel with you when you travel? Is it because you read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

Questions for Couples: Shopping

How do you feel about thrift stores? Do you have a favorite? Do you buy a lot of things at thrift stores? Do you buy all your clothes at thrift stores? Are there some things you like to buy at thrift stores? Are there things you won't  buy at a thrift store? Have you ever found something really cool at a thrift store? Was it a grand piano? Do you think a person can really save a lot of money at thrift stores? Do you think thrift stores are cool?

How often do you go to yard sales?  Do you search the newspaper diligently to find yard sales? Are yard sales the same as garage sales? If not which is better? Do you ever drive around just to see if you can find a sale? What kind of things would you buy at a yard or garage sale? Would you know a treasure if you saw it there? Would you buy a bunch of paintings, jewelry, or "antiques," just incase per chance you could find something of great value?

How do you feel about estates sales? Repos? Surplus sales?
Would you bid on storage containers?  Are you addicted to Storage Wars? Or other treasure seeking shows?

Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you like fireworks? Do you ever light your own? Do you like the illegal ones? Do you take safety precautions with your fireworks? What precautions do you take?

How would you feel about your kids lighting fireworks?
Do you light fireworks only during officially designated times? How do you feel about firework restrictions? Designated firework lighting areas or parking lots? Do you know a good way to put out a fire? Do you know multiple ways to put out a fire? Have you ever "put out a fire," but later found out that your fire was still burning?

Is your house properly protected by smoke alarms? Do you smoke alarms ever go off for no good reason? Have your smoke alarms ever gone off for a good reason? Do you set off your smoke alarms often? Do you think heat sensors are better than smoke alarms? How do do feel about infrared sensors? Do you think it is important to have sprinklers in your house? Do you think your fire alarms should be connected to a monitoring service? Do you have an evacuation plan if your house catches on fire? Do you have a designated meeting place in case of emergency? Do you have one of those cool rope ladders to help you get out of a building? Have you ever tried to use one? In other words in an emergency would you know what to do? or are you more likely to just "wing-it" and hope things go well?

Questions for Couples: Excercise III

Do you wear shoes when you exercise? Do you like specific brands of shoes? Types of shoes? What about vibram five fingers?  Have you ever used a kettle bell? exercise ball? Have you ever used an exercise ball for jousting? Ball rolling?

Do you use a heart rate monitor? Pedometer? Thigh Master?  Do you like using a treadmill? Elliptical? Stationary Bike? Rowing machine? Stair stepper?
How long can you do wall squat? Plank? How many different types of plank do you do? Do you ever go planking in strange places? and post it to YouTube? Can you do a pushup on your knees? Toes?
Can you do a one handed push-up? How many can you do? Will you please demonstrate for me? How about sit ups? Do you think crunches are actually better than sit-ups? Is your physique natural? Really?

Do you have a favorite trainer? Do you follow them religiously? Do you follow your trainer more religiously than your religion? Do you buy their supplements? and other endorsed products? no matter what? What if you were to learn that they were a computer generated hologram? Would that shake your exercise testimony?

Do you feel inspired to exercise more when you watch the Olympics?

Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you consider yourself a safe person?
Would owning a gun make you feel safer?
Would you carry a gun? To the store?
How do you feel about concealed carry permits?

Have you ever taken a hunters safety course? did you pass? was it because they felt sorry for you?
Would you ever let your kids own a gun? How old would your kids have to be to own a gun?
How old would you want your kids before you would let them use a gun?
Would you take special measures to make sure your guns were safe? A gun safe?
Safety locks? Locked cases where the guns are visible? Do you think your guns would be safe if you put them on a high shelf? or under your mattress?
Do you know how to tell if the safety is on on a gun?

How do you feel about knives? Would you lockup your kitchen knives?
Would you ever own decorative knives? How do you feel about combat knives?
What would you do to keep your knives safe? or how would you keep your children safe around knives?

Do you own any oriental throwing stars? Would it bother you if your kids wanted some? what if your spouse wanted some?
Nun-chucks? staffs? Spears?
Do you own a mace? what about a can of mace?

Questions for Couples: Jealousy

Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person?
Do others consider you to be very jealous?
Do you think others should be jealous of you?
Do you like it when other people are jealous of you?
What is your most enviable attribute?

What kind of things make you jealous? Money? Things? Big Houses? "Perfect Families"? Vacations? Physically fit people/ a nice body? People with a lot of free time? Is the grass really always greener on the other side? Are you jealous of people who have a well developed talent?

Do you get jealous when your significant other makes more money than you? Does it  make you jealous when somebody has more friends than you? Would you be jealous if your spouse wanted to spend time with some of their other friends? Would you be jealous if your spouse was talking with someone of the opposite gender? What if your spouse was kind of flirtatious? What if the flirting was just so they could get better service, free stuff, or good deals?

Would it bother you if your spouse kept in contact with old girlfriends/boyfriends? What if an old love interest wanted to meet for drinks? dinner? a movie? Would if bother you if one of your spouses former girlfriends/boyfriends lived in your neighborhood? What if they gave your spouse gifts?

Would you be jealous if your spouse wanted to spend time with their family? Do you think your spouse should love you more than their family? Do you measure the size of your brownies to make sure your spouse doesn't get a bigger piece than you?

Questions for Couples: Excercise II

Why do you excerise?
Do you prefer to exercise in the morning? at night? So late that no one else is awake?

Can a person exercise too much? How much is enough?

Do you like to compete against others while exercising? Do you like to compete as a team while exercising? Do you compete with yourself? Do you track your exercise? Do you feel like you are making progress?

Do you warm up before exercise? Do you stretch after you excercise? Is that your favorite part? Have you ever thrown up during a workout? After? Before? Do you enjoy certain types of exercise more than others? Do you prefer to exercise inside? outside? 

What do you think of Yoga? How many positions do you know? Do you do Pilates? Calisthenics? Aerobics? Plyometrics? Kickboxing? Weight lifting? How much can you lift each way? Have you ever done Insanity?  Heard of it? How about P90X? Did you buy the DVD... try it once and then put it on your shelf and never think of it again? Have you ever tried circuit training? Interval training? HITT?  Are you the kind of person that always thinks those infomercials for different exercise programs sound really good? So you buy a lot of them, but don't actually use them as much as you think you should?

Questions for Couples: Sleep II

Do you like to sleep on the right side of the bed or the left? center? diagonally? upside down?
Have you ever turned upside down while you sleep?

Do you like a hard bed / firm bed or a soft one? How do you feel about waterbeds?
What about other specialty beds? Air mattresses?
Do you sleep with a pillow? Multiple pillows? A body pillow? A body double?
How do you feel about sleeping with pets? How do you feel about sleeping with kids?

Do you like to sleep with a lot of blankets? A special blanket? Do you like to sleep with the covers on or off? Do you prefer to have your covers tucked in? Do you kick off your covers in the night?

Do you talk in your sleep? Walk in your sleep? Impersonate Elvis?
Do you sleep in your socks? Big fuzzy socks?
Would it bother you if your spouse put their cold feet on you while sleeping?
What about their big fuzzy socks?

Do you hit or kick in your sleep? Would you forgive your spouse if  they hit you while sleeping? Would you feel they were justified if they were having a bad dream? How would you resolve the situation if your spouse was accidentally hitting you in the night?

Questions for Couples: Communication

What is your favorite way to talk with friends? What about family members?
Do you prefer to talk with people face to face? Does talking face to face scare you? What if it's a really ugly face? What if it's a really pretty face?

How do you feel about text messages? If somebody sends you a txt, how quickly will you respond?
Does every txt require a response? How do you feel about texts that only have one word in them? what about one letter? Blank text messages?

Do you write a blog? Have you ever told someone that you couldn't tell them something because it was in your blog? Do you like Instant messaging? How do you feel about communicating through Facebook?

Have you ever used a video chat service? Do you think video calling is the way of the future? Have you ever noticed yourself doing something weird while video chatting?
Have you ever sent a telegram? A singing Telegram?

Do you like to talk on the phone? For hours at a time? Have you ever said "no, you hang up first." or "I love you more"?

Do you write a lot of emails? Do you like to communicate through emails? How important is spelling in an email? Do all your emails include a salutation? Do you sign your emails? All of them? Does your computer/ email client sign them for you?

Do you ever write a letter? By hand? Do you like to receive hand written letters? Mail? How often do you write thank you notes? Does a thank you note merit a thank you note in return?

How do you feel about conversations that continue in perpetuity? Is it better to have a lot of little conversations? or one conversation that just picks up where it left off?

Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

If you could pick any 5 stores to spend time in what would you pick? What are your favorite stores to buy things from? What makes them your favorite?
What are your top five favorite restaurants? What do you like about them? What do you look for in a restaurant? What turns you off in a restaurant?
Do you have favorite hotel chains? or hotels? What are your primary factors in choosing where to stay?

If you could drive any car in the world what would you pick? Why? What are the top five cars you would like to own? Why would you pick them?
What is your ideal type/size of city? Is there a specific city you would like to live in? Is it underground?
What are the five states that you would like to live in the most? Why?
If you could live in any other country in the world what one(s) would you pick?
What if you could live on any planet?

What are your favorite leisure activities? What are your favorite things to do at home? someone elses home? not at a home?
What are your five favorite foods? Favorite snacks? Are your favorite snacks different if no one is looking?
What are your top five current TV shows? All-time favorite TV shows?

What are your favorite clothing brands? least favorite clothing brands?
Is it favorite or favourite?
What are your favorite types of fairs, expos, or festivals?
What is your favorite "fair food"?
What are your five favorite types of flowers?
What were your favorite classes in School? What were your least favorite?
Who were your favorite teachers? and why?

Questions for Couples: Sleep

Do you like to go to bed early or are you more of a night owl? How early is early?
Can you tell when someone is tired? Will you tell a person when you are tired? How hard is it for you to adjust to another persons sleep schedule? How important is your sleep schedule to you?

Do you use something to help you get to sleep? Music? TV? Movies? Tranquilizers?

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
Can you sleep with the lights on? Can you sleep when there is noise? a baby crying?
Do you sleep with a night light?

Do you sleep with a window open? With two windows open to create a breeze? Do you feel less safe if your window is open at night?

Do you wake up naturally each morning? Do you have an internal alarm clock? can you pick the time?
Do you like to wake up to the sunlight? what about a rooster? Do you use an alarm clock? Clock radio? Do you wake up to the smell of bacon? From a bacon bakin' clock?

Special Edition: Date Ideas - Winter II

Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. That is the main purpose of this blog, however, a good date never hurt any relationship. Here are some fun ideas for winter dates that may also provide a good atmosphere for communication.

  1. Find a local sporting good store, or university or outdoors club and rent some snowshoes.  Go snowshoeing.
  2. Rent cross country skis, pack a picnic and go for an adventure. 
  3. Buy some large tubes from your local tire store fill them with air, and find a nice hill to tube down.
  4. Go to a local ski resort and go skiing, or snowboarding... Make sure you ride the chairlift with your date, and maybe even enjoy some hot chocolate, so you have some time to talk. :-)
  5. Go to your favorite ski resort, but don't ski, just sit and talk by the fire. Maybe pretend you can hear what the other guests are saying as they come into, or out of the resort. Take turns "being the voice" for different guests.
  6. Karaoke
  7. Go Country dancing, line dancing, swing dancing... or just dancing. Not perhaps the best activity to promote communication, but it can be a lot of fun, get your heart pumping, and it usually happens in a nice warm building... sometimes vary warm.
  8. Buy some poster paper and some finger-paints and recreate your favorite artistic masterpieces together. 
  9. Find a couple snow shovels and clean the sidewalks of your neighbors... or random strangers. Ü
  10. Visit people at a care center, or find a local widow (or Widows) and play boardgames with them.
  11. Get a few other couples and have a progressive dinner.  One couple is in charge of the appetizer. One couple takes the main course, one couple takes desert. Maybe one couple does a salad. Etc. Go from one house to the next for each course.
  12. Find a recipe for something fun that you've always wanted to make... Like bougatsa, or baklava, or even sugar cookies. Make it together. (Note: if this is experimental, it may take longer than you expected it to, this is not necessarily a bad thing Ü) 
  13. Go Ice Skating... or Rollerskating if you can't find any place to ice skate, but you have access to a roller rink. If you are new to ice skating stay close to your date so you can help them if they fall... but not so close that you cause them to fall. :-)
  14. Set up a tent in your living room. Light a fire if you have a fireplace. Tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows (and make s'mores of course). If you don't have a fireplace you can also melt your marshmallows in the microwave... it only takes a few seconds. You can also roast marshmallows on a stove (In my experience gas stoves may flavor your mallow a bit, but a nice electric stove top is amazing!)
  15. Cook breakfast for dinner. Make pancakes or waffles or my personal favorite, French toast. Most breakfast foods are surprisingly simple to prepare, but if you're not confident in your abilities, there are some great breakfast foods in the freezer section. Spruce it up a bit with fresh berries or juice. ;)

Questions for Couples: Camping

How much do you like camping?
How often do you go camping? how often would you go if you could?
What do you consider camping? is it anything away from home? Is a motorhome camping? Can you have electricity and still be camping? what about a cabin? tent? Do you believe that all real camping is out under the stars? even if it's raining?

How do you feel about camping in the snow? Rain? Heat? Wind?
Can you start a fire? with a single match? without any matches? can you teach me how?

Are you usually the first person to get up in the morning when you go camping? are you the last one to get up?
Do you like to get up and get the fire going? what about food? do you like to wait until breakfast is ready to get up?

How do you feel about living off the land while you camp? Wild mushrooms? Fishing?
Do you like fishing? are you any good? Does that question inspire you to tell a "fish story?" Do you prefer fly fishing? catch and release? trolling? casting?

Do you own a boat? Kayaks? do you like boating? Kayaking? canoeing?

How often when you go camping do you take boats? Bikes? other recreational activities? Gameboys? Ipods? Cell phones?

When was the last time you went camping?
Do you like to camp with reservations? on reservations? along the side of the road? in the middle of nowhere?
in caves? with bears?

Questions for Couples (Advanced): Anger

These are advanced questions. That means they may not be the kind of thing that would be fun to talk about on a first date, but they are questions/ or a topics are important to discuss as a relationship progresses.

Do you play Angry Birds? And why are those birds so angry?
What kind of things make you angry?
Traffic? Work? Family? Friends? The World? Other?
Are there things that make you really angry?
How often do you get angry?
When was the last time you got really angry? What was the circumstance?

How do you act when you feel angry?
Do you keep it to your self? Do you talk about it? Do you yell? Do you say mean things? Does it make you want to hit something? Do you ever feel the need to take out your anger on another person?
When you get angry do hit people? Slap? Kick? Push?
Do you ever feel the need to restrain or control someone? Are there other things of a physical nature that you do when you are angry? How often do you get physical because of your anger?

How frequently do you feel like you have anger that is uncontrollable (ie you just can't help yelling at someone)?

Since turning 18 (and becoming an adult), has your anger changed? Has the way you deal with your anger changed? In general, how do you deal with your anger? What do you do to try to get over your feelings of anger? What do you do to deescalate your anger? Do you think it is better to sleep on a problem, or to make sure that you never go to bed angry?
If you could pick one role model from Sesame Street would you pick Oscar?

Questions for Couples: Travel II

How often do you like to travel? Do you like to get away for a night? How often?
Could you? How often do you need to leave for a weekend? How often would you like to get away for a weekend? How long is the weekend? How much do you spend on travel in a month/ year? Is there a formula for how much you would spend... i.e., 1/5 of your income or 1/10? Would you rather travel a lot while you are young, or travel more when you are retired and have more time? How do you feel about taking time off of work for travel? unpaid time?

How do you feel about traveling alone? with your spouse? without your spouse? How long would you be willing to be away from your spouse for the sake of a good vacation/ adventure? If you were traveling without your spouse who would you travel with? Would you take a vacation with married friends of your own gender? Would you take a vacation with married friends of the opposite gender? What about single friends? Would you travel with other married couples?

How do you think you would feel about traveling with your family? With your spouse, but not your kids? With your kids but not your spouse? Would you ever take a vacation with some of your kids but not others? How much of a vacation do you think parents should pay for? Would you ever treat a relative to a vacation? What about a friend? a stranger?

What is your idea of a great vacation?

Questions for Couples: Music

Do you like music? Do you listen to music when you are working? How often do you listen to music?
What is your favorite kind of music? What is your least favorite kind of music?

How loud do you play your music? How do you feel about listening to other peoples music?  Do you always listen to the same type of music? If your listening style change, what is the main factor?

Do you like music with a fast beat? with a loud beat? irregular beats?

How do you feel about opera? How do you feel about opera-style music that is not in English? What about opera-style music that is in English?

Do you have a favorite singing competition on TV? Do you watch every singing competition on TV? what if you miss an episode? Do you have a favorite star from your favorite singing competition?

How do you feel about music that has suggestive lyrics? do you ever notice the lyrics of a song?
What about explicit lyrics? If it's only a little explicit does that make a difference? Does it bother you if a song takes the name of the Lord in vain?

Do you like music played on unusual instruments? Do you play any unusual instruments? Do you Like music with unusual sounds? How do you feel about music that is discordant? how do you feel about music that has no Melody?

If you had exactly enough money for one song from the jukebox what song would you pick?

Questions for Couples: Gifts

Do you think it is best to give home-made gifts? Edible home-made gifts? Store-bought gifts? Edible store-bought gifts? Money?

How do you feel about gift cards? Do you prefer gift cards to a specific store? which specific stores do you prefer?
Would you rather receive something home-made or store-bought? what about that kitten sweater that aunt Mable sends out every year?

How do you feel about clothes as gifts? Do you have to try things on before you get them? Would you rather your significant other give you clothes that they would like to see you in or clothes that you would like to wear?
How important is your style to you? would you wear something that you didn't like if it was a gift?

Do you think that couples should have a private stash of money to spend on gifts? Do you think couples should have separate accounts so that gifts still come as a surprise? Is it ok to keep your gifts a secret until you give them? Are you going to try to find out the secrets anyway? Are you going to try and try and try again? would it bother you if your 'secret gifts' were discovered?

Do you like to wrap your gifts? Are you good at wrapping presents? How do you feel about gift bags?
Do you think that each child's presents should share the same wrapping paper for quick identification?
Do you think that the name tag on a present should coordinate with the wrapping paper? Do you think presents need a name tag?
How do you feel about bows? How do you feel about ribbon?
Would you ever wrap your presents in Newspaper? What about in comics?
Would you then spend more time enjoying the comics than the presents?
Which comic is your favorite?

Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you wear your seat belt? Do it matter if you're driving? Do you do it to stop the car from beeping at you? Would you stop the car if your passengers were not belted? Does it change things if you (or your passengers) are in the back seat?

Does your car have an Alarm? Do you use it? Would you ever use a house alarm for a car?
Do you leave valuable things... or things that look valuable in your car? How often do you leave your keys in your car? Have you ever had to break into your car?

Would you ever buy a home security system? Would you buy the top of the line security or would you buy the minimum? Would you consider a Do-it-yourself security system? Would you regret doing-it-yourself a few weeks later? If you had a security system would it be more valuable to you when you are home or when you are not?

Do you lock your doors at night? Do you lock your doors during the day? Do you lock your windows? Do you lock your door/windows when you are home? Do you use a deadbolt? Do you use a lot of deadbolts?

Do you secure your sliding doors with dowels? Do you take any extra measures to secure your windows?
Do you leave your outside lights on while you are gone? Do you leave inside lights on for safety when you are gone? Do you think having lights on a timer is a good idea?

Would you ever put a sign in your yard to help give the sense of security? would you use a fake sign to make your house look more secure? would you keep a dog to make your home more secure? would you keep a fake dog to make your house look more secure? What about guard lions? or crocodiles?

Questions for Couples: Gifts

Do you like to buy gifts for other people? Is it really better to give than to receive?

Do you give gifts to your siblings for their birthdays? Do you give them gifts at random times?
What about graduation gifts?

How often do you give your parents gifts? How much would you spend on them?
Your nieces? nephews? grand parents? other relatives? coworkers?
Would you ever give a stanger a gift? What about an orphan? Santa Claus...I mean he gives everyone gifts, but who ever gives him a gift?

Do you draw names for who you will give Christmas gifts to in your family? Does each person in the family get drawn out separately or do you draw names for families? Do you get anything for your in-laws?
How much would you spend on a sibling? Do you think that everyone should spend the same amount?

Do you think the value of a gift is more important or it's price (in other words, if you get something on sale is it worth less)? If it matters that people get the same amount, is it more important that you spend the same amount on two people or is it more important to you to get them the same number of items?
Does your family have any traditions that make gifts temporarily unequal (like a rotating "Big Christmas" where one child gets more for that year, to accommodate larger presents)?
Do you think it is better to get one Large present, or a bunch of little presents?
Do you prefer to give lots of little presents? or a small number of larger presents?

Questions for Couples: Recycling

Do you believe in recycling? Do you actually recycle things?
Do you recycle paper? Plastics? Metals? Glass? Cell phones? Printer Cartridges? Batteries? 'New Kids on the Block' Posters (circa 1997)?

Do you recycle for money? Would you make your kids collect pop cans or newspapers to earn some extra cash?
Why do you recycle? because it's fun? because you need cash? to save the planet of course? Because you saw something on TV that made it seem cool?

Do you have a separate bin for recyclables? Do you have separate your recyclables from each other?
Do you clean out containers before you recycle them? do you take off the labels?

How do you feel about Freecycling? Would you be more likely to participate as a giver or a receiver?
How do you feel about dumpster diving? Would you pull out furniture? Clothes? food in a sealed container? food in a somewhat less than sealed container?

How do you feel about Craigslist? Have you ever sold anything there? have you ever given anything away through the site? do you ever go on there just to see what you can find? have you ever found anything good?

What about ebay? Are you a buyer? A seller? a skeptic? Do you prefer to buy things from Amazon? Even if they are used?

Do you have any reusable shopping bags? Do you ever remember to use them?

Questions for Couples: Beverages

Do you ever drink sports drinks while you're working out?
What about when you're not working out?
What is your favorite type of Sports drink? Least favorite?
Do you always get the same flavor or do you like to mix it up?

How do you feel about coffee? If it's "gourmet coffee" does that make a difference?
What about decaf? Would you buy it from Starbucks? If you didn't drink coffee, would you buy other things from Starbucks?

How do you feel about energy drinks? Energy disguised as Sodas? Caffeinated sodas? Energy drinks with alcohol in them? Sodas with Alcohol in them?
How often do you use energy drinks? Do you use the ones that are mostly caffeine, or do you look for other stimulants?
How do you feel about No-Doz?  Do you think that not getting enough rest, or not giving yourself enough time to get something done is a good reason to use use a stimulant like caffeine? What's the longest that you've gone without sleep?

Do you believe in other natural or unnatural enhancers? Which ones are your favorites?
Do you take Ginko? Ginseng? Wheat grass? Acai? Algae? Green tea? Guarana? Whey Protein? Ground up bat wings or toads liver?

Questions for Couples: Shopping

How do you feel about shopping?
Do you like to shop for some things more than for others?
Do you like to shop with coupons? Do you have a super cool system for organizing your coupons?
How far are you willing to travel for a 'good deal'?

Do you prefer to shop locally? How close is local?
Is it more important for you to save money, or to support local businesses?
If a nationwide chain has a store in your area, do you consider that a local purchase?
Do you buy a lot of things online? Do you like to buy new things or used things online?
How often do you buy things on Ebay?
How do you feel about online deal sites?
Would you 'like' something on Facebook to save a few bucks? Would you 'like' something for a possibility that you might save money on something in the future?

How do you feel about back to school shopping?
How do you feel about sewing your kids school clothes?
Do you favor or oppose school uniforms?
Do you think a parent or a child should pick the childs school clothes? Who should pay for school clothes?

Would you buy your child school clothes with pictures on them?
Would you buy your children clothes that have words on them?
What about clothes with witty sayings? What about sayings/ phrases that you may not understand?
What about clothes with characters from video games? tv shows? historical figures?

What would you do if you child wanted to wear something that you felt had an inappropriate message?
What if you felt it was not modest enough? What if you thought it was ugly? What about something that you thought might get them teased? A Darth Vader Helmet?

Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

What song do you find playing in your head the most?
Do you know how to ballroom dance? If so what is your favorite dance? If not what dance would you most like to learn?
Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind, or never speak again? Why?

What is one crazy/ unique thing about you?
Would you rather be an unknown major league baseball player, or a famous professional badminton star?
Why do you think the palm of someone's hand never gets tan?
What is your favorite lunch meat? Debate why it is the best.
What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Would you rather spend the next year repeating the fourth grade (at your current age),
or spend a month in jail for a crime you didn’t commit?

What is your favorite cold cereal? What about hot breakfast?
What is your most embarrassing moment as an elementary aged kid?
What is your favorite rainy day activity?
Have you ever caught a fish? Tell the story.

Would you rather be the sand castle or the wave?
How do you feel about thunder and lightning storms?
Would you rather forget who you are, or who everyone else is?
Would you rather eat a bar of soap, or drink a bottle of dishwashing liquid? Why?
Would you rather publish your journal or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment?

If you were donating blood, are you the kind of person that a) can watch, b) thinks it's cool to watch, or c) has to look away?