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Questions for Couples: Money Number II

Because Money matters are such important issues relationships, and there are so many of them we have decided to post a second entry that deals with money. Most likely there will be more money questions to come.

Do you use a budget? How closely do you follow it?

How do you feel about car insurance? Are you insured?
Do you prefer a high deductible or a low deductible?
Do you get the minimum coverage, the maximum coverage, or something in the middle.

Do you have or would you buy homeowners insurance? Renters insurance?

How do you feel about life insurance?
Do you prefer Whole-life or term-life? Do you actually know what the differences are?
How do you feel about HSA's(Health Savings Accounts)? Do you have one?
Do you prefer HSA's or Health insurance?

Are you saving for retirement?
Do you manage your retirement monies or does someone else?
Does your company have a pension plan?
Do you have an IRA?
Do you prefer Roth IRA's or traditional IRA's?

What do you think is the best method to save for retirement?
a)I'm not concerned about that yet
b)I like IRA's
c)I like savings bonds
d)Mutual funds
f)Money Market
g)In a checking account
h)I keep it under the mattress... I mean it's not under the mattress, but that seems the safest. Ü
i)GOLD Bullion
j)I think the stock market is best (if yes, choose one of the following)
  • As long as you buy the Blue chips
  • I think penny stocks offer the best returns
  • You won't make the big gains, if you don't take the big risks
  • I like a diverse portfolio
  • Other
k)I think real estate provides the best retirement investment
l)I like a combination of some of these options
m)I'm planning to win the lottery (I have a system Ü)

How do you feel about playing the lottery?
Do you gamble? Are you addicted?

Do you play the slots? if yes do you prefer the cheap ones, or the bigger slots
Do you play poker? Which kind do you prefer?
How do you feel about blackjack?
Roulette? Keno? Craps?

Is bingo Gambling?
What if it's free?
Would you stay at a casino for a business trip? for a family vacation?
Is it gambling if the casino gives you a free credit, some chips, or some money to play with?
If you gamble how much would you spend at one time? On the same trip?
In a year?

Do you bet on sports?
Do you bet on horses?
How do you feel about friendly wagers?
What about potentially embarrassing wagers or deals?

Would you tell your spouse about the money you won through one of these methods?
What about the money you lost? Would the amount make a difference?

Questions for Couples: Physical Appearance

How do you feel about tattoos?
Do you have any tattoos? If yes how many?
Do you like tattoos that people can see? that are covered?
Do you want to get any tattoos?
What kind of tattoos do you like most?
If you got a tattoo, where would you put?
What would be your reason for getting or not getting a tattoo?

How do you feel about Henna Tattoos? Are they the same as permanent tattoos or different? Why?

What about tattoos from a candy wrapper? Costume tattoos?

Would you consider 'permanent make-up' that could be tattooed on a good solution? Would you have it done to you?

Do you have any piercings? Ears? Face? Other?
How do you feel about piercings on Guys? How many should a guy have?
How do you feel about piercings on Girls? How many should a girl have?
How do you feel about non-traditional piercings like the top of the ear, nose, cheek?

How do you feel about cultural piercings?
Would you want your children to have any piercings?
Would you pierce your daughters ears when they are born?
How old do you think a person should be when they get a piercing?
Is a piercing a parents decision or the child's decision?
How do you feel about clip-on earrings?

Do you dye your hair?
Would you dye your hair? to another natural color? to an unnatural color?
Would you put natural looking accents in your hair? Blue accents? Green? other?

How often would you change your hair color? Dye your hair?

Questions for Couples: Chores

How do you feel about chores?
How often do you think a house should be cleaned?
Do you prefer to do the cleaning? or would you hire someone to do it?
Would you ever hire a maid?
How clean/ dirty would you want your house when the maid arrived?
How often would you have a maid come by?

How clean do you like your house?
Are there parts that you expect to be more clean?
Do you make your bed every morning? Do you expect someone else to make the bed?

How do you feel about dishes?
Do you prefer to wash by hand or use a dishwasher?
Are washing and drying one job or two?
Do you prefer to wash or dry?

Who takes out the trash?

How do you feel about yard work?
Would you hire a yard care service?
What about a neighborhood child?
Do you enjoy weeding?
Do you enjoy a garden?
Do you care how your yard looks?
Do you prefer a yard that is mostly grass? Xeriscaped? Well ornamented?
Would you hire a landscaper?

Would you winterize your house yourself?
Who should rake up leaves?
Who shovels the snow?
Would you pay someone to shovel the walks?
When should the snow be shoveled? Why on earth would anyone want to live where it snows?
Snowblower or Shovel?
Do you shovel a pathwway or do you shovel the whole thing?
Do you help your neighbors clear their snow after you have finished with the snow on your property? Do you help them first? Do you know your neighbors?
Would you take your neighbors cookies? Bread?
How do you feel about borrowing food from the neighbors?

Who should do the cooking?
Can you cook?
Who prepares breakfast? is it cooked? What about dinner?
Is the person who cooks responsible for the clean-up? or is it the other persons job?

Do you prefer to have a job-chart? or do you prefer to just work on things that need to be done?
Do you use a to-do list? do you ever finish it?

Who does the laundry? How often? Is the laundry one job? two jobs? three jobs? or more?