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Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks

How do you feel about amusement parks?
Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer a park with a theme? or would you rather just have a bunch of fun rides? what if there is a cool theme, but there are only a few cool rides?

How do you feel about Disneyland? DisneyWorld? Tokyo Disney? Have you ever been to a Disney park? Do you want to go back? often? Would you ever buy a season pass to a Disney park? How often would you like to go to one of these theme parks? Would you go multiple times in the same year? Would you pull your kids out of school to go? How long would you like to stay when you go to a theme park? is one day enough?

What if there are two parks right next to each other? would you want to see them both? Would you buy a park hopper pass? Would you do them in the same day? one day for each? would you split each day you were there between parks? What would you eat while you were there? how much would you be willing to spend on your food? How often would you be found at the dippin' dots counter? When visiting a theme park would you stay in the affiliated hotels? if not, where would you stay?
Would you buy season passes to multiple parks, or amusement centers for the same year?

If a theme park had a water park attached would you want to spend some of your time there? would you want to spend all of your time there? Do you think it is appropriate to walk around the rest of the park in your swimwear? Do you think it is appropriate to laugh at those who clearly forgot to bring their sunscreen? What if they brought their sunscreen but missed a spot? What if they had "Cool" sunglass lines?

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