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Questions for Couples: Politics and Government

How do you feel about politics? Do you have some favorite politicians? Would you ever think of being a politician? How would you feel about your spouse or significant other being a politician? Would you ever consider running against your spouse for a political office? would it bother you if your spouse wanted to run against you?

Do you listen to political commentary? do you listen to it religiously? Do you follow your favorite commentators more closely than you follow your religion? Do you ever get the two confused?

What do you think qualifies a person for political office? What do you think should disqualify a person for office? Have you read the constitution? have you memorized it? How do you decided if a political point of view or commentator is actually right, or if it is just really eloquent and hard to disbelieve? Have you ever noticed people from different points of view using the same source to provide a foundation for their beliefs?

Where would you say the majority of your political beliefs come from? Do you read political books? How often do you disagree with the things you read or hear politically? How often do you disagree with a political thought from someone that you follow or generally agree with? Would it surprise you if you learned that somebody you had great respect for believed (or voted) differently than you would expect? would it change your mind about how you feel or vote? Would it change your mind about how you feel about them?

Would it bother you if a friend or family member felt (and maybe even voted) differently about politics than you do? what if it was your spouse? Do you think politics should be discussed in the home? How often do you think people need to agree politically to have a good relationship?

Do you have any favorite political quotes? do any of them involve pigs? or other types of animals?

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