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Questions for Couples: Travel II

How often do you like to travel? Do you like to get away for a night? How often?
Could you? How often do you need to leave for a weekend? How often would you like to get away for a weekend? How long is the weekend? How much do you spend on travel in a month/ year? Is there a formula for how much you would spend... i.e., 1/5 of your income or 1/10? Would you rather travel a lot while you are young, or travel more when you are retired and have more time? How do you feel about taking time off of work for travel? unpaid time?

How do you feel about traveling alone? with your spouse? without your spouse? How long would you be willing to be away from your spouse for the sake of a good vacation/ adventure? If you were traveling without your spouse who would you travel with? Would you take a vacation with married friends of your own gender? Would you take a vacation with married friends of the opposite gender? What about single friends? Would you travel with other married couples?

How do you think you would feel about traveling with your family? With your spouse, but not your kids? With your kids but not your spouse? Would you ever take a vacation with some of your kids but not others? How much of a vacation do you think parents should pay for? Would you ever treat a relative to a vacation? What about a friend? a stranger?

What is your idea of a great vacation?

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