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Questions for Couples: Shopping

How do you feel about shopping?
Do you like to shop for some things more than for others?
Do you like to shop with coupons? Do you have a super cool system for organizing your coupons?
How far are you willing to travel for a 'good deal'?

Do you prefer to shop locally? How close is local?
Is it more important for you to save money, or to support local businesses?
If a nationwide chain has a store in your area, do you consider that a local purchase?
Do you buy a lot of things online? Do you like to buy new things or used things online?
How often do you buy things on Ebay?
How do you feel about online deal sites?
Would you 'like' something on Facebook to save a few bucks? Would you 'like' something for a possibility that you might save money on something in the future?

How do you feel about back to school shopping?
How do you feel about sewing your kids school clothes?
Do you favor or oppose school uniforms?
Do you think a parent or a child should pick the childs school clothes? Who should pay for school clothes?

Would you buy your child school clothes with pictures on them?
Would you buy your children clothes that have words on them?
What about clothes with witty sayings? What about sayings/ phrases that you may not understand?
What about clothes with characters from video games? tv shows? historical figures?

What would you do if you child wanted to wear something that you felt had an inappropriate message?
What if you felt it was not modest enough? What if you thought it was ugly? What about something that you thought might get them teased? A Darth Vader Helmet?

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