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Questions for Couples: Pets VII

Have you ever had a pet throw up in your house? In a hard to find location? Was it your shoes? How would you clean up throw up from a pet? would you make someone else clean it up? What are your thoughts on hairballs? Ever had one?

Does it bother you when you find pet hair on your clothes? in your food? on furniture? would you rather have furniture that hides pet hair, or that shows it (so you know where to not sit)?  What do you think is the best way to get pet hair off of things?

Do you think pets should get gifts? for their birthday? for your birthday? for major holidays? for columbus day? Should pets get gifts when it's not a holiday? would you wrap their gifts? would you expect your pet to open the wrapping? Do you ever give gifts from your pets? to yourself? To friends? to family members? to other peoples pets?  Do you give gifts to other peoples pets?

Would you ever throw a party for a pet? Do you get emotionally attached to your pets? Would you have a funeral? would you be disappointed if other people didn't attend? how many people would you want there?

Do you prefer animals that are noisy or quiet? Do you like dogs that bark? Do you prefer a good loud and deep bark or a yappy little bark? Would it bother you if your pet barked at night? what if someone else's pet made a lot of noise, would it matter what time of day it was when the animals were making their noise? How do you feel about roosters? Would your feelings change over time? how much time?

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