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Questions for Couples: Excercise II

Why do you excerise?
Do you prefer to exercise in the morning? at night? So late that no one else is awake?

Can a person exercise too much? How much is enough?

Do you like to compete against others while exercising? Do you like to compete as a team while exercising? Do you compete with yourself? Do you track your exercise? Do you feel like you are making progress?

Do you warm up before exercise? Do you stretch after you excercise? Is that your favorite part? Have you ever thrown up during a workout? After? Before? Do you enjoy certain types of exercise more than others? Do you prefer to exercise inside? outside? 

What do you think of Yoga? How many positions do you know? Do you do Pilates? Calisthenics? Aerobics? Plyometrics? Kickboxing? Weight lifting? How much can you lift each way? Have you ever done Insanity?  Heard of it? How about P90X? Did you buy the DVD... try it once and then put it on your shelf and never think of it again? Have you ever tried circuit training? Interval training? HITT?  Are you the kind of person that always thinks those infomercials for different exercise programs sound really good? So you buy a lot of them, but don't actually use them as much as you think you should?

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