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Questions for Couples: Perks of Work

If you had to go on a trip for work would you take your spouse? What if you took a lot of trips for work would you want to take your spouse? Would you feel it was fair to take work trips without your spouse? What if your trips had a recreational element to them? What if you got a nice trip as a bonus or reward and you could take a second person if you paid for them but you didn't have a lot of money? Would you be jealous if your spouse was taking trips without you? what if your spouse got to eat at fancy restaurants on their trips?

Do you ever have to do something really hard for work... like go golfing? If your work requires or allows you to do something that you enjoy is it really work? If you were the sole breadwinner in the family would you want your spouse to be able to participate in an equal amount of enjoyable activities? Even if your activities were for work?

Do you ever go out to eat when you are working? Do you work at Google and have gourmet restaurants on your campus? If you get to eat out for work is it fair for your spouse to eat at home all the time? What if it's not convenient for you to eat at home? Are you willing to brown bag it sometimes?

If you get a bonus at work is that bonus money for the whole family, or is that money to be used at your discretion? What about a year end or christmas bonus would that be the same? What if your company had a big Christmas party every year, and at that party they had a really nice selection of Presents (or year end prizes or awards) like big-screen tvs, and iPads and blenders (not one of those cheapo blenders but a lean mean Ice-crushing machine) who would have the most say in which year end bonus... or present you got?

How would you feel if your work required you to buy certain outfits or uniforms? what if they provided them for you? Would you feel like your spouse was entitled to a new outfit for each outfit you got? how would you new clothes needed for work with other new clothes? Do you think new clothes are fun? even if they are for work? What if your work required really fancy clothes like tuxedos and ball gowns, would that be fun for you or would you find that annoying? If you had to wear a tuxedo for work would you perhaps fancy yourself as 007? and if people listened closely do you think they would hear you humming the James bond theme song?

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