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Questions for Couples: Sports

What do you think about your kids playing sports? How many would you let them play?
Is it better to be great at one sport, or good at a lot of them? What would be good reasons for your kids to play sports? What might be good reasons why you wouldn't want your kids to play sports?

Who would make the decision to play a sport? you or them?  What if your kid wanted to stop a sport after a year would you let them? What if they wanted to stop after just a few weeks? a few days?

What lessons would you want your kids to learn from sporting activities? Would money be a significant factor in how many sports your kids could participate in? How would you work your kids sports in to your schedule? would you take them to practices? would you watch their practices? Would you go to their games/ events? how far would you be willing to travel to watch you kids in a sport? How often would you make that journey?

Would you want to coach your kids in sports? Would you coach your kids even if your weren't officially the coach? Do you think everyone should get a trophy? Would your tell your kid they were a great athlete even if they weren't? Would you tell them they were great even if you knew they could do better? Are you more likely to praise your child for athletic activity, or give them substantial "constructive criticism?" At a sporting event are you more likely to yell at the coach, the ref, the opposing players, players on your team, or your own kid?

Is badminton a sport?

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