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Special Edition: Date Ideas - Winter

Dating can be a valuable part of any relationship.
It is not always the easiest part of a relationship, but nevertheless it can be very valuable. Because dating can be useful for people who are not yet in relationships, as well as for people that have long established relationships I have decided to add a bonus section to this blog... Date Ideas
(Ok I was also persuaded by the overwhelming support in the recent survey, the votes were split on how best to add, them, but a strong majority voted in favor of having some date ideas).

Here are some ideas for dates that could happen in the wintertime.

1. Attend a local concert, there are usually a lot of them around this time of year, and with a good selection  in both type and wallet friendly-ness you can probably find one that you'll like.

2. Pick your favorite restaurant and order two bowls of soup... to go, most restaurants will actually give you soup to go, and you won't need a reservation if you're not staying.

3. Take a sleigh ride.

4. Go sledding.

5. Ice skating is a great activity, if you have some place you can do it.

6. Build snow forts, or snow men, or other fun creations.

7. Have a snowball fight... this can be a lot of fun, but can also go south very quickly, may not be right for everyone.

8. Go to the library and read picture books to each other.

9. Visit a freedom wall, and actually read the messages found there.

10. Make pizza together (Pillsbury's 'Rustic French Bread' makes an excellent crust).

11. Take a public transportation 'tour' of the city, who knows the bus driver might even have some interesting tidbits about some of the things you pass every day.

12. Play museum bingo. Make a list of things you might see in a local museum, then arrange a few bingo cards and see who can find their items first.

13. Attend a fireside talk, or a lecture (preferably one that you expect to be really good).

14. Find your favorite neighborhood of Christmas decorations and take some time to enjoy them.

15. Set up a lemonade stand, Ok... so maybe nobody will buy your lemonade, but I can almost guarantee that your date will never forget it.

Questions for Couples: Holidays

What is your favorite holiday? and why is it your favorite?
Are there any holidays that you don't like? What are they? and why?

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
Are there certain foods that you have to have on Thanksgiving?
Do you make any part of your thanksgiving meal?
What's your favorite kind of pie?
Strange, I feel like pie, do you feel like pie?

Do you celebrate Christmas? What day do you celebrate it?
Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? The Epiphany?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
What do you call him? Santa Claus? Saint Nicholas? Father Christmas? Kris Kringle? Something else?

What will you teach your children about Santa Claus?
How will you handle it if someone tells them that he doesn't exist?
Do you think a parent should be the one to have this discussion with their children?
Do you think it would be better with one parent or two? At what age do you think this discussion should be held?

When can you start listening to Christmas music?
Can you listen to Christmas music at other times of the year?
When do you get out your Christmas decorations?
When do you take them down?
Do you prefer a real Christmas Tree or a fake tree?
What kind (shape or type) of Christmas tree do you like best?
Do you cut your own Christmas Trees?
How much would you pay for a Christmas tree?
Do you like a flocked tree or one that is more 'natural'?

Questions for Couples (Advanced): Children

Advanced questions are questions that might be important to discuss, but may not be the kind of thing that would work on say, a first date for instance.
A few of these are being reprinted from an earlier posting

How do you feel about children?
Do you want to have children?
Do you know how many children you want to have?
How will you/ did you decide how many you want?
Who will ultimately decide how many children you have?

When would you like to have children?
Do you think you should be married first?
Do you think that there should be a waiting period after you get married?
How far apart would you like to space your kids?
How will you decide when to stop having kids?

What methods would you be willing to use to affect the number of kids you have?
Would you use condoms? Birth control medications? Timing? Abstinence?

Would you consider surgery as a method to control the number of children you have?
Would you be more open to surgery for you or for your spouse?
Are there other ideas that you would pursue to effect the number of kids you have?

Would you be more likely to stop having kids if you had a child born with some handicaps? Would you be more likely to have more?

Would you be interested in raising twins? Triplets? sextuplets? Do you have a history of twins in your family? Would you give them cute rhyming names?

If you had twins would you be interested in having more kids?
If you have a good chance of having twins would you keep going until you got some?
Would you keep having kids in order to get a son/ daughter?
Do you think the number of children you have of each sex is important?
Do you think there is any way to influence what gender your children are?
Would you try to influence the gender of your children if you could?
Are you the kind of person who wants to know what gender your kids are going to have before they are born? Does it make a difference if it is your first child?
Do you want to pick your kids names before they are born, or after you see them?
Would you be willing to genetically engineer/modify/protect your children if you could?

Questions for Couples: Service

Do you like serving other people?
Do you let other people serve you? Are you happy about it?
What if somebody does something for you that you can do yourself?
How would you react if somebody did something for you that you didn't want done?

Would you rake your neighbors leaves for them? Would you do it without them asking?
Do you know your neighbors?
Would you shovel their sidewalks in the winter?
Would you shovel their walks before or after you shoveled your own?
Would it change things if you had a snowblower?
Would you use this as a reason to get a snowblower?
What if you could shovel the sidewalks with a four wheeler?
Would you hire someone to do a job that you could do if you knew they needed the money?
Do you think it is service if you get paid to do it?

What is your favorite service project you've been involved with?
What is your least favorite kind of service?
Is it easier for you to serve people that you do know or people that you don't know?
Are you the kind of person who is more likely to plan a service project, or the kind to help someone else carry out their plans?
Do you like occasional, but large service projects? or small but frequent acts of service?
Do you like service that you can do by yourself? Or do you prefer to work in a group?
Do you like your service to be Anonymous? or do you like to be able to interact with the people you are serving?

Have you ever made food for a funeral? Was it those tasty potatoes?
Do you take food to your neighbors when they have a baby?
Would you offer to tend your neighbors kids? What about your nieces or nephews?