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Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks IV

Do you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from riding any type of rides at an amusement park or carnival? have you ever passed out on a ride? Would you tell people you were with if you had a medical condition that limited the rides you could ride? what if the condition was self-diagnosed? Would you ever fake a medical condition to get out of riding a ride? Would you try to convince someone to go on a ride that they didn't want to? What might be good reasons to persuade someone to ride something they didn't want to?

Do you like to play the games on the midway? Do you think these games are more luck or skill? Have you ever won anything from one of these games? would you keep playing a game to win bigger and better prizes? Do you know the secret to any of these games? If an amusement park also had a miniature golf course would you take time out of your trip to play it? what if there was a basketball court? volleyball? Would you be more or less likely to play these games if they cost more money?

How do you feel about museums in amusement parks? Do you like to visit the historic village part of a theme park? How much time would you spend in this part of a park? what if that was the main attraction, would you be interested? Do you have any traditions from visiting these kinds of places? Do you like to get dressed up in 1800s clothes and take an old time photo? Do you like to buy a sepia colored photo whenever you visit these parks? Would you pay for a photo on other rides, like the log flume? Do you think it is fun to do funny things when you know your photo is about to be taken? Do you like to visit those photo booths? Are you good at coming up with a series of poses for a photo booth?

Would you buy other souvenirs from a trip to an amusement park? Are you more likely to buy souvenirs to remind you of your trip or would you buy souvenirs as gifts for people who couldn't be there with you? Do you have a favorite souvenir that you like to buy?  How much would you be willing to spend on a souvenir from a theme park?

Would you ever pack you own lunch with you to an amusement park? Would you store it somewhere or take it with you? in a backpack? Would you leave your lunch in a cooler in your car? would you eat your lunch in the parking lot? Do you like amusement park food? Do you prefer amusement parks that have their own restaurants or ones that have locations for a few national chains? Do you think it is outrageous how much they charge for food at amusement parks? Do you have any food traditions when you visit an amusement park? Does your tradition involve pineapple? or chocolate covered bananas?

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