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Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

If you could pick any 5 stores to spend time in what would you pick? What are your favorite stores to buy things from? What makes them your favorite?
What are your top five favorite restaurants? What do you like about them? What do you look for in a restaurant? What turns you off in a restaurant?
Do you have favorite hotel chains? or hotels? What are your primary factors in choosing where to stay?

If you could drive any car in the world what would you pick? Why? What are the top five cars you would like to own? Why would you pick them?
What is your ideal type/size of city? Is there a specific city you would like to live in? Is it underground?
What are the five states that you would like to live in the most? Why?
If you could live in any other country in the world what one(s) would you pick?
What if you could live on any planet?

What are your favorite leisure activities? What are your favorite things to do at home? someone elses home? not at a home?
What are your five favorite foods? Favorite snacks? Are your favorite snacks different if no one is looking?
What are your top five current TV shows? All-time favorite TV shows?

What are your favorite clothing brands? least favorite clothing brands?
Is it favorite or favourite?
What are your favorite types of fairs, expos, or festivals?
What is your favorite "fair food"?
What are your five favorite types of flowers?
What were your favorite classes in School? What were your least favorite?
Who were your favorite teachers? and why?

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