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Questions for Couples (Advanced): Anger II

These questions are advanced. They are questions that could be very valuable as a relationship progresses, but may be good to save until there is a relationship.

When you were growing up did it seem like a lot of people were angry? were you angry as a child? Who was the person in your life most likely to get angry while you were growing up? What happened when your mom got angry when you were younger? How angry did she get? What kind of things made her angry? How often was she angry? What happened when your dad got angry growing up? How angry did he get? How often was he angry? What kind of things made him angry? Did any of your siblings get very angry? Do you ever notice yourself getting angry about the same kinds of things that your family got angry about? Do you react in similar ways when you are angry as others in your family act?  How do people in your family deal with their anger? How do you react when other people get angry? Has seeing anger in others or yourself ever caused you to change how you think about things, or how you deal with unpleasant situations? What kind of changes have you made with regards to anger in your life?

What do you do when you get angry? Have you ever broken anything when you were angry? Do you throw things when you're angry? Do you yell? Do you swear? If you swear do you direct your swearing specifically at the person you are angry at? Do you ever use weapons when you are angry?
What do you do to cope with your anger? how long does it usually take you to calm down?

Have you ever been to see a professional because of your anger? Was it court ordered? Have you ever been angry enough that your actions caused someone else to seek medical help? Have you ever had a restraining order? Have you ever been to an anger management support group? Voluntarily? Do you find it useful? What is the one thing that helps you avoid anger the most?

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