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Questions for Couples: Whose job is it anyway?

There are a lot of things that need to be done in any household. These questions pertain to some of the things that need to be done, and how you will divide the tasks you may have. With these questions you may want to see whose responsibility (primarily) a task will be. If you want to share a task, how will that be done? What about your kids? What role will they play? And what if your circumstances are not as you plan? How will you handle those situations?

Who gets to mow the lawn? What about edging it? Who will weed the garden? Is the same person responsible for the vegetable garden and the flower garden? do yo want to grow your own vegetables? and flowers?

Who will be in charge of bringing home the bacon? But seriously, there is going to be some bacon right? Who will set the budget? Who will balance the checkbook/ accounts? Who will pay the bills? And if bill pay is automatic, who gets to set that up? Who will buy the insurance? What kinds of insurance will you have? Who will buy the food? Who is in charge of buying clothes?

Who will do the driving? Who will buy the gas? Who will be in charge of automobile purchasing? Maintenance? Who decides when the car needs someone more experienced?

Who will drive the kids to school? How do you feel about buses? Who will take the kids to athletic activities? other activities? music lessons?

Who is in charge of making lunches? What about bread? rolls? cinnamon rolls? Who will cook the other meals?

Who will feed the animals? who will name the animals? wait how many animals did you want again? Who will walk the dog(s)? Who will kill unwanted creatures (i.e.; insects and things)?

Who will feed the baby? in the middle of the night? Who will change the diapers? in the middle of the night? Who will put the baby down to sleep?

Who is in charge of disciplining the children? good cop / bad cop, or all one team? Who will go to parent teacher conferences? The principals office? Who will be responsible for family worship? Family prayer? Who will plan special family outings? Vacations? Date night? Who will get the baby sitter?

Who will buy the toiletries? who will bathe the kids? who will braid their hair? who will pick out ticks? what about lice?

Who will clean the house? Who will clean the bathrooms? Who will scrub the toilets? what about tile and grout? Who replaces the toilet paper?

Who will do the dusting? Who will sweep the floors? who will do the mopping? Vacuuming? Is there a certain order in which you like these to be done?

Who is in charge of home repairs? What about home decor? Who is in charge of picking up the mail? Who will pick the family doctors? who will take people to the doctors?

These questions were collected in I class I was in.

Questions for Couples: Games

Does your family have any gaming traditions?
Do you like to play games?
What types of games do you play? Board games? Video games? Card games?
Large group games? Word games? Role-playing games? Solitaire games?
What is your favorite Solitaire game?

Do you play Computer games? What kind?
Farmville? Halo? Sims? Second Life? Tetris?
Do you have strong feelings about first person Shooter games?
Does your feeling about these games change if you are fighting monsters?
Aliens? Fictional Characters? the undead?

Do you have a video game system? How many do you have?
What kind is it? What do you like to play on it?
How often do you like to play?
Do you expect me to play with you?
Will you let me play with you?

Do you have accessories for your game systems? Which ones do you have?

What games did you play as a child?
Are you addicted to any games? are you sure?
What is your best score on Minesweeper?

Do you play games with face cards? why or why not?
Do you like to play poker? Black Jack? something else?
Do you like to gamble? how good are you at these things?
How often do you play?
How much $$$ will you spend? How much have you won?
Where do you do it?

Do you have any monthly subscriptions to be able to play any games?
Do you have any other monthly subscriptions to services, magazines, or
entertainment? What are they? How attached are you to them?