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Questions for Couples: Sleep II

Do you like to sleep on the right side of the bed or the left? center? diagonally? upside down?
Have you ever turned upside down while you sleep?

Do you like a hard bed / firm bed or a soft one? How do you feel about waterbeds?
What about other specialty beds? Air mattresses?
Do you sleep with a pillow? Multiple pillows? A body pillow? A body double?
How do you feel about sleeping with pets? How do you feel about sleeping with kids?

Do you like to sleep with a lot of blankets? A special blanket? Do you like to sleep with the covers on or off? Do you prefer to have your covers tucked in? Do you kick off your covers in the night?

Do you talk in your sleep? Walk in your sleep? Impersonate Elvis?
Do you sleep in your socks? Big fuzzy socks?
Would it bother you if your spouse put their cold feet on you while sleeping?
What about their big fuzzy socks?

Do you hit or kick in your sleep? Would you forgive your spouse if  they hit you while sleeping? Would you feel they were justified if they were having a bad dream? How would you resolve the situation if your spouse was accidentally hitting you in the night?

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Richard C. Lambert said...

Frankly, I was amazed to discover these great 'attachable' blankets. How I wish they had made these when my kids were babies! No more worrying that the babies are getting cold in the night from kicking off their covers. Such a smart idea!

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