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Questions for Couples: Halloween III

Do you have special Halloween traditions? Do you throw a Halloween party? Do you go to Halloween parties? Do you decorate for Halloween? Is it kind of absurd how much you decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any special Halloween foods that you like? Chili/ Soup in Bread-bowls? Donuts?

Do you ever attend a church service for All Hallow's eve? Do you light candles? Do you visit the graves of loved ones who have passed on? Do you have any special foods that you eat for Halloween? Do you avoid meat for this holiday?

How do you feel about bobbing for apples? Are you good at it? What is your favorite pumpkin flavored food? Do you decorate pumpkins for Halloween? Do you prefer to carve a pumpkin or add stuff to it, like markers or paint? Do you prefer traditional Jack-o'-lanterns, or would you rather carve a fancy design or scene into one? Do you light your pumpkin with a candle or a light bulb? Do you think it is best to put the candle in through the top or the bottom of the pumpkin? Do you know what a pumpkin walk is? Have you ever been to a pumpkin walk that was so awesome you wanted to do it again every single year?

How do you feel about haunted houses? Do you prefer the kind that are really scary? Do you like the ones where you have to touch crazy things? What about the ones where people touch you? Do you have a Holiday tradition of visiting a corn maze? Do you prefer haunted corn mazes or regular ones? Are you good at corn mazes?

How do you react to surprises? Are you super clingy when you're frightened? Would you rather be the leader or the follower?

Do you like to tell scary stories? Are you any good at it? Do you like to hear scary stories? Do you like horror films? Do you prefer slashers, or psychological thrillers? Abbot and Costello? Scooby Doo?

How do you feel about Halloween pranks? How do you feel about pranks in general? What was the last prank you played on someone? Have you ever been in a prank war? Does anyone ever win a prank war, or does everybody kind of lose?

Questions for Couples: Divorce

Have you ever been through an annulment or divorce? Have you been married before? How many times? Are you currently married? If you have been married, how long has it been since your divorce or annulment was legally finalized?

What attracted you to your spouse? What did your spouse like most about you? How did you meet your former spouse? How long did you date them? how long were you engaged?  How long were you married?

Were there any warning signs that things might not work out before you got married? How did your spouse outweigh or overcome those warning signs? Did any of your friends or family express concerns before you got married? Was there anything that anybody could have said that would have changed your mind?

Did you ask for the divorce or did they? Was there a separation before the divorce? Who did you counsel with or consult with before you got divorced? Did you got through couples counseling? Did you seek individual counselling?

Do you ever regret getting divorced? Do you regret getting married? What positive things have you learn from your former relationships? What are the most useful things you have learned? What would you do differently with your next relationship?

Questions for Couples: Pets VI

Do you think pet owners should be responsible for cleaning up their pets poop? or are you more of the finders-keepers mentality? Would you train a pet to use poop in certain places? at certain times? What would you do if a pet pooped in your house? do you expect pets poop in your house? I mean they are only animals, we're the sophisticated ones, we can clean it up, right? Would you allow pets to use a sandbox as a restroom? would you then allow kids to use that sandbox? Do you think it is best to clean up your animals waste as soon as it happens? or is it better to give it a chance to solidify?  Would you let your yard, or a portion of your yard be used for your pets to put their waste? How much waste would you let accumulate before you removed it? would you clean up excess animal poo before a party? If friends were coming over? if family was coming? kids?

Should pet owners clean up their pets poop if they are walking them? What would you do if your pet pooped in someone else's yard? would it matter how you felt about that person? Do you carry things with you to pick up your pets waste? What if your pet went to the bathroom in someones yard but you didn't have anything with you to clean it up? After you pick up your pets waste, what do you do with it? Are there places where you would clean up your pets messes, and other places where you wouldn't?

Have you ever had an animal pee in your house? What if you knew an animal had peed in your house, but couldn't tell exactly where? Would you put in hardwood floors or tile so it wouldn't matter as much if your animals went to the bathroom on it? Do you think cat pee is one of the worst smells on earth? Have you ever walked into a house and said "whoa, pets live here don't they?"

Questions for Couples: Icebreakers

If you could play any sport with any person who would you pick to play with? Would you rather play against them or on the same team? Would you rather play a sport they were frequently associated with or something that was not their specialty?

What are three words that you would use to describe yourself? What words do other people use to describe you? If other people describe you differently than you describe yourself, why do you think there is a difference there? If I was to ask all the people you know to tell me about you, who do you think would give you the strongest recommendation? What would they say?

If you could win any prize in the world what would you pick? Do you have your speech already written? What would you wear to the awards ceremony?

What is one of the most interesting things that you have done in the last year? What is one of the most interesting things you have done in the last ten years? What is one thing you would try if you knew it would not fail? Is there anything that you would do, even if you knew you would fail?
If you could have complete assurance that you would succeed in one thing what would you pick?

What was your favorite thing to do as a child? as a teenager? in college? What is your favorite thing to do now?

Who was your favorite person to spend time with as a child? as a teenager? in college? now? Why did you enjoy spending time with them? If you could pick one famous person to have as a friend or a pen-pal who would you pick? and why?

Questions for Couples: Pets V

Would you give your pets free reign of the house? Would you give them their own room? Maybe partial custody of a room like the laundry room or a bathroom? Would you let your dog sleep in your bed? Even if this prevented you from getting a good nights rest? Would you get up in the middle of the night to let your pet out of the house to go potty? Would you put your pets in their own structures outside the house? Would you build them a mansion? with working power? and a tv?
Do you think dog houses should have windows in them? With glass windows that open and close?

Would you ever send your dog to a kennel? If you were going out of town would you be more likely to put your dog in a place where they could play a lot? with individual attention? or would you look for a place specifically to feed them? would you take your own food to the caretakers? or would you rather find an all inclusive style lodging? What do you think about pet resorts? what about day-spas for pets? Would you look for lodging that would bathe your pet?

How often do you think pets should be washed? Is this in indoor or an outdoor activity? Have you ever been injured trying to clean an animal? Why do you think cats hate water so much? Do you think pets should be washed with soap, or is water enough? Would you brush your pets teeth? Would you get them a dentist? Do you think it is best to wash all your pets at once or do you need a break and time to recover after one or two?

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks IV

Do you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from riding any type of rides at an amusement park or carnival? have you ever passed out on a ride? Would you tell people you were with if you had a medical condition that limited the rides you could ride? what if the condition was self-diagnosed? Would you ever fake a medical condition to get out of riding a ride? Would you try to convince someone to go on a ride that they didn't want to? What might be good reasons to persuade someone to ride something they didn't want to?

Do you like to play the games on the midway? Do you think these games are more luck or skill? Have you ever won anything from one of these games? would you keep playing a game to win bigger and better prizes? Do you know the secret to any of these games? If an amusement park also had a miniature golf course would you take time out of your trip to play it? what if there was a basketball court? volleyball? Would you be more or less likely to play these games if they cost more money?

How do you feel about museums in amusement parks? Do you like to visit the historic village part of a theme park? How much time would you spend in this part of a park? what if that was the main attraction, would you be interested? Do you have any traditions from visiting these kinds of places? Do you like to get dressed up in 1800s clothes and take an old time photo? Do you like to buy a sepia colored photo whenever you visit these parks? Would you pay for a photo on other rides, like the log flume? Do you think it is fun to do funny things when you know your photo is about to be taken? Do you like to visit those photo booths? Are you good at coming up with a series of poses for a photo booth?

Would you buy other souvenirs from a trip to an amusement park? Are you more likely to buy souvenirs to remind you of your trip or would you buy souvenirs as gifts for people who couldn't be there with you? Do you have a favorite souvenir that you like to buy?  How much would you be willing to spend on a souvenir from a theme park?

Would you ever pack you own lunch with you to an amusement park? Would you store it somewhere or take it with you? in a backpack? Would you leave your lunch in a cooler in your car? would you eat your lunch in the parking lot? Do you like amusement park food? Do you prefer amusement parks that have their own restaurants or ones that have locations for a few national chains? Do you think it is outrageous how much they charge for food at amusement parks? Do you have any food traditions when you visit an amusement park? Does your tradition involve pineapple? or chocolate covered bananas?

Questions for Couples: As seen on TV

There are a lot of shows on TV where couples can hash out their issues, How do you feel about these kinds of shows?

Some of these questions are about some of these shows, some of the questions are inspired by them.

Would you ever go on a tv show to compete against a friend or family member? Would you ever go on tv as a family or couple to compete against others? Would you go on a tv show with somebody who wasn't a family member? What types of tv shows do you think you would be most likely to try out for? How would you deal with things on a tv show that may not be in perfect harmony with your personal beliefs?  Pick three tv shows, and your own team: How well do you think your team would do on those shows?

Is it more important to know who is right or that you are right? How important is it for you to win the argument? Would you ever go on TV to solve an argument? Would you go if they offered some incentive? Would it matter how big the incentive was? Would you plan to participate in a television show about your relationship without telling your significant other?

Do you believe in a "soul mate?" Would you consider having a pet preserved after death? Would you then display your stuffed pet in a public place? If you did have a pet preserved would you want them to look like they were asleep, or awake?

Would you ever keep a memento from a former spouse or significant other? Would your answer be the same if that person had passed away? would you keep their artificial leg? what about their ashes?

How would you deal with conflicts that might arise during the production of a show? What about moral issues? If you had a commitment to be a part of something, would you ever break it? If you were the guest on a show, would you stay the whole time no matter what? What would it take to make you leave? What would it take for you to quit a show that you were significant part of? What if the show was specifically about you? Would it be a problem for you if you wanted to leave a show, but you had friends or family that still wanted to participate? What if you wanted to participate, but your friends or family members wanted to bail?

Would you ever "invite" a friend to moderate an argument for you? Would you accept and abide by their decision? even if they said you were wrong?

Questions for Couples: Pets IV

Would you buy your pets the cheapest food you could? What about fancy pet food? Organic pet food? Would you buy your pets better food than you eat yourself? Dry aged prime beef? Do you prefer Dry pet food? Canned pet food? Refrigerated pet food?  Do you think pet food smells bad? Would you ever eat pet food? On a dare? Or if you were really hungry? Have you ever eaten pet food? Was it any good? Would you feed your pets the same things that you eat? If your pet started eating from your cereal bowl would you finish your meal? Would you share a spoon with a pet?

Do you know what foods are not good for your pets? Would you ever feed a dog chocolate? Would you give your pet Cheese? Peanut Butter? Ice Cream? Do you think it is good or bad for a pet to drink from a toilet?

How many pets would you like to own? If one pet died would you instantly replace it? How many pets would you own at the same time? If your pet had babies how long would you keep them? would you keep them all? Would you sell baby animals? would you give them away? would you take them into the countryside and "set them free?"

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks III

Would kids make your amusement park experience better or worse? Do you like rides built specifically for kids? What would you do if a kid in your group wasn't tall enough to ride some of the rides? Do you like "terror rides?" Do you think they were scarier when you were a kid?

Have you ever finished a ride and then reentered the line for that same ride? Do you like to ride the same ride over and over again? is it better to go through the whole park and then come back to some of your favorite rides or to re-ride some of the good rides while you are there?

What are some of your favorite rides at amusement parks? What are some of your least favorite? Are there rides that are better than you expected them to be? Are there rides that you didn't like as much as you thought you would? Do you think some rides get hyped too much? Have you created a ride-value to line length matrix to determine which rides give the best bang for the buck?

How long of a line are you willing to wait in? What do you think about express lines? Do you know how to get express passes? Do you think people with small children should get better lines? what about large groups? What about veterans? Handicapped people? Have you ever tried to "Beat the system?" Have you ever waited in the wrong line? Would you leave the line if you got to the front, but found out that it was for the wrong ride? Does the length of the line help you determine which rides to ride? or when you ride them? Would you ride a water ride early in the morning or late at night if it had a short line? even if that meant you might be cold for a while afterward?