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Questions for Couples: Divorce Part II

Some more questions to think about when there has been a divorce.

Do you have any kids from a previous relationship? Do you have kids from multiple relationships? How many kids have you had? If you have kids who has custody of them? What are your custody arrangements? How often are there visitations? How do you arrange visitations? Do you have to meet in a neutral location?

Do you have any monetary obligations to former spouses or children? If so, How much do you pay and how often do you pay it? 
Was infidelity a factor in your divorce? Did your partner do things that you felt were unfaithful? Did you do things that your partner considered unfaithful?  What types of infidelity occurred? How often did it occur?

If you did things that your partner considered unfaithful did you talk to your partner about them? If so how did those conversations go? Who would start the conversations? And what have you done to help you be a better companion in the future? What have you learned from your relationship about being faithful?

What is your current relationship with your previous spouse? How do you treat each other? Do either of you still hold thoughts of getting back together? Since your break up have you had any physical relations of any type with your prior spouse? How do you feel about hugs or kisses from (or to) your ex? Could you see your physical relationship with your ex changing in the future? What would you say your ideal relationship with your ex would be for you moving forward?

Have you ever had a restraining order requested against you? Have you ever requested a restraining order for your former spouse? (or for anybody else)?

How is your relationship with your former in-laws? How was your relationship with them when you were married?   If you have kids with your former spouse, they probably have a parent (or parents) and other relatives on the other side of their family, how do you help your kids to have healthy relationships with both sides of their relatives? Do your kids spend time with their grandparents? Do you still see your in-laws? Do you ever attend family functions with that side of the family? Are you expected to attend certain functions?

What are the most important lessons that you have learned from your previous relationships?
What kinds of things are you willing to work on to help you to have a better relationship in the future? 

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