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Questions for Couples: As seen on TV

There are a lot of shows on TV where couples can hash out their issues, How do you feel about these kinds of shows?

Some of these questions are about some of these shows, some of the questions are inspired by them.

Would you ever go on a tv show to compete against a friend or family member? Would you ever go on tv as a family or couple to compete against others? Would you go on a tv show with somebody who wasn't a family member? What types of tv shows do you think you would be most likely to try out for? How would you deal with things on a tv show that may not be in perfect harmony with your personal beliefs?  Pick three tv shows, and your own team: How well do you think your team would do on those shows?

Is it more important to know who is right or that you are right? How important is it for you to win the argument? Would you ever go on TV to solve an argument? Would you go if they offered some incentive? Would it matter how big the incentive was? Would you plan to participate in a television show about your relationship without telling your significant other?

Do you believe in a "soul mate?" Would you consider having a pet preserved after death? Would you then display your stuffed pet in a public place? If you did have a pet preserved would you want them to look like they were asleep, or awake?

Would you ever keep a memento from a former spouse or significant other? Would your answer be the same if that person had passed away? would you keep their artificial leg? what about their ashes?

How would you deal with conflicts that might arise during the production of a show? What about moral issues? If you had a commitment to be a part of something, would you ever break it? If you were the guest on a show, would you stay the whole time no matter what? What would it take to make you leave? What would it take for you to quit a show that you were significant part of? What if the show was specifically about you? Would it be a problem for you if you wanted to leave a show, but you had friends or family that still wanted to participate? What if you wanted to participate, but your friends or family members wanted to bail?

Would you ever "invite" a friend to moderate an argument for you? Would you accept and abide by their decision? even if they said you were wrong?