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Questions for Couples: Sports Fanaticism

Do you consider yourself a sports fanatic? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Do you wear your game-day colors for every game? most games? Does this change if you are going to be (or not going to be) at the actual game?

How many teams do you consistently root for? How did you pick your teams? How do you feel about rivalry games? Are there teams that you hate? Does this make you more likely or less likely to attend? to watch on TV?

Do you get emotionally involved in sports? Does it matter who is playing? What kind of things in sports make you angry? What kinds of things make you happy? Have you ever watched a game and had it put you in a bad mood? How long does that mood last? more than an hour? does it ruin your day? often?  Do you let the outcome of sporting events affect your life? Do you ever take out your frustrations from a game, on somebody else? in traffic? Do you feel like your family member suffer in any way because of your involvement with sports? Do they agree with you on this?

Have you ever painted your chest for a game?  face? would you? If you painted your chest (or a t-shirt or face with a message, what would you say? Would it be easy or hard to find people to be part of your message? what would you do if somebody had to go get a hot dog? What if they had to leave the game for an emergency? Does the stadium running out of milk duds constitute an emergency?

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