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Memorial Day Special: Questions for Couples

When you think of Memorial Day what do you think?
Do you celebrate Memorial Day?
Do you visit a cemetery?
Do you visit multiple cemeteries?
Do you have to visit every cemetery where you have relatives?
Do you think of Memorial Day as a day to celebrate anyone who is no longer living? Anyone who has served in the military? Specifically those died in the civil war?
How do you feel about veterans?
How do you feel about the military?

Do you take flowers to graves? If yes what kind of flowers? Does the type of flower matter to you? Does the color of flower matter to you? Would you take fake flowers to a grave? Would you take flowers from another's grave?
Do you like to go early to clean headstones?
Have you ever lost someone close to you?
How many grandparents do you have living?
Do you know where all of your relatives are buried?
Is Memorial Day more about those who have past on or those that you are with?
Does Memorial Day make you sad?
Would you fly a flag for memorial day?
When you visit a cemetery do you prefer to know where you are going, or to wander until you find your relatives?
How do you feel about walking through cemeteries?
Are there places that you won't walk?
Would you sit on a headstone?
Do you have feelings about hats in a cemetery?
Do you know what a dirge is? do you have any feelings about them?

Do you have any other memorial day traditions?
Barbeques? Picnics? Softball games? Camping?
Does Memorial Day = Watermelon? Can you pick a good watermelon?

Questions for Couples: Homes

What type of house would you prefer to live in?
Would you live in a trailer park?
Would you live in a mobile home? not in a trailer park?
How do you feel about manufactured homes? what about manufactured homes on land that you do not own?
Would you live in a condominium? What about a Town Home?
How do you feel about starter homes?
Would you prefer to buy a house or build one?

Would you buy a home if it needed repairs?
Would you buy an old house? how old?
How much repairs are you willing to do on a home?
How handy are you?
Would you want to fix your house yourself? or would you rather hire people to do it.
How do you feel about living in a house while it is being worked on.
Carpet? Tile? Hardwood floors? Linoleum? What are you talking about... I prefer dirt.
Same question a) for bathrooms b) for the kitchen c) Bedrooms d) other rooms
How do you feel about rugs? what if they are on your head?
Do you prefer plush carpets? or something more solid?

Would you prefer to decorate the house yourself? or hire someone to do it?
Who is in charge of the decorations?
What do you think of two-toned walls?
How do you feel about wallpaper? what about textured walls?
How do you feel about carpeted walls?
How do you feel about paneling?
Are you very decisive on these types of things?
Do you like crown molding? floor boards? have any preference?

How do you feel about pictures on your walls?
What type of things would you like to have pictures of?
How do you feel about family pictures around the house?
Do you prefer photographs? lithographs? original paintings? prints? other?
Would you rather hang artwork by family and friends, or by professional artists?
Do you prefer pictures with recognizable subjects, or do you prefer abstract works?
Do you like to decorate rooms on a theme? what about the whole house?
How do you feel about antlers? taxidermy? other trophies?
Do you think of guns as something you want displayed?
What kind of things would you display?
Do you collect anything? is it beanie babies?
How would you display things? Do you like curios? cabinets? objects on furniture? hanging things on the walls? hanging things from the ceiling?
How do you feel about nails in the walls? what about stick-tak? what about tape? does it matter what kind of tape?
Do you prefer to hang pictures at eye level or some other height?
Whose eye would you level it to?

Do you like a single level house? a multi -level house?
If you want a multi- level how many levels do you want?
How do you feel about multiple levels in one room?
Do you like basements? attics?
Do you like tall ceilings? how tall?
Do you like tall counter-tops? cabinets?

How many bathrooms do you need? how many do you want?
Are half baths ok?
Do you prefer a shower or a tub?
Do you prefer a single shower head or multiple one?
Do you prefer a movable shower head or a stationary one?
Do you prefer to have things in cabinets? or on counters?
What can you leave on the counter? or the floor?
Do you have any other bathroom preferences?

Do you want a separate dining area?
How do you feel about food outside the kitchen?
Curtains? blinds? both? neither? not significant?
What type of blinds do you like, if that is your choice?
Do you know about the magic cupboard?
How do you prefer to store your kitchen knives?

Do you think a tv should be in the living room? bedroom? bathroom? kitchen? every room?
What about radios?
What type of tv do you prefer?
What size tv do you want?
Do you care about surround sound?
How do you feel about intercoms?

Do you have a favorite type of energy?
Would you use (or avoid) wind power? natural gas? propane? electricity? solar panels? hydro-electric? gas powered- generators? oil? coal? wood-burning stoves?

Do you prefer natural light? sky lights? windows? Light bulbs?
What type of light bulbs do you prefer?
Are there any that you won't use?
Do you prefer bedroom windows to face a certain direction? Why?
Do you like lots of windows?
How do you feel about windows that don't open?