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Questions for Couples: Gifts

Do you think it is best to give home-made gifts? Edible home-made gifts? Store-bought gifts? Edible store-bought gifts? Money?

How do you feel about gift cards? Do you prefer gift cards to a specific store? which specific stores do you prefer?
Would you rather receive something home-made or store-bought? what about that kitten sweater that aunt Mable sends out every year?

How do you feel about clothes as gifts? Do you have to try things on before you get them? Would you rather your significant other give you clothes that they would like to see you in or clothes that you would like to wear?
How important is your style to you? would you wear something that you didn't like if it was a gift?

Do you think that couples should have a private stash of money to spend on gifts? Do you think couples should have separate accounts so that gifts still come as a surprise? Is it ok to keep your gifts a secret until you give them? Are you going to try to find out the secrets anyway? Are you going to try and try and try again? would it bother you if your 'secret gifts' were discovered?

Do you like to wrap your gifts? Are you good at wrapping presents? How do you feel about gift bags?
Do you think that each child's presents should share the same wrapping paper for quick identification?
Do you think that the name tag on a present should coordinate with the wrapping paper? Do you think presents need a name tag?
How do you feel about bows? How do you feel about ribbon?
Would you ever wrap your presents in Newspaper? What about in comics?
Would you then spend more time enjoying the comics than the presents?
Which comic is your favorite?

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