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Questions for couples: Charity

Do you prefer to donate directly to people or to trusted organizations? Would you rather give to people you know, or to people that you don't know? When helping out friends or family, what do you think is the best approach?  Do you give money to family members? would you prefer to lend money to someone in need or to give it to them? How much would you give/lend to a friend or family member?

Do you ever give money to strangers? How do you feel about panhandlers? Do you ever offer someone a job if their sign says will work for food? Would you ever offer them food? Do you prefer to get to know someone you are helping or to just give them what they need? Do you prefer to give people what they ask for or what you think they need?  Are there certain types of people you are more likely to help? Are there types of people you are less likely to help?  Do you feel badly if you try to help someone, but then see them making choices that you don't agree with?

Do you prefer to give people something that they ask for or would you offer something you thought they could use? Would you give them something they hadn't asked for, without waiting for them to agree? Are you more likely to try to help your friends and family members with money or something else? Would you give gift cards to Friends? Family members? Strangers? Would you give time? Would you give someone a job? Would you do work for someone in need at a reduced price? For free? Would you give someone in need gifts? Would you be more likely to give someone something new, or something that you already had, or were replacing? Appliances? How do you feel about gifting trees or secret santas?

If you had a million dollars that you had to spend on other people how would you spend it?
If you could set up a charitable foundation to do anything what would your mission be?
If you were leaving your fortune to a charity or a group of charities, which ones would you pick and why?