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Questions for Couples: Etiquette

When is it ok to pick out the lint from your belly button? What should you do with it? (and how did it get there?)
When is it ok to pick your teeth? when is it not ok? If it is ok to pick your teeth in public what is an acceptable implement of such picking? toothpick? finger? paper? cardboard? Plastic? Is it ok to floss in public?
What about brushing your teeth in public? Can you brush your teeth around other people? While walking? While on the phone?
Is it ok to shave in public? What about shaving your legs? What about guys shaving their legs in public?
What in your opinion the proper way to handle the passing of gas? Does it embarrass you?
Do you use an anti-perspirant? Do you use deodorant? Often? Daily? Do you prefer a deodorant with a strong smell? Is it ok to apply your deodorant in public? On a date?
How often do you shower? How often do you wash your hair?
Do you use mouthwash? Breathmints? A tongue scraper? Binaca?
What is your favorite type (or brand) of bad breath remedy?

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