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Questions for Couples: Auctions

What do you think about art auctions? Have you ever been to one? would you like to go to one in the future? Have you ever purchased anything at an art auction? What kind of art would you buy at one? Would you try to find something collectible? what about a print from a famous person? Thomas Kinkade? Would you rather have a print from a famous person or an original from someone you've never heard of? How do you feel about prints that are signed and numbered? What if they aren't?

How do you feel about silent Auctions? Blind auctions? Do you have a funny habit of scratching your nose at just the wrong time? Are you the type of person that would set a budget for yourself before attending an auction? Could you stick to your budget? 
Would you attend a charity Auction? Would you rather get a great deal at a charitable auction, or make a generous contribution? Would you be more likely to attend if it was highly publicized, or if it was by invitation only? Would you be more likely to buy something at a big public auction, or something more intimate... like a cub scout cake auction? Have you been to one of those... they get crazy. How much would you be willing to pay for a cake? Would you by the cake that is so fancy you're sure it was the model for one of those cooking magazines, or the one that gave it a good effort, but was clearly made by a cub scout? Would you look for certain cake flavors? or toppings? or lack thereof?

Have you ever purchased a car at an automobile auction? Do you think this is a good way to find a car? Do you know how to find out where and when these things happen? Would you buy a used car that was puke green, but cheap? Would you buy an alternative fuel source vehicle at auction?

Have you ever been to a livestock auction? can you talk like an auctioneer? was that a yes... could you please demonstrate? Would you buy something at a livestock auction? would you sell there?

What is your favorite thing about auctions? least favorite thing? Would you buy something at an auction and then try to sell it for a profit? on TV? are you good at that kind of thing? Do you have a special auction ritual? If you had a special auction ritual would it involve not changing your socks? or going to a certain restaurant?

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