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Questions for Couples: Halloween

What is your favorite part of Halloween? what is your least favorite part? Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you celebrate All Saints' Day? Do you think of Halloween as a religious holiday?

Do you think witches and wizards are evil? Have you ever tried to burn someone at the stake? Do you think it is ok for kids to dress up as monsters, and magical beings? Do you dress up for Halloween? what is your favorite costume that you've worn? Do you wear the same costume every year? Do you wear multiple costumes in the same year... like maybe one for each party you go to?  How do you feel about "adult" costumes, or costumes that may be a bit racy? How do you feel about costumes that are not inherently bad, but may have an "adult" connotation?

Do you like it when costumes follow a theme? Do you think grown ups should wear costumes? even if they are not going anywhere fancy?  Do you like costumes with masks? Do you think people act differently when they are wearing masks? Do you think masks are dangerous? How do you feel about face paint? Would you ever paint more than your face? Would you wear a costume that represented different values than you normally embrace? Do you think wearing a costume is like an endorsement for the thing you are wearing? Do you think costumes are a mockery of something? Can a costume be an endorsement, and a mockery at the same time? Do you think different rules apply to someone when they are in costume? Would you get a piercing or a tattoo to make a costume seem more real?  How much money would you spend on a costume? How much time would you spend on a costume? When do you start to plan what you will wear for Halloween? Do you like homemade costumes? Would you re-use a costume? Would you trade costumes? Sell costumes? make costumes for other people? What were the three best costumes you saw last year?

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