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Questions for Couples: Germs

How do you feel about sharing your food? How do you feel about sharing someone else food?
What if they licked it?  If your food falls on the floor will you still eat it? What if it was really expensive? What if it was the last Twinkie on Earth?

Do you believe in the 10 second rule? what if someone else breaks the 10 second rule? What if your food  falls but doesn't reach the floor, because it is saved by a chair? what if something falls on the table? Have you been known to slurp up a drink if you spill it?

Do you ever worry about the germs you might be exposed to at a supermarket? On a shopping cart? Public restrooms? Do you worry about germs at restaurants? on the menus? Restaurant chairs?

Do you carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere? Do you use it? a lot?
Do you always wash your hands after you use the restroom? with soap? Do you think it is important to dry your hands after you wash them? with a towel? should it be disposable?

Do you wash your hands before you eat?  What if it's just a snack? How do you know when your hands are clean? Do you sing a song to know if you have washed enough? Is it "Happy birthday to you?"

How do you feel about reusing towels? what if somebody else used a towel? If a person has cleaned themselves before using a towel, is it then fine for another person to use that towel? Does it bother you if your guest use your nice towels to dry their hands? What should they do instead if it does?  How many times can you reuse a towel? Is it better to put out fresh towels for your guests, or to wait until after you have guests... because surely the towels will just get dirty with guests in the house? Do you take you own towel with you when you travel? Is it because you read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

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