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Questions for Couples: Thanksgiving

How do you feel about the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you celebrate canadian Thanksgiving? Do you prefer to have a home cooked meal for thanksgiving, or would you rather go to a restaurant? Would you order a traditional Turkey dinner at the restaurant or something else? Would you rather eat Turkey, Ham, or Prime rib for dinner? Turducken?

What time do you eat your big Thanksgiving meal? Do you eat breakfast that morning? How far in advance do you start preparing? Is the proper term stuffing or dressing? And do you actually stuff the bird with it? Cornbread, Classic, or Sausage Stuffing? Have you ever done a rice based stuffing? Do you like your turkey fried, smoked, baked, or a combination of the 3? White or dark meat? Do you even like turkey? Would you ever serve an alternate form of food say pizza? What are you feelings on Cranberries? Canned? If canned whole berry or jelly? Fresh?

Is the cooking a joint job? Watching football while someone else cooks? Watching football while everyone cooks? Playing football after eating? Or Frisbee? Are store bought rolls okay or do they have to be homemade? What about rhodes rolls? What is the one must have Thanksgiving dinner item? What is one you could do without? If you eat early do you eat leftovers later in the day? How do you feel about Turkey, cranberry, cream cheese sandwiches?

Would you ever order a dinner cooked by someone else? Like a catering company? or a grocery store? Would you pretend that you had done the cooking yourself?

Do you set up/go get your Christmas tree after you eat or wait until later?

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