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Questions for Couples: Pets II

Would you ever consider a pet adoption? How do you define a pet adoption? Would you ever get an animal from the pound? Would you take in a stray? what if the stray just kept coming around... would you feed it?

Have you ever thought of renting a puppy? Did you even know that was possible? How often would you rent a pet? Would you ever consider a rent-to-own animal? Do you think it would be hard to give back an animal that you had rented?

Do you think strays should be spayed or neutered? Do you think all animals should be spayed or neutered? Do you know what it means to spay or neuter an animal? Does it make you hurt just a little bit to even think about it? If you don't think an animal should be spayed or neutered how do you think their population or propagation should be controlled... or influenced? Does all this talk about spaying and neutering make you want to watch the price is right? or maybe even create your own Plinko board?

Would you ever take a pet with you on vacation? would you take all your pets with you? If you didn't take your pets with you what would you do with them? Do you think you would ever skip a vacation, or not plan a vacation because you couldn't find suitable arrangements for your pets? Would you ever cancel a vacation if you couldn't find a pet-sitter? What if you had non-refundable tickets or expenses already paid?
Would you be more likely to have someone stay at your house to take care of your pets, or to have your pets stay with somebody? How often would you feel the need to check in with the pet-sitter? Would you leave a detailed list of instructions, or just kinda hope they could wing it? Are your pets high maintenance? Would you warn sitters if they were?

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