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Questions for Couples: Sleep III

Do you like to sleep on a certain side of bed? Do you have to sleep on that side? How do you feel about sleeping next to a wall? Can you sleep on a small bed? How large does your bed need to be for you to be comfortable?

Can you sleep in a chair ? what about on the floor? What if the carpet is really soft? Can you sleep on a  mattress on the floor? How do you feel about mattresses that are high off the ground? What if the mattress is high because it is on a two year supply of food?

Do you have to sleep in your own bed? can you sleep anywhere?
Do you like to have a headboard on your bed? How do you feel about footboards?
What about side rails?... you know... so you don't fall out. 

Do you like to sleep with a fan? Does a fan keep you awake? How do you feel about sleeping with a humidifier? Can you sleep when it's not perfectly quite? Do you prefer to have some sound to help you go to sleep? Do you go to sleep to the sound of the ocean? can you sleep if you can hear the traffic outside your window? What if you can hear a train? what if the train comes after you are asleep... would it wake you? Do you ever sleep with earplugs to block out sounds? Like the sound of a crying baby (trust me it's genius... I mean someone's got to attend to the bawling, but sometimes perhaps it's your turn for the earplugs).

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