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Questions for Couples (Advanced): Anger

These are advanced questions. That means they may not be the kind of thing that would be fun to talk about on a first date, but they are questions/ or a topics are important to discuss as a relationship progresses.

Do you play Angry Birds? And why are those birds so angry?
What kind of things make you angry?
Traffic? Work? Family? Friends? The World? Other?
Are there things that make you really angry?
How often do you get angry?
When was the last time you got really angry? What was the circumstance?

How do you act when you feel angry?
Do you keep it to your self? Do you talk about it? Do you yell? Do you say mean things? Does it make you want to hit something? Do you ever feel the need to take out your anger on another person?
When you get angry do hit people? Slap? Kick? Push?
Do you ever feel the need to restrain or control someone? Are there other things of a physical nature that you do when you are angry? How often do you get physical because of your anger?

How frequently do you feel like you have anger that is uncontrollable (ie you just can't help yelling at someone)?

Since turning 18 (and becoming an adult), has your anger changed? Has the way you deal with your anger changed? In general, how do you deal with your anger? What do you do to try to get over your feelings of anger? What do you do to deescalate your anger? Do you think it is better to sleep on a problem, or to make sure that you never go to bed angry?
If you could pick one role model from Sesame Street would you pick Oscar?

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