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Questions for Couples: Money III

Do you donate to any charitable organizations?
Do you donate regularly?
How do you decide what charities or organizations to donate to?
Do you give money to every group that calls you? To anybody that calls?

Do you prefer to donate over the phone? By mail? In person? Through the Internet?
Do you buy girl scout cookies? What kind?
Would you buy other things to support a good cause?
How much would you spend?
Would you donate to a thrift store?
Would you buy things from a thrift store?

Do you plan to save money for your children's college funds?
Do you think they should save for college themselves?
How do you feel about your children borrowing for college?
Do you think your kids should find part time jobs while in school? What about full time jobs?

How do you pay for a vacation?
Do you save for your vacations? for how long would you save?
How would you pay for a car?
Would you pay cash for a car? Would you lease?
Do you prefer to buy New? Gently used? very very used(i.e., barely running, but cheap)? Not running but fixable?


Cardine said...

Haha... funny. I was just thinking about writing in a submission this morning because it had been so long.

warnser said...

Oh man, I should have waited a few days... of course contributions are always welcome, but yeah it has been a little while.