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Questions for Couples: Pets VI

Do you think pet owners should be responsible for cleaning up their pets poop? or are you more of the finders-keepers mentality? Would you train a pet to use poop in certain places? at certain times? What would you do if a pet pooped in your house? do you expect pets poop in your house? I mean they are only animals, we're the sophisticated ones, we can clean it up, right? Would you allow pets to use a sandbox as a restroom? would you then allow kids to use that sandbox? Do you think it is best to clean up your animals waste as soon as it happens? or is it better to give it a chance to solidify?  Would you let your yard, or a portion of your yard be used for your pets to put their waste? How much waste would you let accumulate before you removed it? would you clean up excess animal poo before a party? If friends were coming over? if family was coming? kids?

Should pet owners clean up their pets poop if they are walking them? What would you do if your pet pooped in someone else's yard? would it matter how you felt about that person? Do you carry things with you to pick up your pets waste? What if your pet went to the bathroom in someones yard but you didn't have anything with you to clean it up? After you pick up your pets waste, what do you do with it? Are there places where you would clean up your pets messes, and other places where you wouldn't?

Have you ever had an animal pee in your house? What if you knew an animal had peed in your house, but couldn't tell exactly where? Would you put in hardwood floors or tile so it wouldn't matter as much if your animals went to the bathroom on it? Do you think cat pee is one of the worst smells on earth? Have you ever walked into a house and said "whoa, pets live here don't they?"