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Special Edition: Date Ideas - Winter

Dating can be a valuable part of any relationship.
It is not always the easiest part of a relationship, but nevertheless it can be very valuable. Because dating can be useful for people who are not yet in relationships, as well as for people that have long established relationships I have decided to add a bonus section to this blog... Date Ideas
(Ok I was also persuaded by the overwhelming support in the recent survey, the votes were split on how best to add, them, but a strong majority voted in favor of having some date ideas).

Here are some ideas for dates that could happen in the wintertime.

1. Attend a local concert, there are usually a lot of them around this time of year, and with a good selection  in both type and wallet friendly-ness you can probably find one that you'll like.

2. Pick your favorite restaurant and order two bowls of soup... to go, most restaurants will actually give you soup to go, and you won't need a reservation if you're not staying.

3. Take a sleigh ride.

4. Go sledding.

5. Ice skating is a great activity, if you have some place you can do it.

6. Build snow forts, or snow men, or other fun creations.

7. Have a snowball fight... this can be a lot of fun, but can also go south very quickly, may not be right for everyone.

8. Go to the library and read picture books to each other.

9. Visit a freedom wall, and actually read the messages found there.

10. Make pizza together (Pillsbury's 'Rustic French Bread' makes an excellent crust).

11. Take a public transportation 'tour' of the city, who knows the bus driver might even have some interesting tidbits about some of the things you pass every day.

12. Play museum bingo. Make a list of things you might see in a local museum, then arrange a few bingo cards and see who can find their items first.

13. Attend a fireside talk, or a lecture (preferably one that you expect to be really good).

14. Find your favorite neighborhood of Christmas decorations and take some time to enjoy them.

15. Set up a lemonade stand, Ok... so maybe nobody will buy your lemonade, but I can almost guarantee that your date will never forget it.

Questions for Couples: Holidays

What is your favorite holiday? and why is it your favorite?
Are there any holidays that you don't like? What are they? and why?

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
Are there certain foods that you have to have on Thanksgiving?
Do you make any part of your thanksgiving meal?
What's your favorite kind of pie?
Strange, I feel like pie, do you feel like pie?

Do you celebrate Christmas? What day do you celebrate it?
Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? The Epiphany?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
What do you call him? Santa Claus? Saint Nicholas? Father Christmas? Kris Kringle? Something else?

What will you teach your children about Santa Claus?
How will you handle it if someone tells them that he doesn't exist?
Do you think a parent should be the one to have this discussion with their children?
Do you think it would be better with one parent or two? At what age do you think this discussion should be held?

When can you start listening to Christmas music?
Can you listen to Christmas music at other times of the year?
When do you get out your Christmas decorations?
When do you take them down?
Do you prefer a real Christmas Tree or a fake tree?
What kind (shape or type) of Christmas tree do you like best?
Do you cut your own Christmas Trees?
How much would you pay for a Christmas tree?
Do you like a flocked tree or one that is more 'natural'?

Questions for Couples (Advanced): Children

Advanced questions are questions that might be important to discuss, but may not be the kind of thing that would work on say, a first date for instance.
A few of these are being reprinted from an earlier posting

How do you feel about children?
Do you want to have children?
Do you know how many children you want to have?
How will you/ did you decide how many you want?
Who will ultimately decide how many children you have?

When would you like to have children?
Do you think you should be married first?
Do you think that there should be a waiting period after you get married?
How far apart would you like to space your kids?
How will you decide when to stop having kids?

What methods would you be willing to use to affect the number of kids you have?
Would you use condoms? Birth control medications? Timing? Abstinence?

Would you consider surgery as a method to control the number of children you have?
Would you be more open to surgery for you or for your spouse?
Are there other ideas that you would pursue to effect the number of kids you have?

Would you be more likely to stop having kids if you had a child born with some handicaps? Would you be more likely to have more?

Would you be interested in raising twins? Triplets? sextuplets? Do you have a history of twins in your family? Would you give them cute rhyming names?

If you had twins would you be interested in having more kids?
If you have a good chance of having twins would you keep going until you got some?
Would you keep having kids in order to get a son/ daughter?
Do you think the number of children you have of each sex is important?
Do you think there is any way to influence what gender your children are?
Would you try to influence the gender of your children if you could?
Are you the kind of person who wants to know what gender your kids are going to have before they are born? Does it make a difference if it is your first child?
Do you want to pick your kids names before they are born, or after you see them?
Would you be willing to genetically engineer/modify/protect your children if you could?

Questions for Couples: Service

Do you like serving other people?
Do you let other people serve you? Are you happy about it?
What if somebody does something for you that you can do yourself?
How would you react if somebody did something for you that you didn't want done?

Would you rake your neighbors leaves for them? Would you do it without them asking?
Do you know your neighbors?
Would you shovel their sidewalks in the winter?
Would you shovel their walks before or after you shoveled your own?
Would it change things if you had a snowblower?
Would you use this as a reason to get a snowblower?
What if you could shovel the sidewalks with a four wheeler?
Would you hire someone to do a job that you could do if you knew they needed the money?
Do you think it is service if you get paid to do it?

What is your favorite service project you've been involved with?
What is your least favorite kind of service?
Is it easier for you to serve people that you do know or people that you don't know?
Are you the kind of person who is more likely to plan a service project, or the kind to help someone else carry out their plans?
Do you like occasional, but large service projects? or small but frequent acts of service?
Do you like service that you can do by yourself? Or do you prefer to work in a group?
Do you like your service to be Anonymous? or do you like to be able to interact with the people you are serving?

Have you ever made food for a funeral? Was it those tasty potatoes?
Do you take food to your neighbors when they have a baby?
Would you offer to tend your neighbors kids? What about your nieces or nephews?

Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

What is your favorite candy bar?
Do you chew gum? What kind is your favorite?
What is your favorite food, or kind of food?
What is your favorite kind of drink?

How do you like to end a date?
If your date came in for a kiss on the first date, what would you do?What was the best date you have ever been on? Why was it your favorite?
How would you imagine your ideal date?

What's the hardest thing you've ever done?
What was the scariest thing you've ever done?
What is the coolest thing you've ever done?
What makes you angry?
What makes really happy?What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Where were you raised?
What is your favorite childhood memory?

Do you prefer paper or plastic? or do you use those reusable bags?
Do you clean your reusable bags? how often? Would you take bags from one store into a different store? What color do you think looks best on you?Do you dye your hair or is it natural? How often do you dye it?
After a long night would you still get up early an make yourself look good? Would you go to class as you are? Would you skip your first class, but get ready for your next one?

What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream?
Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream?
Do you want to go get some ice cream now?
What is your favorite fruit?
If you had to rank the following fruits how would you rank them and why?
Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Banana, and grape.

How would you feel if your date took you to McDonalds? Would it change things if you knew they were poor? What if you knew they weren't poor? What if they took you to get a happy meal?

Questions for Couples: Education II

Did/ do you like school?
What was your favorite subject? What was your least favorite?
Did you have a favorite teacher? Why were they your favorite?

Did you take music lessons when you were younger? Did you practice?
How do you feel about music lessons? What instruments do you play?
What instruments do you wish you could play?

Have you ever taken band classes? Orchestra? Painting classes? Ceramics? Drama classes?

What class do you think you learned the most from? What class (es) do you think you learned the least from? What were your favorite subjects while you were in school? What were your least favorite subjects? What types of classes did you do well?

Did you ever eat school lunch? How was it? Did you ever pack a lunch? Did you ever eat off-campus? Do you like the idea of schools having vending machines?

Did you take a foreign language in school? Did you learn a foreign language in school? Do you know any ASL? What languages do you know? what languages do you wish you knew?

Have you ever participated in a study-abroad program? Would you let your kids spend a semester in a foreign country? Does the specific country matter? Would you let them spend a year? Do you think service abroad programs are educational? How do you feel about service in a foreign country without a sponsoring organization? How do you feel about Peace Corps?
Would it make your decision easier or harder if they were going with a friend? What if the friend was not their same gender? What if they went with a larger group of people?

Do you think there are subjects that everybody should study? If yes what subjects do you think everybody should learn? Do you think it is better for a person to really excel at one thing, or to have a basic understanding of a lot of things? How involved do you think a child should be in setting their curriculum? Do you think that anyone can learn anything?

Are there books that you think everyone should read? Is "Up from Slavery" one of them? Are there books that you don't think people should read? Did you have/use Encyclopedias when you were growing up? Do you think you will actually own a set of encyclopedias?

Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

Do you prefer chocolate of flowers? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? What’s your favorite kind of flower? What’s your favorite color of flower? What’s your least favorite color of flower.

Which parent do you look most like?
What was your childhood dream?
Did you ever have an imaginary friend? what was it? what was it’s name?
If you could have any pet, which one would you choose?

Are you a competitive person? How would you react if you date beat you at something?
do you consider yourself outgoing or shy?
Do you believe that a relationship comes easily or takes work?
Were you a bully when you were younger?
What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
Have you ever broken any bones? How?
What is your most embarrassing moment?

What is your favorite jelly bean?
Do you like to pull pranks? what is the best prank you have ever been a part of? If you don’t like pranks, why not?

What color are your eyes? Do you like your eye color?
What is your favorite color?
Do you prefer to use cash or card? How many cards do you have?
How often do you use them?

Have you ever left the state you live in?
Where is your favorite place?
What are your hobbies?
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

What do you do when you are bored?
Did you have a pet as a child? What was it’s name?

Who is your hero? Why are they your hero?
Who in you life has made an impression on you?
Who is your best friend and why?

Questions for Couples: Education

Do you feel strongly about education?
How much education do you have?
How important do you think formal education is? What about degrees?
Would you get a degree from an unaccredited school? why or why not?

How do you feel about preschool? Did you attend one? do you want your kids to attend one? would you ever try to run one?

Do you have any educational licenses? How important do you think licenses and accreditations are?

Would you ever home school your kids? would you home school other peoples children? How do you feel about educational co-ops, where groups of parents teach different subjects to each others children?

Do you prefer public school or private schools? what about charter schools?
What do you think are the advantages of each? what do you think are their disadvantages?
Are you willing to consider that they may not be what you think that they are?

Would you prefer a church run school? What about a church-like school? Would you attend (or send kids to) a school that was affiliated with a different religion?

How important do you think religious education is?

Would you ever send your kids to a boarding school? an out-of-state boarding school? a youth wilderness program?

Questions for Couples: Whose job is it anyway?

There are a lot of things that need to be done in any household. These questions pertain to some of the things that need to be done, and how you will divide the tasks you may have. With these questions you may want to see whose responsibility (primarily) a task will be. If you want to share a task, how will that be done? What about your kids? What role will they play? And what if your circumstances are not as you plan? How will you handle those situations?

Who gets to mow the lawn? What about edging it? Who will weed the garden? Is the same person responsible for the vegetable garden and the flower garden? do yo want to grow your own vegetables? and flowers?

Who will be in charge of bringing home the bacon? But seriously, there is going to be some bacon right? Who will set the budget? Who will balance the checkbook/ accounts? Who will pay the bills? And if bill pay is automatic, who gets to set that up? Who will buy the insurance? What kinds of insurance will you have? Who will buy the food? Who is in charge of buying clothes?

Who will do the driving? Who will buy the gas? Who will be in charge of automobile purchasing? Maintenance? Who decides when the car needs someone more experienced?

Who will drive the kids to school? How do you feel about buses? Who will take the kids to athletic activities? other activities? music lessons?

Who is in charge of making lunches? What about bread? rolls? cinnamon rolls? Who will cook the other meals?

Who will feed the animals? who will name the animals? wait how many animals did you want again? Who will walk the dog(s)? Who will kill unwanted creatures (i.e.; insects and things)?

Who will feed the baby? in the middle of the night? Who will change the diapers? in the middle of the night? Who will put the baby down to sleep?

Who is in charge of disciplining the children? good cop / bad cop, or all one team? Who will go to parent teacher conferences? The principals office? Who will be responsible for family worship? Family prayer? Who will plan special family outings? Vacations? Date night? Who will get the baby sitter?

Who will buy the toiletries? who will bathe the kids? who will braid their hair? who will pick out ticks? what about lice?

Who will clean the house? Who will clean the bathrooms? Who will scrub the toilets? what about tile and grout? Who replaces the toilet paper?

Who will do the dusting? Who will sweep the floors? who will do the mopping? Vacuuming? Is there a certain order in which you like these to be done?

Who is in charge of home repairs? What about home decor? Who is in charge of picking up the mail? Who will pick the family doctors? who will take people to the doctors?

These questions were collected in I class I was in.

Questions for Couples: Games

Does your family have any gaming traditions?
Do you like to play games?
What types of games do you play? Board games? Video games? Card games?
Large group games? Word games? Role-playing games? Solitaire games?
What is your favorite Solitaire game?

Do you play Computer games? What kind?
Farmville? Halo? Sims? Second Life? Tetris?
Do you have strong feelings about first person Shooter games?
Does your feeling about these games change if you are fighting monsters?
Aliens? Fictional Characters? the undead?

Do you have a video game system? How many do you have?
What kind is it? What do you like to play on it?
How often do you like to play?
Do you expect me to play with you?
Will you let me play with you?

Do you have accessories for your game systems? Which ones do you have?

What games did you play as a child?
Are you addicted to any games? are you sure?
What is your best score on Minesweeper?

Do you play games with face cards? why or why not?
Do you like to play poker? Black Jack? something else?
Do you like to gamble? how good are you at these things?
How often do you play?
How much $$$ will you spend? How much have you won?
Where do you do it?

Do you have any monthly subscriptions to be able to play any games?
Do you have any other monthly subscriptions to services, magazines, or
entertainment? What are they? How attached are you to them?

Questions for Couples: Food... well, Snacks

Would you rather have a snack, or a meal?
How often do you like to have a snack?
What kind of snacks do you like the most?
Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?
How do you feel about store bought snacks? Homemade snacks? Fast food Snacks?
What about Store bought snacks that you still have to make?
Do you have a favorite brownie mix? Have you tried Lehi Roller Mills brownies?

Do you prefer crinkle cut chips (like Ruffles) or regular potato chips?
Do you like chips with a big bold flavor, or do you like the unadulterated versions?
How do you feel about Sun Chips? Bugles? Funions? Cheetos?
Do you think Crunchy Cheetos are better than the the puffy kind?
What about the balls? Does the brand of a cheesy snack really even matter?
And how do they get all that big cheese flavor into Cheez-its?

Would you ever buy the low fat version of a snack? the baked version? Low sodium? Diet? Artificially sweetened?

How do you feel about Microwave Popcorn? Kettle corn? Carmel Corn?
Do you make the best popcorn in the world? can you prove it? Can I have a sample? I'll be the judge of that.

Do you avoid sugary substances? are you Diabetic?
Do you have a favorite sugary substance? or any that you avoid?
Do you like things sweetened with real sugar? organic sugar? honey? Nutri-sweet?
Corn syrup? Do you have a favorite artificial sweetener?
Or non-artificial sweetener that isn't on the list?
Do you have a favorite kind of honey? Did you know there were different kinds of honey?
Do you prefer creamy honey or the liquid kind? Does it have to come in a bear?
Do you prefer clover honey? Mesquite? or something else?
What about flavored honeys? Would you call your significant other honey?

Would you eat a snack that you didn't like just to impress a date?
Would you try a food that you thought you might not like, because a date wanted you to? what about a spouse? Would you ask a date to try a food that they might not like?

Questions for Couples: Superheros

If you could be any superhero which one would you be?
If you could have one superpower which one would you choose?
Would you rather be a superhero or a super-villain?
Is Batman a Superhero or just a wealthy hero with really cool toys?
Do you need a minute to recover from that last question?
What about James Bond, Is he a super hero? Which Bond is your favorite? You have heard of James bond right? Double-oh seven (007)?

Is it wrong to use your superpowers for your own personal gain?
what about for somebody else's personal gain?
Should superheros have secret identities? Should Superheros be supported by the people? or vice versa?

What's the best way to gain superpowers? a meteor? happenstance?
genetics? genetically engineered chromosomes? chemistry accidents?

If you could pick one superpower for a spouse, what would you pick?
Would you be jealous if your spouse had superpowers and you did not? What if you both had superpowers, but theirs were cooler than yours?
What kind of sidekick would you pick?
What kind of superhero outfit would you pick?
And why do superheros always wear spandex?
How do you feel about spandex?

Would you have like to your own theme music?
Do you already have a theme song?
Do you think superheros should have a secret lair? What kind of lair would you have?

What is your favorite superhero movie?
Do you like superhero movies?
What about animated superhero movies?
Do you read books about superheros?
Graphic novels? Do you collect them?

Is there anything else about superheroes that I should know about you?

Questions for Couples: Romance

Do you like Piña Coladas?
And getting caught in the rain?
Do you really like long walks on the beach? or is that just a cheesy line?
Do you like watching the sunset? Do you ever get up in time to see the sunrise?

What's your favorite kind of flower?
Is it more romantic to get/ give flowers (or gifts) often or for them to be a surprise?
Would you rather take a walk on the beach or through the mountains?
How do you feel about waterfalls? What's your favorite kind?

Do you like to sit outside and look at the stars?
Do you know all 88 constellations? Do you know any?
Have you ever stayed up late just to watch a meteor shower?
Are you the kind of person who could stay up late to watch a meteor shower, and never see a single meteor? And still be happy about it?

Would you rather play in the snow or snuggle by a fire?
Do you think of cooking as a romantic gesture? or a responsibility?
What about cleaning? Yardwork?

Is it more important to put effort into romance before marriage or after?
Before kids or after?

Questions for Couples: Military Service

Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines?
Do you like war movies?
Do you watch NCIS? Religiously?

Would you ever serve in the Military? Voluntarily?
Would you be willing to serve if you were drafted?
If there was a draft, would you flee? enlist on your own? go into hiding? engage in other drastic measures to avoid serving?  other?
If you were to serve in the Military would you prefer to be infantry, Special ops, or other?
How do you feel about the ROTC?
Would you enroll in the military to help pay for college?
As a weekend warrior, to help pay the bills? or because it's fun?

How would you feel about being stationed over seas for a short period of time? for a long period of time? multiple times?

If you were deployed over seas what is the one thing you think you would miss the most about America?
Rootbeer? Peanut Butter? Other?

Do know the theme song for any of the branches of the military? do you know all of them? will you sing them for me? incessantly?

If you were in the military, how would you spend your free time? what would you do to remember your standards and values?

Would you ever consider being a military chaplain? 
Would you rather be in the military or in the FBI?

Do you have a lot of family in the military?
Would you expect your children to be part of the military?

If you were enlisted, would you rather live on the base or off the base? would your answer change if you had kids? Would you like your kids to attend military schools?
What is your favorite thing about the military?

Questions for Couples: Ice Breakers

What was the last movie that you saw in the theater?
Cook or clean?
Strangest thing you've ever eaten?
favorite holiday tradition?
Please rank the following from 1 to 5  Milk, Goats milk, Soy milk, Rice milk, Almond milk

If you could pick one person as a teacher or mentor who would it be and why?

What's your favorite thing to do on Facebook™? How many "friends" do you have?
Three books you would like to read?
Favorite place to go if you just want desert? and what are you doing later?
Do you like to listen to something while you work? what?

Number of Google products you use?
How do you feel about Wolfram Alpha?
What was it you wanted to tell me?
Mac or PC? (might evoke strong emotion)

How old were you when you got your first cell phone? Could you give it up?

What's you're favorite season?

Questions for Couples: Travel

Do you like to travel?
Do you have travel goals, plans, traditions, or expectations?  What are they?
When traveling, do you make your plans based on the destination or the activity?  Explain.
Do you like to use a travel agent?

Are you willing to travel to 3rd world countries?What do you consider a 3rd world country?
Do you only like tropical locations?
Are you comfortable traveling to countries where you don't know the language?
Are there some countries that you don't want to visit?

When traveling, do you like to do humanitarian service?
Do you have to stay in 4 star hotels? Have you tried the 'President' in Athens? (I hear it's excellent).
Do you prefer to stay in hostels?
Are you willing to stay in a place with a shared bathroom?

When traveling, do you have to have every minute planned, or are you flexible to relaxation time?
Do you get grumpy if you walk too much? Too little?
Do you like to sleep in on vacation or wake up early?
Do you like to be a part of tour groups, or do you like to find your own way?

Do you like to go to church while traveling?
What do you feel is appropriate for the Sabbath while traveling?
Is that important to you?
Do you pack light, or do you have a lot of luggage?
Do you like to take a lot of pictures?  Video?

Do you have a current passport? If so passport card or passport book?
Do you have dual-citizenship? Fake IDs?
Does your country allow you to leave the premises?
Can you get visas to other countries?
Do you only want to travel in your own country? 

Are you able to be completely away from business for a week or more? Family? Your phone?  Your Laptop? Facebook? How long can you be?

Do you know how to haggle for pricing at marketplaces?
Are you okay with long flights?
How do you feel about taking public transportation in other countries?
Do you have to fly first class?
How frequently do you like to travel?
How much time can you get off for vacations?
How long do you like your vacations to be?

Do you believe in doing staycations?