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Questions for Couples: Holidays

What is your favorite holiday? and why is it your favorite?
Are there any holidays that you don't like? What are they? and why?

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
Are there certain foods that you have to have on Thanksgiving?
Do you make any part of your thanksgiving meal?
What's your favorite kind of pie?
Strange, I feel like pie, do you feel like pie?

Do you celebrate Christmas? What day do you celebrate it?
Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? The Epiphany?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
What do you call him? Santa Claus? Saint Nicholas? Father Christmas? Kris Kringle? Something else?

What will you teach your children about Santa Claus?
How will you handle it if someone tells them that he doesn't exist?
Do you think a parent should be the one to have this discussion with their children?
Do you think it would be better with one parent or two? At what age do you think this discussion should be held?

When can you start listening to Christmas music?
Can you listen to Christmas music at other times of the year?
When do you get out your Christmas decorations?
When do you take them down?
Do you prefer a real Christmas Tree or a fake tree?
What kind (shape or type) of Christmas tree do you like best?
Do you cut your own Christmas Trees?
How much would you pay for a Christmas tree?
Do you like a flocked tree or one that is more 'natural'?

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