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Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you consider yourself a safe person?
Would owning a gun make you feel safer?
Would you carry a gun? To the store?
How do you feel about concealed carry permits?

Have you ever taken a hunters safety course? did you pass? was it because they felt sorry for you?
Would you ever let your kids own a gun? How old would your kids have to be to own a gun?
How old would you want your kids before you would let them use a gun?
Would you take special measures to make sure your guns were safe? A gun safe?
Safety locks? Locked cases where the guns are visible? Do you think your guns would be safe if you put them on a high shelf? or under your mattress?
Do you know how to tell if the safety is on on a gun?

How do you feel about knives? Would you lockup your kitchen knives?
Would you ever own decorative knives? How do you feel about combat knives?
What would you do to keep your knives safe? or how would you keep your children safe around knives?

Do you own any oriental throwing stars? Would it bother you if your kids wanted some? what if your spouse wanted some?
Nun-chucks? staffs? Spears?
Do you own a mace? what about a can of mace?