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Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks II

How often do you like to go to amusement parks? Do you prefer to visit the same park often or to visit multiple parks? Would you buy season passes to multiple amusement parks during the same season?

Do you like to have a plan when you go to an amusement park? How much time would you spend planning your visit to an amusement park? Is it better to ride as many different rides as possible or to ride the best rides early and often? Do you think it is better to work your way through a park section by section? or is it better to bounce around the park to get to the best rides faster?

Who would you go to an amusement park with? Would you rather go with a few select friends or with a large group? what if some people in the group wanted to do different things? Would you wait for others if they wanted to ride something that you didn't want to? Would you split up? How would you reconnect with people if you got separated? How much time would you feel like you need to spend with the people that you went with?

What makes a good ride for you? The most scary rides? Do you like rides that give you a rush? Have you ever gotten sick from a ride? what ride was it? do you like fast rides? High rides? Ferris wheels? Do you like rides that spin?  Do you like rides where you can control the spin? How do you feel about spinning vertically? Horizontally? Do you like rides where you might get wet? Do you like watching other people get wet? would you pay money to soaked your friends on a ride? Would you pay to soad a family member? Do you like rides that are slow? Does it matter to you if the ride gets over quickly? or lasts a really long time?

Questions for Couples: Thanksgiving

How do you feel about the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you celebrate canadian Thanksgiving? Do you prefer to have a home cooked meal for thanksgiving, or would you rather go to a restaurant? Would you order a traditional Turkey dinner at the restaurant or something else? Would you rather eat Turkey, Ham, or Prime rib for dinner? Turducken?

What time do you eat your big Thanksgiving meal? Do you eat breakfast that morning? How far in advance do you start preparing? Is the proper term stuffing or dressing? And do you actually stuff the bird with it? Cornbread, Classic, or Sausage Stuffing? Have you ever done a rice based stuffing? Do you like your turkey fried, smoked, baked, or a combination of the 3? White or dark meat? Do you even like turkey? Would you ever serve an alternate form of food say pizza? What are you feelings on Cranberries? Canned? If canned whole berry or jelly? Fresh?

Is the cooking a joint job? Watching football while someone else cooks? Watching football while everyone cooks? Playing football after eating? Or Frisbee? Are store bought rolls okay or do they have to be homemade? What about rhodes rolls? What is the one must have Thanksgiving dinner item? What is one you could do without? If you eat early do you eat leftovers later in the day? How do you feel about Turkey, cranberry, cream cheese sandwiches?

Would you ever order a dinner cooked by someone else? Like a catering company? or a grocery store? Would you pretend that you had done the cooking yourself?

Do you set up/go get your Christmas tree after you eat or wait until later?

Questions for Couples: Pets III

Do you prefer free animals or ones that you pay for? How much do you think a "free" animal actually costs you? How much would you pay for an animal? How much of your budget would you devote to having animals? Would you pay for animals that you weren't actually yours? Like neighborhood strays? Do you think different types of animals are worth more money? Would you pay to get your animals vaccines? Would you pay for other medical treatment? How much money would you be willing to spend on helping an animal "get well?" Would you pay for an animal surgery?

Do you think it is good or bad to dock the tails of animals? Would you trim an animal's ears? Do you think it is fun to shave funny patterns in the fur of your pets? Would you shave them completely? Would you declaw your animals?

Would you enter your dog in a dogshow?  Would you enter a cat in a catshow? would you enter a cat in a dogshow? Would you style your pets for a show? Would you put funny clothes on your pets?

Would you teach your pet tricks? what kind of tricks would you teach a pet? Do you think obedience school is a good thing for an animal? what methods do you think are best to make sure your pet behaves? do you like dog whistles? what about training with water spray? Do like training pets with food? Do you think Cheetos would be as effective with animals?

Questions for Couples: Money III

Do you donate to any charitable organizations?
Do you donate regularly?
How do you decide what charities or organizations to donate to?
Do you give money to every group that calls you? To anybody that calls?

Do you prefer to donate over the phone? By mail? In person? Through the Internet?
Do you buy girl scout cookies? What kind?
Would you buy other things to support a good cause?
How much would you spend?
Would you donate to a thrift store?
Would you buy things from a thrift store?

Do you plan to save money for your children's college funds?
Do you think they should save for college themselves?
How do you feel about your children borrowing for college?
Do you think your kids should find part time jobs while in school? What about full time jobs?

How do you pay for a vacation?
Do you save for your vacations? for how long would you save?
How would you pay for a car?
Would you pay cash for a car? Would you lease?
Do you prefer to buy New? Gently used? very very used(i.e., barely running, but cheap)? Not running but fixable?

Questions for Couples: Halloween II

Do you buy candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy good candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy some lame candy... and a secret stash of the good stuff? Do you let people pick their own candy or do you distribute it? What do you think about leaving out a bowl that says "please take one."?

Would you take your kids to Trick or Treat?  Would you trick or treat without any kids? Do you think parents should dress up when they take their kids to trick or treat?  Do you like the idea of a trunk or treat more or less than traditional trick or treating? Do you ever choose the trick? Have you ever thought of Halloween candy as the juvenile equivalent of protection money? At what age do you think it is safe for kids to go trick or treating without an adult? Do you think parents should get candy when they trick or treat? Do you think there should be some sort of candy tax that entitles a parent to some of the bounty? Even if they don't go? Does the parent get first choice?

How do you feel about redistributing the candy more evenly when kids return home? Do you think there should be a quota on how much candy is consumed? and when? Do you think it is best for kids to just eat the candy as quickly as possible to get it out of their systems fast? Do you ever give out toothbrushes for halloween? How about diabetes pamphlets? Healthy snacks?

How do you feel about homemade goods for trick or treaters? do you trust them? What about fruits? Vegetables? Bread?

Do you know which houses to go to get the best stuff? Do you know which areas have the best candy? Have you ever done a quantitative analysis of the types of candy found in certain areas, as well as the best times to visit such places? Have you ever been that lucky kid that someone just gives all the rest of their candy to; so they can go to bed?

Questions for Couples: Halloween

What is your favorite part of Halloween? what is your least favorite part? Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you celebrate All Saints' Day? Do you think of Halloween as a religious holiday?

Do you think witches and wizards are evil? Have you ever tried to burn someone at the stake? Do you think it is ok for kids to dress up as monsters, and magical beings? Do you dress up for Halloween? what is your favorite costume that you've worn? Do you wear the same costume every year? Do you wear multiple costumes in the same year... like maybe one for each party you go to?  How do you feel about "adult" costumes, or costumes that may be a bit racy? How do you feel about costumes that are not inherently bad, but may have an "adult" connotation?

Do you like it when costumes follow a theme? Do you think grown ups should wear costumes? even if they are not going anywhere fancy?  Do you like costumes with masks? Do you think people act differently when they are wearing masks? Do you think masks are dangerous? How do you feel about face paint? Would you ever paint more than your face? Would you wear a costume that represented different values than you normally embrace? Do you think wearing a costume is like an endorsement for the thing you are wearing? Do you think costumes are a mockery of something? Can a costume be an endorsement, and a mockery at the same time? Do you think different rules apply to someone when they are in costume? Would you get a piercing or a tattoo to make a costume seem more real?  How much money would you spend on a costume? How much time would you spend on a costume? When do you start to plan what you will wear for Halloween? Do you like homemade costumes? Would you re-use a costume? Would you trade costumes? Sell costumes? make costumes for other people? What were the three best costumes you saw last year?

Questions for Couples: Romantic Gestures

How do you define romance? Are you a romantic? A hopeless romantic? What does that mean to you? Are you a recovering romantic?

What is the most romantic thing that someone has ever done for you? Have you ever heard of the five languages of love? Do you think that people can express and feel love in different ways? Do you show love in the same way that you want to be loved? Do you know your "love language?"

The following are the "5 Love Languages:" 
Words of Affirmation,  Acts of Service,  Receiving Gifts,  Quality Time  and  Physical Touch.
Which Love Language helps you feel loved the most? Which love language are you most likely to use to show love to someone?  Do you think they are all important?

How often do you think a person should tell their partner that they love them? How often should a person compliment their partner? What's the nicest thing anybody ever said to you?

What's the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for you? Do you think service means more if it is random, or if it is something that you have mentioned you would like? Do you appreciate the thought behind someones service, even if the actions don't turn out to be very helpful? Do you closer to someone when they serve other people?

Do you buy a lot of gifts for people? Does the cost of a gift matter to you? Do you prefer expensive gifts or cheap ones? Do you like receiving flowers? Would flowers mean less if you got them more often? every week? What if you knew that flowers were super cheap, would that change your perception? or expectation? What if they were super expensive? 

Do you think flowers are a nice gesture even when they can't be enjoyed very long? like when you are traveling? 

For more information about the 5 love languages visit:

Questions for Couples (Advanced): Anger II

These questions are advanced. They are questions that could be very valuable as a relationship progresses, but may be good to save until there is a relationship.

When you were growing up did it seem like a lot of people were angry? were you angry as a child? Who was the person in your life most likely to get angry while you were growing up? What happened when your mom got angry when you were younger? How angry did she get? What kind of things made her angry? How often was she angry? What happened when your dad got angry growing up? How angry did he get? How often was he angry? What kind of things made him angry? Did any of your siblings get very angry? Do you ever notice yourself getting angry about the same kinds of things that your family got angry about? Do you react in similar ways when you are angry as others in your family act?  How do people in your family deal with their anger? How do you react when other people get angry? Has seeing anger in others or yourself ever caused you to change how you think about things, or how you deal with unpleasant situations? What kind of changes have you made with regards to anger in your life?

What do you do when you get angry? Have you ever broken anything when you were angry? Do you throw things when you're angry? Do you yell? Do you swear? If you swear do you direct your swearing specifically at the person you are angry at? Do you ever use weapons when you are angry?
What do you do to cope with your anger? how long does it usually take you to calm down?

Have you ever been to see a professional because of your anger? Was it court ordered? Have you ever been angry enough that your actions caused someone else to seek medical help? Have you ever had a restraining order? Have you ever been to an anger management support group? Voluntarily? Do you find it useful? What is the one thing that helps you avoid anger the most?

Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks

How do you feel about amusement parks?
Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer a park with a theme? or would you rather just have a bunch of fun rides? what if there is a cool theme, but there are only a few cool rides?

How do you feel about Disneyland? DisneyWorld? Tokyo Disney? Have you ever been to a Disney park? Do you want to go back? often? Would you ever buy a season pass to a Disney park? How often would you like to go to one of these theme parks? Would you go multiple times in the same year? Would you pull your kids out of school to go? How long would you like to stay when you go to a theme park? is one day enough?

What if there are two parks right next to each other? would you want to see them both? Would you buy a park hopper pass? Would you do them in the same day? one day for each? would you split each day you were there between parks? What would you eat while you were there? how much would you be willing to spend on your food? How often would you be found at the dippin' dots counter? When visiting a theme park would you stay in the affiliated hotels? if not, where would you stay?
Would you buy season passes to multiple parks, or amusement centers for the same year?

If a theme park had a water park attached would you want to spend some of your time there? would you want to spend all of your time there? Do you think it is appropriate to walk around the rest of the park in your swimwear? Do you think it is appropriate to laugh at those who clearly forgot to bring their sunscreen? What if they brought their sunscreen but missed a spot? What if they had "Cool" sunglass lines?

Questions for Couples: Chivalry

In general, do you think Chivalry is a good thing or a bad thing?
In general do you think knights are a good thing? and how do you feel about knights in shining armour? When you picture such a knight does he come with a horse? Describe the horse.

Do you think a man should open doors for a woman? what about other men? what about other women? Do you think a woman should wait for a man to get the door? is there a reasonable waiting period? Does this include all doors? What if there is a second set of doors? What about the doors to a woman's car... should a man get those ones? How about her house? If a man should open a car door for a woman should he get it when she is getting into and out of the car?

Do you think a man should stand when a woman enters the room? What if a dignitary enters the room? Should a man pull out chairs for a lady he is dating? what if they are acquaintances... does that change things?
Should a man do all the ordering in a restaurant? If so what is the proper way to go about this?
Should a man walk in front a woman? what about behind her?

Should men help women get their coats on? or off? would this kind of interaction make you uncomfortable? Would you feel different about this if the man was an acquaintance with the woman? a good friend? courting her? married to her?

Should men put their coats on top of puddles for women? Would you put a coat on a puddle (men)? or walk on it if he did (women)? Afterwards... what would be the appropriate handling of said coat?
Should a man give his coat to a woman? What about his seat, perhaps on the bus? What should a man do if a woman doesn't want his seat? what if she does want the seat, but won't admit it?

Where do your ideas on Chivalry come from? 

Questions for Couples: Popular Proverbs

Do you believe that "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise?"
"You can't judge a book by its cover." or can you?
How do you feel about the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"
Do you believe in the golden rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" How often do you follow it?
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? what if you had five apples?
Is silence truly golden? or perhaps is it a little lonely?
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." Do you think that's true? Even with Chihuahuas?
And if so, should you always "Let sleeping dogs lie?"
How do you you feel about the phrase: "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool?" Does that remind you of an interesting story?
Is love really blind?
What does it mean to you when you hear the phrase "People in glass houses should not throw stones?" Do you throw stones? Is it ok if they are just little stones... you know, the kind that float?

Do you believe that "What goes around comes around?"
Is there a silver lining behind every dark cloud?
Is it true that "whenever you assume, you assume too much?" Is it actually possible to not assume anything?
Cheaters never prosper... do they? 
Do you think all's well that ends well?
Is it true that "haste makes waste?"
Ben Franklin counseled: "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be." how do you feel about his advice? If you had to pick one which one would you prefer to be? 

Is a dog really man's best friend? why or why not?
Do you think "A change is like a vacation?"
"A fool and his money are soon parted?" How accurate do you think that is? Soooo... got any money?
Does absence makes the heart grow fonder? or does absence cause the heart to wander?
Which of the following do you think is more accurate? 
  • Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer
  • There are no stupid questions?
How often do you think the customer is actually right?
Does the early bird always get the worm? And if so, Do you really want to get the worm?

Questions for Couples: Sports

What do you think about your kids playing sports? How many would you let them play?
Is it better to be great at one sport, or good at a lot of them? What would be good reasons for your kids to play sports? What might be good reasons why you wouldn't want your kids to play sports?

Who would make the decision to play a sport? you or them?  What if your kid wanted to stop a sport after a year would you let them? What if they wanted to stop after just a few weeks? a few days?

What lessons would you want your kids to learn from sporting activities? Would money be a significant factor in how many sports your kids could participate in? How would you work your kids sports in to your schedule? would you take them to practices? would you watch their practices? Would you go to their games/ events? how far would you be willing to travel to watch you kids in a sport? How often would you make that journey?

Would you want to coach your kids in sports? Would you coach your kids even if your weren't officially the coach? Do you think everyone should get a trophy? Would your tell your kid they were a great athlete even if they weren't? Would you tell them they were great even if you knew they could do better? Are you more likely to praise your child for athletic activity, or give them substantial "constructive criticism?" At a sporting event are you more likely to yell at the coach, the ref, the opposing players, players on your team, or your own kid?

Is badminton a sport?