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Questions for Couples: Superheros

If you could be any superhero which one would you be?
If you could have one superpower which one would you choose?
Would you rather be a superhero or a super-villain?
Is Batman a Superhero or just a wealthy hero with really cool toys?
Do you need a minute to recover from that last question?
What about James Bond, Is he a super hero? Which Bond is your favorite? You have heard of James bond right? Double-oh seven (007)?

Is it wrong to use your superpowers for your own personal gain?
what about for somebody else's personal gain?
Should superheros have secret identities? Should Superheros be supported by the people? or vice versa?

What's the best way to gain superpowers? a meteor? happenstance?
genetics? genetically engineered chromosomes? chemistry accidents?

If you could pick one superpower for a spouse, what would you pick?
Would you be jealous if your spouse had superpowers and you did not? What if you both had superpowers, but theirs were cooler than yours?
What kind of sidekick would you pick?
What kind of superhero outfit would you pick?
And why do superheros always wear spandex?
How do you feel about spandex?

Would you have like to your own theme music?
Do you already have a theme song?
Do you think superheros should have a secret lair? What kind of lair would you have?

What is your favorite superhero movie?
Do you like superhero movies?
What about animated superhero movies?
Do you read books about superheros?
Graphic novels? Do you collect them?

Is there anything else about superheroes that I should know about you?

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