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Questions for Couples: Shopping

How do you feel about thrift stores? Do you have a favorite? Do you buy a lot of things at thrift stores? Do you buy all your clothes at thrift stores? Are there some things you like to buy at thrift stores? Are there things you won't  buy at a thrift store? Have you ever found something really cool at a thrift store? Was it a grand piano? Do you think a person can really save a lot of money at thrift stores? Do you think thrift stores are cool?

How often do you go to yard sales?  Do you search the newspaper diligently to find yard sales? Are yard sales the same as garage sales? If not which is better? Do you ever drive around just to see if you can find a sale? What kind of things would you buy at a yard or garage sale? Would you know a treasure if you saw it there? Would you buy a bunch of paintings, jewelry, or "antiques," just incase per chance you could find something of great value?

How do you feel about estates sales? Repos? Surplus sales?
Would you bid on storage containers?  Are you addicted to Storage Wars? Or other treasure seeking shows?