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Questions for Couples: Gifts

Do you like to buy gifts for other people? Is it really better to give than to receive?

Do you give gifts to your siblings for their birthdays? Do you give them gifts at random times?
What about graduation gifts?

How often do you give your parents gifts? How much would you spend on them?
Your nieces? nephews? grand parents? other relatives? coworkers?
Would you ever give a stanger a gift? What about an orphan? Santa Claus...I mean he gives everyone gifts, but who ever gives him a gift?

Do you draw names for who you will give Christmas gifts to in your family? Does each person in the family get drawn out separately or do you draw names for families? Do you get anything for your in-laws?
How much would you spend on a sibling? Do you think that everyone should spend the same amount?

Do you think the value of a gift is more important or it's price (in other words, if you get something on sale is it worth less)? If it matters that people get the same amount, is it more important that you spend the same amount on two people or is it more important to you to get them the same number of items?
Does your family have any traditions that make gifts temporarily unequal (like a rotating "Big Christmas" where one child gets more for that year, to accommodate larger presents)?
Do you think it is better to get one Large present, or a bunch of little presents?
Do you prefer to give lots of little presents? or a small number of larger presents?