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Questions for Couples: Divorce

Have you ever been through an annulment or divorce? Have you been married before? How many times? Are you currently married? If you have been married, how long has it been since your divorce or annulment was legally finalized?

What attracted you to your spouse? What did your spouse like most about you? How did you meet your former spouse? How long did you date them? how long were you engaged?  How long were you married?

Were there any warning signs that things might not work out before you got married? How did your spouse outweigh or overcome those warning signs? Did any of your friends or family express concerns before you got married? Was there anything that anybody could have said that would have changed your mind?

Did you ask for the divorce or did they? Was there a separation before the divorce? Who did you counsel with or consult with before you got divorced? Did you got through couples counseling? Did you seek individual counselling?

Do you ever regret getting divorced? Do you regret getting married? What positive things have you learn from your former relationships? What are the most useful things you have learned? What would you do differently with your next relationship?