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Questions for Couples: Looks/ Surgery

These questions are probably on an intermediate level.
How do you feel about plastic surgery? What if the reasons are purely cosmetic? What if the motivation is not purely cosmetic? Do you think it is ok (or even good) for a person to fix physical defects like cleft palette? How significant would a "defect" have to be for you to want to fix it?

Have you ever had braces on your teeth? Do you think braces are important? How bad would someones teeth have to be for you to encourage them to get braces? If you had braces and the orthodontist told you to wear a retainer every night, would you?

How do you feel about breast implants? what about breast reduction?
Would you ever get a nose job? what if you were in an accident? or a bar fight? what if you had a church ball incident? would temporary bruising/ black eyes be worth the long-term solution?

How do you feel about hair removal? what about hair addition... like implants? what if the hair implants are not on the head? Do you think a person should tweeze their eyebrows? what are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Unibrows? Hairy ears? or noses?

Do you want plastic surgery for yourself? How often would you like to have surgery? Would you ever encourage your spouse to have plastic surgery? what about your children? How old do you think a child should be before they could consider plastic surgery? How much would you be willing to spend on surgeries for yourself? for a child? If your child wanted plastic surgery would you make them pay for it themselves?  Do you ever call in and donate when they play that commercial on TV with the sad music and the pictures of all the kids in other parts of the world that have facial deformities? Would you be more likely to donate food, surgery or money to a person in need?