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Questions for Couples: Excercise III

Do you wear shoes when you exercise? Do you like specific brands of shoes? Types of shoes? What about vibram five fingers?  Have you ever used a kettle bell? exercise ball? Have you ever used an exercise ball for jousting? Ball rolling?

Do you use a heart rate monitor? Pedometer? Thigh Master?  Do you like using a treadmill? Elliptical? Stationary Bike? Rowing machine? Stair stepper?
How long can you do wall squat? Plank? How many different types of plank do you do? Do you ever go planking in strange places? and post it to YouTube? Can you do a pushup on your knees? Toes?
Can you do a one handed push-up? How many can you do? Will you please demonstrate for me? How about sit ups? Do you think crunches are actually better than sit-ups? Is your physique natural? Really?

Do you have a favorite trainer? Do you follow them religiously? Do you follow your trainer more religiously than your religion? Do you buy their supplements? and other endorsed products? no matter what? What if you were to learn that they were a computer generated hologram? Would that shake your exercise testimony?

Do you feel inspired to exercise more when you watch the Olympics?