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Questions for Couples: Sports

How much would you spend to go to a sporting event?
How much would you spend once you got there?

Would you ever buy Season Tickets? For what sports? How often would you use them?
What type of seat would you get?

Do you have a Gym membership? Do you use it? How do you feel about Gyms?
Do you have a Wii? is that really exercise? Do you use it?
Do you prefer Dance Dance Revolution or Pump It Up Exceed? Square Dancing? Dance Clubs? Country Dancing? NO DANCING?

Do you have any injuries that keep you from being as active/ healthy as you would like?
What do you do about them?

Are you into extreme sports? to watch or to participate? Which ones do you like?
Is anything too extreme for you?
DO you consider Shuffleboard extreme?

How often do you exercise?
Do you plan on staying fit after you get married?
Are you obsessed with any sporting activities? To watch or to participate? which ones?

If your significant other was interested in Playing sports, would you play with them? would you watch?
Is there a sport that you like that you want me to watch you play or play with you?
What sports would you play? Volleyball? Soccer? Basketball? Softball? Tennis? Football? Other?

What are your hobbies/recreation preferences and limits?
What are your feelings about hunting/fishing and your/my participation in them?

Do you root for the home team? Whoever is winning? the underdog?
How many teams do you have?
How do you feel about College sports?
Would you attend? would you watch them on tv?
What about championships?

How do you feel about Pro sports?

High School Sports?

City league?

Little league or Pee Wee's?
Would you ever be a coach or referee? Do you expect your kids to participate in this type of activity? If so which sports?

How do you feel about curling?
What about Golf?