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Questions for Couples: Military Service

Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines?
Do you like war movies?
Do you watch NCIS? Religiously?

Would you ever serve in the Military? Voluntarily?
Would you be willing to serve if you were drafted?
If there was a draft, would you flee? enlist on your own? go into hiding? engage in other drastic measures to avoid serving?  other?
If you were to serve in the Military would you prefer to be infantry, Special ops, or other?
How do you feel about the ROTC?
Would you enroll in the military to help pay for college?
As a weekend warrior, to help pay the bills? or because it's fun?

How would you feel about being stationed over seas for a short period of time? for a long period of time? multiple times?

If you were deployed over seas what is the one thing you think you would miss the most about America?
Rootbeer? Peanut Butter? Other?

Do know the theme song for any of the branches of the military? do you know all of them? will you sing them for me? incessantly?

If you were in the military, how would you spend your free time? what would you do to remember your standards and values?

Would you ever consider being a military chaplain? 
Would you rather be in the military or in the FBI?

Do you have a lot of family in the military?
Would you expect your children to be part of the military?

If you were enlisted, would you rather live on the base or off the base? would your answer change if you had kids? Would you like your kids to attend military schools?
What is your favorite thing about the military?

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