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Questions for Couples: Looks/ Surgery

These questions are probably on an intermediate level.
How do you feel about plastic surgery? What if the reasons are purely cosmetic? What if the motivation is not purely cosmetic? Do you think it is ok (or even good) for a person to fix physical defects like cleft palette? How significant would a "defect" have to be for you to want to fix it?

Have you ever had braces on your teeth? Do you think braces are important? How bad would someones teeth have to be for you to encourage them to get braces? If you had braces and the orthodontist told you to wear a retainer every night, would you?

How do you feel about breast implants? what about breast reduction?
Would you ever get a nose job? what if you were in an accident? or a bar fight? what if you had a church ball incident? would temporary bruising/ black eyes be worth the long-term solution?

How do you feel about hair removal? what about hair addition... like implants? what if the hair implants are not on the head? Do you think a person should tweeze their eyebrows? what are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Unibrows? Hairy ears? or noses?

Do you want plastic surgery for yourself? How often would you like to have surgery? Would you ever encourage your spouse to have plastic surgery? what about your children? How old do you think a child should be before they could consider plastic surgery? How much would you be willing to spend on surgeries for yourself? for a child? If your child wanted plastic surgery would you make them pay for it themselves?  Do you ever call in and donate when they play that commercial on TV with the sad music and the pictures of all the kids in other parts of the world that have facial deformities? Would you be more likely to donate food, surgery or money to a person in need?

Questions for Couples: Pets II

Would you ever consider a pet adoption? How do you define a pet adoption? Would you ever get an animal from the pound? Would you take in a stray? what if the stray just kept coming around... would you feed it?

Have you ever thought of renting a puppy? Did you even know that was possible? How often would you rent a pet? Would you ever consider a rent-to-own animal? Do you think it would be hard to give back an animal that you had rented?

Do you think strays should be spayed or neutered? Do you think all animals should be spayed or neutered? Do you know what it means to spay or neuter an animal? Does it make you hurt just a little bit to even think about it? If you don't think an animal should be spayed or neutered how do you think their population or propagation should be controlled... or influenced? Does all this talk about spaying and neutering make you want to watch the price is right? or maybe even create your own Plinko board?

Would you ever take a pet with you on vacation? would you take all your pets with you? If you didn't take your pets with you what would you do with them? Do you think you would ever skip a vacation, or not plan a vacation because you couldn't find suitable arrangements for your pets? Would you ever cancel a vacation if you couldn't find a pet-sitter? What if you had non-refundable tickets or expenses already paid?
Would you be more likely to have someone stay at your house to take care of your pets, or to have your pets stay with somebody? How often would you feel the need to check in with the pet-sitter? Would you leave a detailed list of instructions, or just kinda hope they could wing it? Are your pets high maintenance? Would you warn sitters if they were?

Questions for Couples: Sports Fanaticism

Do you consider yourself a sports fanatic? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Do you wear your game-day colors for every game? most games? Does this change if you are going to be (or not going to be) at the actual game?

How many teams do you consistently root for? How did you pick your teams? How do you feel about rivalry games? Are there teams that you hate? Does this make you more likely or less likely to attend? to watch on TV?

Do you get emotionally involved in sports? Does it matter who is playing? What kind of things in sports make you angry? What kinds of things make you happy? Have you ever watched a game and had it put you in a bad mood? How long does that mood last? more than an hour? does it ruin your day? often?  Do you let the outcome of sporting events affect your life? Do you ever take out your frustrations from a game, on somebody else? in traffic? Do you feel like your family member suffer in any way because of your involvement with sports? Do they agree with you on this?

Have you ever painted your chest for a game?  face? would you? If you painted your chest (or a t-shirt or face with a message, what would you say? Would it be easy or hard to find people to be part of your message? what would you do if somebody had to go get a hot dog? What if they had to leave the game for an emergency? Does the stadium running out of milk duds constitute an emergency?

Questions for Couples: Politics and Government

How do you feel about politics? Do you have some favorite politicians? Would you ever think of being a politician? How would you feel about your spouse or significant other being a politician? Would you ever consider running against your spouse for a political office? would it bother you if your spouse wanted to run against you?

Do you listen to political commentary? do you listen to it religiously? Do you follow your favorite commentators more closely than you follow your religion? Do you ever get the two confused?

What do you think qualifies a person for political office? What do you think should disqualify a person for office? Have you read the constitution? have you memorized it? How do you decided if a political point of view or commentator is actually right, or if it is just really eloquent and hard to disbelieve? Have you ever noticed people from different points of view using the same source to provide a foundation for their beliefs?

Where would you say the majority of your political beliefs come from? Do you read political books? How often do you disagree with the things you read or hear politically? How often do you disagree with a political thought from someone that you follow or generally agree with? Would it surprise you if you learned that somebody you had great respect for believed (or voted) differently than you would expect? would it change your mind about how you feel or vote? Would it change your mind about how you feel about them?

Would it bother you if a friend or family member felt (and maybe even voted) differently about politics than you do? what if it was your spouse? Do you think politics should be discussed in the home? How often do you think people need to agree politically to have a good relationship?

Do you have any favorite political quotes? do any of them involve pigs? or other types of animals?

Questions for Couples: Auctions

What do you think about art auctions? Have you ever been to one? would you like to go to one in the future? Have you ever purchased anything at an art auction? What kind of art would you buy at one? Would you try to find something collectible? what about a print from a famous person? Thomas Kinkade? Would you rather have a print from a famous person or an original from someone you've never heard of? How do you feel about prints that are signed and numbered? What if they aren't?

How do you feel about silent Auctions? Blind auctions? Do you have a funny habit of scratching your nose at just the wrong time? Are you the type of person that would set a budget for yourself before attending an auction? Could you stick to your budget? 
Would you attend a charity Auction? Would you rather get a great deal at a charitable auction, or make a generous contribution? Would you be more likely to attend if it was highly publicized, or if it was by invitation only? Would you be more likely to buy something at a big public auction, or something more intimate... like a cub scout cake auction? Have you been to one of those... they get crazy. How much would you be willing to pay for a cake? Would you by the cake that is so fancy you're sure it was the model for one of those cooking magazines, or the one that gave it a good effort, but was clearly made by a cub scout? Would you look for certain cake flavors? or toppings? or lack thereof?

Have you ever purchased a car at an automobile auction? Do you think this is a good way to find a car? Do you know how to find out where and when these things happen? Would you buy a used car that was puke green, but cheap? Would you buy an alternative fuel source vehicle at auction?

Have you ever been to a livestock auction? can you talk like an auctioneer? was that a yes... could you please demonstrate? Would you buy something at a livestock auction? would you sell there?

What is your favorite thing about auctions? least favorite thing? Would you buy something at an auction and then try to sell it for a profit? on TV? are you good at that kind of thing? Do you have a special auction ritual? If you had a special auction ritual would it involve not changing your socks? or going to a certain restaurant?

Questions for Couples: Pets

Did you grow up with any pets? Did you have a favorite pet? Did you ever treat a little brother or sister like a pet? Did you have a pet rock? Was his name Rockenstein?

Do you prefer outside pets or pets that mostly stay in the house with you? What type of pet would you be most likely to own? What kind of pet would you be least likely to own? Is there a pet that you have always dreamed of owning, but would probably never actually follow through with?
Are you more likely to own a pet for yourself or for the kids? Really? If your kids asked enough would you finally decide to get them a pet? Would you ever consider owning a snake? a fish? gerbils? Birds? Would you rather have a bird that talks or one that does not talk? If you had a pet that could talk, what kind of words would you teach it?

Do you think pets should be kept on leashes? Do you think having a fence is important if you have an outside pet? Would it bother you if you had to constantly repair your pets "escape routes?" How do you feel about electric fences? Are invisible fences better? Do you think a pet should have their own fenced in area, even if your yard already has a fence? Would you put a tracking chip on your pets collar? would you add one to a pet by surgery or other means?

Questions for Couples: Germs II

Do you go to work even if you're sick? Are you more likely to stay home so you don't get other people sick... or just because you might want a day off? How sick do you have to be to take a sick day? Will you visit friends when you're sick? Do you visit friends when they are sick? Do you make your decision based on the type of illness? Do you ever tell people to stay away when you're  sick? What about when they are sick?

Do you cover your mouth when you sneeze? Do you sneeze into your  elbow? Do you ever sneeze into your shirt? Do you make funny noises when you sneeze? Do you think it might be bad for you to try to suppress a sneeze?

Do you ever carry tissues with you? Do you always carry tissues? Is it ever ok to reuse a tissue? What about handkerchiefs, can they be reused? How do you feel about sharing a handkerchief?

Do you think kissing is an unsanitary practice? Do you believe the reports that say kissing can actually boost your immune system? Or do you think those were probably just made up by somebody looking for some action? Do you think kissing someones hand is more hygienic or less so than a traditional kiss? Would you ever kiss someones feet? Would it gross you out if somebody kissed your feet? Would you ever kiss some one when you were sick? What about if they were sick? Is a sick person fair game as long as you are sick as well... or vice versa? Have you ever had mono...?

Questions for Couples: Perks of Work

If you had to go on a trip for work would you take your spouse? What if you took a lot of trips for work would you want to take your spouse? Would you feel it was fair to take work trips without your spouse? What if your trips had a recreational element to them? What if you got a nice trip as a bonus or reward and you could take a second person if you paid for them but you didn't have a lot of money? Would you be jealous if your spouse was taking trips without you? what if your spouse got to eat at fancy restaurants on their trips?

Do you ever have to do something really hard for work... like go golfing? If your work requires or allows you to do something that you enjoy is it really work? If you were the sole breadwinner in the family would you want your spouse to be able to participate in an equal amount of enjoyable activities? Even if your activities were for work?

Do you ever go out to eat when you are working? Do you work at Google and have gourmet restaurants on your campus? If you get to eat out for work is it fair for your spouse to eat at home all the time? What if it's not convenient for you to eat at home? Are you willing to brown bag it sometimes?

If you get a bonus at work is that bonus money for the whole family, or is that money to be used at your discretion? What about a year end or christmas bonus would that be the same? What if your company had a big Christmas party every year, and at that party they had a really nice selection of Presents (or year end prizes or awards) like big-screen tvs, and iPads and blenders (not one of those cheapo blenders but a lean mean Ice-crushing machine) who would have the most say in which year end bonus... or present you got?

How would you feel if your work required you to buy certain outfits or uniforms? what if they provided them for you? Would you feel like your spouse was entitled to a new outfit for each outfit you got? how would you new clothes needed for work with other new clothes? Do you think new clothes are fun? even if they are for work? What if your work required really fancy clothes like tuxedos and ball gowns, would that be fun for you or would you find that annoying? If you had to wear a tuxedo for work would you perhaps fancy yourself as 007? and if people listened closely do you think they would hear you humming the James bond theme song?

Questions for Couples: Sleep III

Do you like to sleep on a certain side of bed? Do you have to sleep on that side? How do you feel about sleeping next to a wall? Can you sleep on a small bed? How large does your bed need to be for you to be comfortable?

Can you sleep in a chair ? what about on the floor? What if the carpet is really soft? Can you sleep on a  mattress on the floor? How do you feel about mattresses that are high off the ground? What if the mattress is high because it is on a two year supply of food?

Do you have to sleep in your own bed? can you sleep anywhere?
Do you like to have a headboard on your bed? How do you feel about footboards?
What about side rails?... you know... so you don't fall out. 

Do you like to sleep with a fan? Does a fan keep you awake? How do you feel about sleeping with a humidifier? Can you sleep when it's not perfectly quite? Do you prefer to have some sound to help you go to sleep? Do you go to sleep to the sound of the ocean? can you sleep if you can hear the traffic outside your window? What if you can hear a train? what if the train comes after you are asleep... would it wake you? Do you ever sleep with earplugs to block out sounds? Like the sound of a crying baby (trust me it's genius... I mean someone's got to attend to the bawling, but sometimes perhaps it's your turn for the earplugs).

Questions for Couples: Etiquette

When is it ok to pick out the lint from your belly button? What should you do with it? (and how did it get there?)
When is it ok to pick your teeth? when is it not ok? If it is ok to pick your teeth in public what is an acceptable implement of such picking? toothpick? finger? paper? cardboard? Plastic? Is it ok to floss in public?
What about brushing your teeth in public? Can you brush your teeth around other people? While walking? While on the phone?
Is it ok to shave in public? What about shaving your legs? What about guys shaving their legs in public?
What in your opinion the proper way to handle the passing of gas? Does it embarrass you?
Do you use an anti-perspirant? Do you use deodorant? Often? Daily? Do you prefer a deodorant with a strong smell? Is it ok to apply your deodorant in public? On a date?
How often do you shower? How often do you wash your hair?
Do you use mouthwash? Breathmints? A tongue scraper? Binaca?
What is your favorite type (or brand) of bad breath remedy?