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Questions for Couples

Where are you from?
Does it bother you that I just ended that sentence with a preposition?
Do you know what a preposition is?

Questions for Couples: Money - Part I

Do you have a budget?
If yes, how well do you follow that budget?
Do you save some of your money?
Do you currently have money in savings?
What are your feelings about debt?
For what do you think it is acceptable to go into debt?
How much debt are you willing to carry?
Do you have any debts?
If yes what type of debts do you have? Mortgage? Car loans? Business? School?
Do you have any credit Card debt?
What interest rate do you get on your credit card(s)?
If you use a credit card, how do you use it?
What are good reasons for using a credit card?
How do you feel about pay-day loans?
Do you know your credit score? How is it?
Do you check your credit regularly?

Do you have a checking account?
How often do you use it?
Do you prefer to use a debit card, or a check?
How do you keep track of your purchases?
How well do you keep track of account balances?
Do you ever over-draw your account (or bounce a check)?
How often do you bounce checks?
Do you think that a couple should have all their money in one account? or should each person have separate accounts?
Do you have a specific bank that you have to use?
Do you have any banks that you want to avoid?
Do you think that all your money should be in one bank, or do you think that you should split your money among various banks?
Are you loyal to a bank? or do you look for the best deals?
What are your thoughts about credit unions? Do you prefer? Avoid? or have no preference?
What type of bank accounts do you have? Cds? Savings? Checking? Interest Checking? Money Market?

What are your thoughts on investing?
Do you have any investments?
How do you feel about the stock market?
What is your investment style?
Do you prefer low risk or high yield?
How do you feel about mutual funds?
What about hedge funds?
What do you think about investing in real-estate?
Would you invest in real-estate for speculation? or as a long term asset?
If you invest in real-estate, how would you do it?
Would you invest in undeveloped land?
What about unincorporated rural areas?
Would you buy houses? or apartments?
If you owned rental properties would you manage them yourself or would you hire a management company?
How would you go about getting things fixed in your rental properties? Would you do it yourself?
Do you think all houses are "temporary investments," or do you prefer to stay in a house once it is yours?

Do you have a mortgage?
Is it upside down?
If you have a mortgage, how many years do you have left on it? How large are the monthly payments?
Do you prefer to pay monthly or bi-weekly?
How do you feel about Adjustable Rate Mortgages?
How do you feel about Interest only loans?
What are your thoughts on Reverse Mortgages? (When the bank pays you for X amount of years and then claims the property when you pass away)
What are your thoughts on Second Mortgages?
How do you feel about Home Equity loans?
Would you use a Home Equity loan for repairs or improvements to your home? Would you use a Home equity loan for things not related to your home?
When does a house become a home?
How do you feel about owning a home verses renting?

Questions for Couples: Vacations

What is your vacation style?
Do you want to go and relax?
Do you want to cram in as much cool stuff as possible?
Is sleeping-in a requirement? What about sleeping period?
Do you care more for low prices or fun things?
Is your priority eating familiar foods or do you like to try something uniquely local?
If you've seen one museum, have you truly seen them all? Really Dad?
If traveling over a Sunday, do you want to attend church in the area?
If yes, all of church or just Sacrament Meeting?
If no, do you care if the people you are with go, or will that derail your schedule?

Do you expect to do everything with the people you travel with or do you plan to go your own way every now and then?
Are you particular about your traveling companion's suitcase cleanliness when staying more than one night in the same place?
Would you consider brown-bagging a meal or two?
Would you sacrifice and/or postpone greatly eating a meal in order to arrive at a destination earlier?
How far are you willing to travel in a day?
Will you use the most cost-effective method or the most comfortable?
Would you take a taxi? What about a bus? The train or subway?
How do feel about cruising? What about flying?
Will you travel outside the U.S.?
How long is your ideal vacation?
Do you prefer to repeat favorite vacation destinations? Or are you more interested in going someplace new?
How do you feel about camping? What about R.V.s?
Do you need your own personal entourage just for your luggage? Is one carry-on all you ever need?
What are your hotel amenity requirements?
Do you prefer to visit family and stay with them?

What about visiting family and not staying with them?
If visiting family do you want to sight-see with them or just visit them?
Is planning part of the fun for you?
Would you rather plan a vacation than go on one?
Do you want reservations at every stop or just whatever is available when you get there?
What about traveling during the peak vacation season? For or against?
Do large crowds of other vacationers make you stay away?
Are you willing to do typical tourist stuff?
Would you do a spa vacation?
What about thrill-seeking/extreme activities?

Do you snore? If yes, how badly?
Do you talk in your sleep? If yes, do you say anything interesting?
Do you take hotel mini-shampoos, etc.? What about towels or pillows? Where do you draw the line?
How do you feel about tipping? Are you more on the generous or cheap side? Who do you tip? Cab drivers? Maids?
If flying, do you go first-class or economy?
Are there airlines that you won't fly with?
Do you like to travel on your own or with a group?
If with a group, on an official tour?
Do you speak any foreign languages? If yes, do you mind translating?

Submited by my sister (with contributions from me).

Questions for Couples: Food

Do you have any Holiday food traditions?
What do you eat for Thanksgiving Dinner?
What do you do for Birthdays?
How many meals do you eat each day?
Who prepared the meals in your family?
Do you think that a family should eat together? For which meals?
How often did your dad cook meals?
How often did your mom cook for you?
How important are your family recipes to you?
How often do you cook?

How well do you cook?
What do you think about a cooked breakfast?
How often do you like to eat out?
What type of restaurants do you like the most?
What type of restaurants do you like the least?
How picky are you about your pizza?
What is your favorite kind/ brand of pizza?
How do you think cooking duties should be divided?
How important is this to you?
How do you think shopping duties should be divided?

Are there stores for which you have strong feelings?
Do you prefer to buy things at one store or shop around?
What are your feelings on coupons?
Are there any specialty stores that you like to frequent?
Do you have any food allergies?
Are there foods that you will not eat?
Are there foods where you have to buy certain brands?
What are your feelings about fruits and vegetables?
Do you want to have a garden?
Who decides what will be planted in the garden?

Who takes care of the garden? Watering? Weeding?
What are your thoughts on pesticides?
Who will harvest your produce?
Do you make your own juice?
What are your thoughts on canning?
What are your thoughts on food storage?