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Special Edition: Date Ideas - Winter

Dating can be a valuable part of any relationship.
It is not always the easiest part of a relationship, but nevertheless it can be very valuable. Because dating can be useful for people who are not yet in relationships, as well as for people that have long established relationships I have decided to add a bonus section to this blog... Date Ideas
(Ok I was also persuaded by the overwhelming support in the recent survey, the votes were split on how best to add, them, but a strong majority voted in favor of having some date ideas).

Here are some ideas for dates that could happen in the wintertime.

1. Attend a local concert, there are usually a lot of them around this time of year, and with a good selection  in both type and wallet friendly-ness you can probably find one that you'll like.

2. Pick your favorite restaurant and order two bowls of soup... to go, most restaurants will actually give you soup to go, and you won't need a reservation if you're not staying.

3. Take a sleigh ride.

4. Go sledding.

5. Ice skating is a great activity, if you have some place you can do it.

6. Build snow forts, or snow men, or other fun creations.

7. Have a snowball fight... this can be a lot of fun, but can also go south very quickly, may not be right for everyone.

8. Go to the library and read picture books to each other.

9. Visit a freedom wall, and actually read the messages found there.

10. Make pizza together (Pillsbury's 'Rustic French Bread' makes an excellent crust).

11. Take a public transportation 'tour' of the city, who knows the bus driver might even have some interesting tidbits about some of the things you pass every day.

12. Play museum bingo. Make a list of things you might see in a local museum, then arrange a few bingo cards and see who can find their items first.

13. Attend a fireside talk, or a lecture (preferably one that you expect to be really good).

14. Find your favorite neighborhood of Christmas decorations and take some time to enjoy them.

15. Set up a lemonade stand, Ok... so maybe nobody will buy your lemonade, but I can almost guarantee that your date will never forget it.

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