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Questions for Couples: Romance

Do you like Piña Coladas?
And getting caught in the rain?
Do you really like long walks on the beach? or is that just a cheesy line?
Do you like watching the sunset? Do you ever get up in time to see the sunrise?

What's your favorite kind of flower?
Is it more romantic to get/ give flowers (or gifts) often or for them to be a surprise?
Would you rather take a walk on the beach or through the mountains?
How do you feel about waterfalls? What's your favorite kind?

Do you like to sit outside and look at the stars?
Do you know all 88 constellations? Do you know any?
Have you ever stayed up late just to watch a meteor shower?
Are you the kind of person who could stay up late to watch a meteor shower, and never see a single meteor? And still be happy about it?

Would you rather play in the snow or snuggle by a fire?
Do you think of cooking as a romantic gesture? or a responsibility?
What about cleaning? Yardwork?

Is it more important to put effort into romance before marriage or after?
Before kids or after?