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Questions for Couples: Thanksgiving

How do you feel about the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you celebrate canadian Thanksgiving? Do you prefer to have a home cooked meal for thanksgiving, or would you rather go to a restaurant? Would you order a traditional Turkey dinner at the restaurant or something else? Would you rather eat Turkey, Ham, or Prime rib for dinner? Turducken?

What time do you eat your big Thanksgiving meal? Do you eat breakfast that morning? How far in advance do you start preparing? Is the proper term stuffing or dressing? And do you actually stuff the bird with it? Cornbread, Classic, or Sausage Stuffing? Have you ever done a rice based stuffing? Do you like your turkey fried, smoked, baked, or a combination of the 3? White or dark meat? Do you even like turkey? Would you ever serve an alternate form of food say pizza? What are you feelings on Cranberries? Canned? If canned whole berry or jelly? Fresh?

Is the cooking a joint job? Watching football while someone else cooks? Watching football while everyone cooks? Playing football after eating? Or Frisbee? Are store bought rolls okay or do they have to be homemade? What about rhodes rolls? What is the one must have Thanksgiving dinner item? What is one you could do without? If you eat early do you eat leftovers later in the day? How do you feel about Turkey, cranberry, cream cheese sandwiches?

Would you ever order a dinner cooked by someone else? Like a catering company? or a grocery store? Would you pretend that you had done the cooking yourself?

Do you set up/go get your Christmas tree after you eat or wait until later?

Questions for Couples: Pets III

Do you prefer free animals or ones that you pay for? How much do you think a "free" animal actually costs you? How much would you pay for an animal? How much of your budget would you devote to having animals? Would you pay for animals that you weren't actually yours? Like neighborhood strays? Do you think different types of animals are worth more money? Would you pay to get your animals vaccines? Would you pay for other medical treatment? How much money would you be willing to spend on helping an animal "get well?" Would you pay for an animal surgery?

Do you think it is good or bad to dock the tails of animals? Would you trim an animal's ears? Do you think it is fun to shave funny patterns in the fur of your pets? Would you shave them completely? Would you declaw your animals?

Would you enter your dog in a dogshow?  Would you enter a cat in a catshow? would you enter a cat in a dogshow? Would you style your pets for a show? Would you put funny clothes on your pets?

Would you teach your pet tricks? what kind of tricks would you teach a pet? Do you think obedience school is a good thing for an animal? what methods do you think are best to make sure your pet behaves? do you like dog whistles? what about training with water spray? Do like training pets with food? Do you think Cheetos would be as effective with animals?

Questions for Couples: Money III

Do you donate to any charitable organizations?
Do you donate regularly?
How do you decide what charities or organizations to donate to?
Do you give money to every group that calls you? To anybody that calls?

Do you prefer to donate over the phone? By mail? In person? Through the Internet?
Do you buy girl scout cookies? What kind?
Would you buy other things to support a good cause?
How much would you spend?
Would you donate to a thrift store?
Would you buy things from a thrift store?

Do you plan to save money for your children's college funds?
Do you think they should save for college themselves?
How do you feel about your children borrowing for college?
Do you think your kids should find part time jobs while in school? What about full time jobs?

How do you pay for a vacation?
Do you save for your vacations? for how long would you save?
How would you pay for a car?
Would you pay cash for a car? Would you lease?
Do you prefer to buy New? Gently used? very very used(i.e., barely running, but cheap)? Not running but fixable?